Jurassic Park

Factual error: In the early scene where Dennis Nedry meets a man to plan the embryo theft, the subtitle says that they are in San Jose, Costa Rica. However, the sleepy coastal town in the movie bears no resemblance to the real San Jose (a cosmopolitan capital of almost 1 million people, situated 50 miles from either coast). (00:13:10 - 00:14:45)

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Suggested correction: Or maybe it's on the outskirts of town (or some form of body of water connected with the resort), as good a place as any for a clandestine meeting?


Have you been to San Jose? I have - yet to find that lake.

There is one west of the city. There are also quite a few wide rivers the run through the city.

I've been to Costa Rica six times, and San Jose three times. There is no beach with sand and crashing waves anywhere near the city. It's in a completely landlocked province.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

Factual error: In this film, Dilophosaurus is characterized as "one of the earliest carnivores." This is factually off by about 100 million years. The earliest large land carnivore was Dimetrodon (a reptile, not a dinosaur), from about 100 million years before Dilophosaurus. Before that, there were many marine and amphibious carnivores, dating back 300 million years easily.

Charles Austin Miller
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Suggested correction: Since it is a park with dinosaurs, they are referring to it as an early carnivorous dinosaur, not simply a carnivore.

Greg Dwyer

Yet we know Ingen was not limited to experimentation with dinosaurs only. They were bringing back a wide range of plants and animals that even predated the dinosaurs (such as pterodactyls, which were also early carnivorous reptiles, not actual dinosaurs).

Charles Austin Miller

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