Trivia: Three of Dustin Hoffman's children have minor roles in Hook. Maxwell Hoffman plays 5-year-old Peter Pan, Rebecca Hoffman plays Jane in the play, and Jake Hoffman plays one of the players at the Little League game. In addition, Jimmy Buffett plays the shoe-stealing pirate.

Trivia: The name 'Wendy' was popularised for girls by the play of Peter Pan - JM Barrie adapted it from the way a neighbour's daughter mispronounced "friend." However, prior to PP, Wendy was a unisex nickname for both Gwendolyn and Wendell, also a name in its own right to a limited degree. More info here: http://www.wendy.com/wendyweb/history.html.

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Trivia: When the children have gone missing and the local police are reporting the matter at the family home, the plain clothes policeman doing most of the talking is Phil Collins, the lead singer of Genesis.

Trivia: David Crosby appears as one of the more vocal forefront pirates in the first scene, of when Hook is on the ship. Also in that scene, the one pirate Hook seeks out to put in the "Boo Box" for punishment is actually Glenn Close.

Trivia: When Tootles floats out of the window at the end, he says "Seize the day." This has special significance for Robin Williams, as he starred in a film called "Seize the Day" (1986), and it was a catchphrase in another Williams film, 1989's "Dead Poets Society."

Trivia: When the Bannings fly to England, the voice of the pilot who says "This is your captain speaking" is that of Dustin Hoffman.

Trivia: Julia Roberts was allegedly so difficult to work with on set that Steven Spielberg began referring to her as Tinkerhell.

Trivia: Bob Hoskins would go on to play Smee a second time 20 years later in the 2011 Hallmark miniseries Neverland.

Revealing mistake: When Rufio brings the sword down on the rope holding the slingshot, you can hear the intended sound effect, but the rope is not cut. (01:05:20)


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Hook: Prepare to die, Peter Pan!
Peter: To die would be a grand adventure!
Hook: Death is the only adventure you have left!

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Question: Is the food fight scene completely imaginary, or are the Lost Boys actually able to will food into existence by imagining it? I always thought it was the latter growing up and we as the audience didn't see it until Peter, as the audience's proxy, saw it for himself, but any YouTube videos I watch about this movie all seem to think all the food was just in everyone's collective imaginations.

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Answer: Neverland very much runs on "If you believe, it will happen" which is what Tink means during the meal when she says "If you don't imagine yourself as Peter Pan you won't be Peter Pan." So by the rules of Neverland, as soon as Peter believed it was real it was then real. The dinner was trying to teach him to believe as, in Neverland, if you don't believe it then it won't happen.

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