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Continuity mistake: When Smee gives Hook his nightcap drink, Hook takes it in his hand and holds it at the top of the goblet so that it is hidden under his hand. But in the very next shot he is holding it by the handle and the whole goblet is now visible with a small black umbrella sticking out the top. Additionally, the position of the small umbrella that sits in the goblet changes a few times. (01:02:40)


Continuity mistake: Moira throws the cell phone out the window with the antenna extended and the flap opened, and it is buried by Nana this way. When Peter finds it at the end of the movie however, the antenna is down and the flap is closed.

Revealing mistake: When Rufio brings the sword down on the rope holding the slingshot, you can hear the intended sound effect, but the rope is not cut. (01:05:20)


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Continuity mistake: After finding his son hit a home run in the game with the pirates, Peter decides he must learn how to fly. The ball his son hit comes flying from the sky and hits Peter in the head, knocking him over. When he hits the ground, he is lying on grass, but one second later he opens his eyes on grey rock. (01:28:10)

Visible crew/equipment: Peter Pan is trying to free his children from Captain Hook, but is captured and tied up. After a few minutes, he falls into the sea; but is then saved by three Mermaids. Watch the last Mermaid with green hair, when she is swimming towards him. If you look at the foliage behind her you'll see a diver's hands rapidly flailing in an effort to swim backwards out of the shot. Also, as the mermaid is kissing Peter you can see a quick glimpse of the diver's mask and equipment. Easier to see on DVD - the Netflix version has been slightly obscured, but still visible. (00:48:25)

Continuity mistake: When Smee and Captain Hook are alone on the ship at night, Smee stands up just after eating chicken off his plate. His blue bandana hangs down his left shoulder near his plate. However, after a shot of Hook when it faces Smee again his bandana is now short, just resting on his left shoulder. (00:58:50)

Continuity mistake: At the end of the food fight, when Peter stands on a tall rock and looks over the scene, he is smudged with paint. In the next shot, the paint smudges are very different.

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Revealing mistake: In the last scene that we see Maggie and Jack before they are kidnapped, when the bed covers fly off their beds, you can see that they are suspended by their corners. This is particularly obvious when they are lifted up. The middle of the quilt sags while the corners are lifted. (00:22:25)

Revealing mistake: When Tinkerbell is waking up all the Lost Boys and announcing Peter Pan's return, we see a shot in which Tink flies around a curly-headed boy. When she does, you can see the wire used to move the figure around his head. It is most visible when the boy turns his head toward the right side of the screen. (00:50:20)

Continuity mistake: When Hook gets his gun to attempt suicide, Smee runs to the model Neverland, and his sleeves are rolled all the way up his arms, yet when it cuts and he grabs the small boat from the water, his sleeves are rolled down to his wrists. (00:59:45)


Continuity mistake: When Smee and Hook talk alone in the ship, Smee walks to the table, picks up a plate, and starts picking up food. Then it cuts and now Smee is holding the plate, with a red napkin underneath it which wasn't there previously. (00:58:45)


Visible crew/equipment: When Hook is first introduced by Smee, just as the camera focuses in on Hook's hook, you can see the reflection of the crew in it. (00:38:30)

Continuity mistake: When Peter gets hit with the baseball his son hit, it looks like in the shot behind the flying ball, that it's going to miss his head by several inches. But when it cuts to the front angle, the ball hits him squarely in the head. (01:28:05)


Continuity mistake: There is a scene where Hook is about to command his pirates to attack Peter Pan, and in doing so, goes to draw his sword. The shot cuts from Hook to Peter (I believe) and then back to Hook. When it cuts back to Hook, he goes to draw his sword again.

Continuity mistake: When Peter is shot with the arrows, he has big patches of red, blue, yellow and green goop on his shirt. The patches are all big and touch each other, yet when Peter runs from the sniffing flowers, the stains are all smaller. (00:53:10 - 00:53:45)


Continuity mistake: Before the big battle scene at the end, between the Lost Boys and the pirates, Peter shows up with a lot of makeup, mainly mascara and shadow on his eyelids. His extra makeup appears and disappears throughout the whole scene.

Continuity mistake: When Peter is having the ultimate fight with Captain Hook, Hook scratches Peter on his arm in a right to left direction. But when we see him in the next shot-from the front the scratch is left to right.

Continuity mistake: When the Lost Boys bring the pots of "food" to the table, there is a large spoon which lays by Peter's plate. Yet when it cuts, the spoon has vanished from it's place, so that the Lost Boy can put the pot down on the table easily. (01:09:10)


Continuity mistake: When Tinkerbell visits Peter at his home, in one shot she pulls the rug from under Peter's feet and Peter flies to the floor. When he lands to the floor, there is nothing around his head, just bare floor. Then when it cuts to a wideshot, lots of items like the tent sheet, the parachute etc. are surrounding his head. (00:33:20)


[Tootles is searching under a cabinet.]
Tootles: Lost, lost, lost.
Peter: Lost what, Tootles?
Tootles: I've lost my marbles.
Peter: [To himself] OK.

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Trivia: Three of Dustin Hoffman's children have minor roles in Hook. Maxwell Hoffman plays 5-year-old Peter Pan, Rebecca Hoffman plays Jane in the play, and Jake Hoffman plays one of the players at the Little League game. In addition, Jimmy Buffett plays the shoe-stealing pirate.

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Question: 1) I remember reading online once that some person in a band (not any of the ones mentioned in the trivia for this movie) lost a bet and appeared as one of Hook's pirates in this movie. Is this true and if yes who was it? 2) I also once read online that it is a tradition for Peter Pan movies to have the same actor to play Hook and somebody else in the movie. I don't remember Dustin Hoffman as anybody else in this movie. Was he somebody else in the movie?

Answer: (1) David Crosby and Jimmy Buffett both appear as part of Hook's crew - whether either of them is there as a result of losing a bet is unknown. (2) Traditionally, in stage productions of Peter Pan, the actor who plays Hook will also take on the minor role of Mr Darling, Wendy's father. As, in the story presented in the film, Wendy is now elderly, her father is likely long dead, and thus no opportunity exists to maintain the tradition. However, you can hear Dustin Hoffman as the voice of the pilot on the plane ride to London, giving a nod to the tradition.


Answer: Actress Glenn Close is a pirate too. The first pirate that Hook goes to on deck and puts in the Boo Box. Https://youtu.be/TCx-M8dcDhk.

Answer: It's Phil Collins - he's the police officer.

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