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Corrected entry: The brachiosaurus is shown to be chewing, but they didn't chew, they swallowed food whole. Also when Dr. Grant and the kids are in the tree, the brachiosaur's head is larger than it should be.

Correction: There are lots of discrepancies between the JP dinosaurs and modern paleontological studies of dinosaurs. Part of it can be attributed to genetic manipulation, and part of it is attributed to a possibly false understanding of dinosaurs (since it's entirely based on an ever-changing interpretation of the limited fossil record). For instance, according to the film, no one knew dilophosauruses were venomous until JP bred them. Since there are no actual living dinosaurs to dispute the movie's portrayal of their behavior and appearance, it's not a mistake, so long as it remains consistent within the fictional world the movie creates.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: If you listen carefully, you can hear some common Costa Rican birds, including a keel-billed toucan and a three-wattled bellbird. Since it was filmed in Hawaii, they must have taken the time to add a soundtrack of Costa Rican birds. Unfortunately, these birds would not likely be found on an island that far off the coast. The bellbird in particular occurs only at mid-elevations in the Costa Rican mountains. These birds are not on Cocos Island, 340 miles off the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. Cocos is considered the inspiration for the fictitious island in the movie. Since Cocos is uninhabited, and visits are strictly restricted, a soundtrack from there would have been extremely difficult to get. The fact that they went so far as to add a Costa Rican soundtrack is pretty impressive.

Correction: "Not likely" doesn't preclude the possibility that it occured naturally. In any case, Hammond may have shipped birds to the island.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Right towards the end of the film just after Lex manages to reboot the security system the raptor breaks through the glass into the control room. Dr Grant shoots three times whilst he's on the phone to Hammond. There are threes holes in the glass but the subsequent shot of the gun shows it is a shot gun, not a rifle (the red shotgun cartridges can be seen) which would make many holes, not one for each shot. Even using the choke on the end of the barrel there would still be many holes and a single bore shotgun is basically a musket so there would have to be more than one hole for each shot of the gun.

Correction: He was using rifled slugs, not shot shells. A rifled slug is a single projectile that would only leave a single hole. The shell casing that is ejected when using rifled slugs is identical in appearance to the shell casings seen when buckshot or birdshot is used.


Correction: They just zoomed in on some of the holes caused by the shells. 12-ga slugs wouldn't make holes that small, and 4 shots wouldn't make 3 holes that clean.

Corrected entry: When Dennis gets back in the car after the dilophosaurus spits at him, he turns to see the dinosaur in the car with him. But how did it get in? The door was closed.

Correction: He left the jeep door open when he went to attempt to attach the Jeep's winch. This allowed one of the dilos to enter the Jeep. He conked his head on the door frame of the jeep, being blinded by the dilophosaur venom. After being blinded he couldn't exactly see the other dilo in the Jeep, which made him easy prey. The scene with the hissing in the plants is supposed to be a hint that there are more of them.

Corrected entry: At the end of the film, they are in the helicopter and in the air, you see a shot of inside the helicopter. Outside the opposite window is land, then when the shot changes to view the large birds, they are flying above water. Inside is always land, outside is always water. Then when the camera pans out to view the helicopter fly away, it is above the ocean with no land in sight.


Correction: When they're all in the chopper at the end, the pilot's flying parallel to the island's coastline, with the island to one side and water at the other side. In the interior shots from the passenger cabin, whenever the camera faces the starboard window (behind the chopper pilot) the island vegetation is seen, and when Ellie and Alan look out the port side window we see the water. Then the last exterior shot is of the chopper as it flies out to the open waters, with the island already behind them. Nothing inconsistent about any of these shots.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: During the external shot of Nedry getting attacked by the dilophosaurus, there is a clear reflection of stage lights near the jeep's front left wheel. (01:11:15)

Correction: The reflection is not a reflection of theatrical lighting, rather the lens glare from the roof mounted fog lights on the jeep. A Motion picture bank of lights did not have 4 square lamps back in the day. They were either 9 or 16 round lamps.

Corrected entry: Dr. Grant holds his canteen out the window in order to get water to drink. But there is no funnel on it. It would take a very, very long time for rain to drop through that small hole to fill the bottle with any drinkable quantity of water, even in the heaviest of rains.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: And yet in the heaviest of rain I can get a decent drink by holding a water bottle with roughly the same size hole. I've done this dozens of time on long driving trips.


Corrected entry: Before the T-Rex chases Ellie, Robert and Malcolm in the jeep, we see Ellie get in the passenger side of the jeep, and Robert get in the driver's side. Over the course of the chase scene, Robert and Ellie switch seats.

