Visible crew/equipment: When Hook is first introduced by Smee, just as the camera focuses in on Hook's hook, you can see the reflection of the crew in it. (00:38:30)

Visible crew/equipment: After one Lost Boy fires an arrow at Peter's butt, you can see a thin piece of fishing wire that hangs past the bow and in front of the Lost Boy, either used to launch or control the arrow. (00:53:40)

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Hook mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the pirates try to get Peters shoes, after he first arrives at Neverland, Tinkerbell starts fighting them. In one shot a pirate gets hit by a very large saucepan, and falls back-first off a balcony. The very long wire is very visible. It's really long and goes all the way from attached to his back, to offscreen. (00:36:00)

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Hook mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: White lighting screens are reflected on Peter's glasses when he looks up to see Rufio for the first time, and right afterwards when he runs away and bumps into a net.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the camera zooms into the hook-shaped window-lock opening itself, you can see the faint reflection of the camera and its operator in the silver plate that the lock is attached to. (00:21:45)

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Visible crew/equipment: After Hook is eaten by the giant crocodile Peter shouts "Bangarang!" and the kids start yelling it as well. Look on the far right of the screen, behind and underneath the crocodile, and you can see a pair of legs in blue denim jeans just standing there. (01:59:41)

Jack Vaughan

Visible crew/equipment: When the Lost Boys begin to chase Peter around their hideout there is a shot that starts high up in the trees and moves down as it closes in on Peter running from the kids. As the shot passes a support beam attached to the track that Rufio's sail-ship runs on you can see the camera's shadow cast on the support. (00:52:22)

Jack Vaughan

Visible crew/equipment: When Peter first arrives at Neverland we see Smee taking Captain Hook's hook to the ship. When the camera pans underneath the ship's sails to reveal the giant human skeleton attached to the prow you can see a metal walkway at the top of the screen, behind the sails, and the legs of some crew members stood on it. (00:37:23)

Jack Vaughan

Visible crew/equipment: When Peter first arrives at the Lost Boys hideout, as he stands up (and the shot moves backwards), you can see the cameras shadow on the ground on the far left side of the screen. (00:49:29)

Jack Vaughan

Visible crew/equipment: When the green haired mermaid swims toward Peter to kiss him you can see a diver behind her among the seaweed, trying not to be seen. This is very visible on DVD but not as visible on Netflix. (00:48:26)

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Visible crew/equipment: As the hook is locked into place, there are several pyrotechnic charges set off, one of which can be seen exploding directly underneath the hook. Also, the studio lighting is reflected in the chrome finish.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Peter arrives in Neverland he walks up to some pirates and says, "I'm looking for someone". The pirates chase him and Tink beats them up. In one shot, when a pirate is being thrown from a balcony, there is a launch pad in between the slats.

Revealing mistake: When Rufio brings the sword down on the rope holding the slingshot, you can hear the intended sound effect, but the rope is not cut. (01:05:20)


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Hook: Prepare to die, Peter Pan!
Peter: To die would be a grand adventure!
Hook: Death is the only adventure you have left!

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Trivia: The name 'Wendy' was popularised for girls by the play of Peter Pan - JM Barrie adapted it from the way a neighbour's daughter mispronounced "friend." However, prior to PP, Wendy was a unisex nickname for both Gwendolyn and Wendell, also a name in its own right to a limited degree. More info here: http://www.wendy.com/wendyweb/history.html.

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Question: 1. How did Hook travel to London to kidnap Peter's children? 2. How is it Hook can know with certainty who Peter's kids are, but he doesn't know that Peter Banning is supposed to be Peter Pan? Wouldn't he have to have been following or spying on the family for some time know who the kids are in the first place? 3. How is Hook not able to find where the Lost Boys are hiding when Neverland is a single island?

Phaneron Premium member

Answer: 1) Though it is never fully explained, the mystical way Peter Pan would come and go from Never land. 2) It was Smee who was doing the spying. When Hook asked Smee, "This can't be my great and worthy foe?" Smee replied, "I have all the information here." He had a file of paper work on Peter. 3) Hook knew where the Lost Boys were, When Peter asked, what happened to the Never Tree. Tinkerbell said, "Hook burned it when you didn't come back." He considered the Lost Boys not worth the effort. It was Peter, he wanted.

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