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Continuity mistake: When Peter gets his happy thought, he floats just above the ground in his regular clothes. As he shoots upwards toward the top of the tree house and out, he suddenly has his Pan clothing on. After returning, he suddenly has his normal clothes.

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Continuity mistake: In the final fight, Pan's sword is golden colored. When he gives it to the Lost Boy, it's silver.

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Continuity mistake: When Peter sneezes Tink into the dollhouse, the angle doesn't make sense, as they were parallel to the house, yet Tink goes flying into it straight, as if they had been perpendicular.


Visible crew/equipment: When Peter arrives in Neverland he walks up to some pirates and says, "I'm looking for someone". The pirates chase him and Tink beats them up. In one shot, when a pirate is being thrown from a balcony, there is a launch pad in between the slats.

Continuity mistake: When Captain Hook is bent down talking to Jack in the broken clock shop, in the first shot all of Jack's fringe is neatly sticking out from under his baseball cap, but after Hook places his hand on Jack, all of his fringe is now combed back under his cap and is not visible. (01:22:00)

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Continuity mistake: When Peter flies up to find Tinkerbell in her lantern house, after he opens up the clock-face door and starts asking her what's wrong, as the scene progresses, Tink's arms keep moving from either being up by her face, to in her lap - and then when she turns around to face Peter, the position of her hands change from where they rest on her legs/knees. (01:39:50)

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Continuity mistake: Peter is hoisted out from the sea by the mermaids and then when he reaches the top of the mountain, he rolls down some rocks and through a small stream and then he finishes by sliding down a large area of snow. However at the end of it all, he is extremely dry and clean considering the previous ordeals. (00:48:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Peter is in the old burnt hideout, talking with Tinkerbell (just before he remembers his happy thought and re-learns to fly) he walks over to a small barrell that is covered in items (a glass bottle, rubble, scraps of paper and photos). Between the wideshot and then the closeup of the items sitting on the barrell, the items positions completely change and also some have vanished. (01:30:35)

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Continuity mistake: When Peter first enters the Lost Boys' urban-style playground, he is suddenly startled by Lost Boys on skateboards that begin to circle him. But in the next shot focusing on one Lost Boy dunking a basketball through the hoop, you can see Peter in the background, only now the Lost Boys that were skating around him have disappeared. (00:54:20)

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Audio problem: When Rufio withdraws his sword from the leather pouch he has tied around his leg (as he brings it out to brandish against Peter) it makes the sound of metal being withdrawn from a metal sheath, but the pouch is leather and couldn't allow the sword to make that sound effect. (00:54:40)

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Revealing mistake: When Smee stops Hook from his suicide attempt, the gun is accidentally shot off and the bullet hits one of the small model ships in Hook's little water tank. When it shows the ship (on fire) sinking down under the water, you can see the small rod devices that are actually pulling the ship down into the water. (01:01:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Tinkerbell is first visiting Peter in the nursery, she causes him to sneeze which results in her being blown into the doll's house. In this shot, the chair that is sitting next to the doll's house has a teddy bear on it which is laying flat on it's front. But in a following shot you can see that the teddy bear on the chair is now propped up nice and neatly, and additionally there are now extra items sitting next to the bear. (00:31:45)

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Hook: Prepare to die, Peter Pan!
Peter: To die would be a grand adventure!
Hook: Death is the only adventure you have left!

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Trivia: Three of Dustin Hoffman's children have minor roles in Hook. Maxwell Hoffman plays 5-year-old Peter Pan, Rebecca Hoffman plays Jane in the play, and Jake Hoffman plays one of the players at the Little League game. In addition, Jimmy Buffett plays the shoe-stealing pirate.

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Question: Does anyone know if the song Maggie sings underneath the stars is a real song? What's it called? Are the lyrics to the whole song written out anywhere? I'm talking about the one that goes "But I know I'm not alone, standing here on my own".

Answer: "When You're Alone," written by John Williams and Leslie Briccuse, was an original song and was nominated for a 1991 Oscar. It lost to Beauty and the Beast. It was also up against "Everything I Do, I do it for you" from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

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