Correction: Where exactly? On my version of the movie, Muldoon is always the one driving the Jeep.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gennaro is about to be eaten, when the T.Rex knocks over the bathroom walls, you can see that the bathroom tissue dispensers on the wall behind Gennaro are painted images on the wall and not actual dispensers. It is clear once the wall has fallen that the dispensers have no depth and are two dimensional images. (01:02:00 - 01:03:00)


Correction: In actuality, the collapsing walls don't exist at all, but are CGI. But as to your specific mistake: Toilet tissue is not usually placed behind the toilet seat. In fact, you see the real tissue dispenser by Genarro's knee just before the walls collapse. The dispensers in the back are for the toilet seat covers, which are not very thick, hence the lack of depth.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: As Dr. Grant arrives at the Velociraptor paddock just before the feeding, there is no cow to be seen anywhere in the wide shot. Two cuts later there is suddenly a cow there lifted up by a crane. (00:27:25)

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

Correction: In the opening scene, you see that there is a section behind the Velociraptor paddock, which is obscured in this scene. The cow came from behind there.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Hammond is sitting at the long table and eating ice cream, Ellie comes in and sits at the opposite end. All of the ice cream barrels are near him. When a scene cuts to Ellie, there is an ice cream container near her and towards the end of the scene she gets some ice cream. At the end of the scene, the shot shows both of them and the table and there is no ice cream within Ellie's reach. (01:21:50 - 01:24:55)

Bonita Kilpatrick

Correction: There is never a container near Ellie. The closest one is a small container sitting about halfway down the table from her. She simply reaches across the table for the spoon when it comes time for her to eat some.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When the tour trucks enter the T-Rex paddock, the electrified fence is missing an entire section, from the tunnel they exit to the first section of fence.

Correction: The fence is only needed in the areas where the animals might escape its paddock. But this end of the paddock also has a huge concrete wall (the one we see Grant and the kids climb down to escape the T-Rex) that the T-Rex could never scale, so the fencing is unnecessary.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: Ellie finds the upturned car that Timmy had been stuck in, but how did she get down there? It's down an almost vertical ledge. Not only that but she got from the bottom to the top incredibly quickly.

Correction: Dr. Grant, Tim and Lex only went over the ledge beacuse they were forced to. They never show Ellie descending to the bottom; we don't know how long it took her or how she did it. For all we know there was a staircase off camera.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: During the T-rex attack scene, it comes through the now non-electrified fence to get to the Ford Explorers. However when the T-Rex is pushing the Explorer over the wall, there is now a 50+ foot dropoff it would have had to climb.

Correction: Submitted and listed. Its currently ranked as the second highest mistake for the movie.

Lummie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene at the badlands, when Hammond's chopper has landed and Grant goes to the trailer and opens the door, the trailer looks to be around 8 feet (three meters) wide. But switch to an interior shot and it is suddenly more like 30 feet (ten meters) wide.

Correction: The width of the inside of the trailer is hardly the length of the brachiosaur's neck (30 ft).

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: The Dilophosaurus spits on Nedry's chest and he slaps it with his hand. Why does his hand not get burned like his chest supposedly was? (01:10:40)

Rebecca Bennett

Correction: Watch the scene again. Nedry's chest was not burned. He reacts in disgust to being spit on the chest and body, not pain. The dilophosaurus saliva burns the eyes, not the skin, and Nedry is physically fine until he is hit in the face.

Corrected entry: In the helicopter when they are leaving the island, Timmy is sleeping on Dr. Grant. In the first shot we see that Grant's hand is underneath Timmy's head. The camera moves to Ellie and then back to Grant where we see that Grant's arm is around Timmy. He would not have been able to move it so quickly without waking Timmy up. (01:54:05)

Correction: At no point is Dr. Grant's hand under Timmy's head, he does not move his arm.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: Near the end, as Ellie falls off the dinosaur's bones, she is all covered with dirt, but when she is in the helicopter, she is clean. (01:51:45 - 01:53:25)

Correction: Ellie's shirt is not clean: it is stained with dirt and blood in both scenes.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: When Ellie starts pushing the buttons to turn the power for the fences on again, the glowing squares behind each button are red. After the last cut to Alan counting down for Tim's jump, we can see Ellie pushing the buttons, but the squares are striped. (01:38:40)

Correction: Look closely in the wide shot of all the switches - there are 12 in total. It's possible to see that the top nine have plain surrounds but the bottom three have hatched surrounds because they are the most important - "Velociraptor Pen Fence", "T-Rex Paddock Fence" and "Perimeter Fence".

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Corrected entry: In the scene where Alan and Lex are between the overturned truck and the T-Rex, the T-Rex hits the truck and it spins. But if you look closely the trucks spins before the T-Rex touches it. (01:05:40)

Correction: The Explorer does not spin before the T-Rex hits it. The T-Rex uses the bridge of its nose initially then lifts its head so that the final push is with the end of its snout. Watch frame by frame and it's still spot on.

Oliver Hunter Premium member

Jurassic Park mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the scenes where there's a video link to the docks shown on computer, there's a bar moving along the bottom of the screen, showing us that it's actually a video that's just playing on the computer. (00:52:05)

Jon Sandys Premium member

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Trivia: To make the water in the glass on the dashboard 'jump', they strung a guitar string from the underside of the dashboard to a bolt on the floor and then plucked the string.

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Question: Are the people present at the digging site when they're discussing new approaches to analyzing skeletons supposed to be paleontologists in dr. Grant's group? If so, why would they laugh at his musings of "how dinos learned how to fly"? And why would he have to explain it to them? Seemed to me like he is explaining very basic stuff to the people that would already know this (and of course, to the movie audience).

Answer: They are not paleontologists, just people interested in dinosaurs. It is common for museums and other scientific organizations to offer the general public an opportunity to participate in a real paleontology dig. For a fee, they become an exhibition team member for a period of time, learn about dinosaurs, help excavate fossils, and so on. This is likely how Dr. Grant (or his institution) supplements his research funding.

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