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Continuity mistake: While Peter slides down the snow, the penguins disappear between shots.

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Continuity mistake: After being with the mermaids, Peter falls off the basket into a puddle and rolls down with his hair soaking wet. Then cuts to him crawling and his hair is dry.

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Continuity mistake: After the mermaid scene Peter is lifted in a basket. When the angle swaps to a close-up the basket is suddenly covered in leaves.

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Visible crew/equipment: White lighting screens are reflected on Peter's glasses when he looks up to see Rufio for the first time, and right afterwards when he runs away and bumps into a net.

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Revealing mistake: When the red-haired mermaid kisses Peter, she extends her arm and you can see the wrinkles of her disguise's fabric next to her wrist.

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Continuity mistake: When the boy touches Peter's face, Peter is kneeling and is slightly taller than the kid. Then he says "Here you are, Peter!", the angle swaps to a wide one where Peter is now in a lower position than the kid. Then back to the close-up and he is back to a higher position. The boy's hands are also always inconsistent between the front and side angles.

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Revealing mistake: When the coconut flies at Peter, there are a couple of flashes of light reflected from the device used to connect wire to the coconut.

Continuity mistake: On the pirate ship, when the watch is first seen, the time jumps all over the place. First, it's 6:32. Then it's at 6:34, then jumps to 6:42, then 6:38. Then after Hook gets up to find the ticking, it's at 6:27, and when Smee picks it up, 6:44.

Continuity mistake: In the ship, the watch reads 6:44, but when they're in Hook's clock museum, they lay the watch down and it reads 2:14, seven and a half hours for a five minute walk.

Revealing mistake: As Peter pulls himself up to look over the brick wall, the entire snow drift on top moves, showing it's set dressing.

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Other mistake: As Peter walks away Hook raises his arm. As he does, the tip of the hidden sword is visible before it ejects.

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Suggested correction: How is this a mistake? He had a sword hidden up his sleeve, and it was briefly visible. If there had been a shot inside the sleeve without the sword, that would be a mistake.

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Continuity mistake: When the coconut flies at Peter, he spins, swings, and completely misses it. Then shown from another angle, he repeats the move, only to hit the coconut, but this time has his eyes closed in preparation for the liquid to fly everywhere.

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Continuity mistake: The stuff that hit Rufio was originally blue with a touch of red and covered much of his face. Less than a minute later, it's mostly gone, but has changed to dabs of green with a touch of yellow over his left eyebrow.

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Continuity mistake: Peter picks up a wooden spoon and flicks imaginary food at Rufio. Looking at Rufio, a black plastic spoon covered in blue flicks some blue and red substance at him that has a consistency if pudding. When Peter looks at the now-covered spoon, it has red, green, yellow and blue stuff stuck on it.

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Continuity mistake: As Rufio makes his entrance, he swings on a twin roped bar, and a second later he's on a single vine, with nothing else nearby to swing on or from.

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Revealing mistake: As Tink flies around waking up the Lost Boys, as she flies by the red-headed kid, the wires operating the puppet are visible.

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Visible crew/equipment: As the hook is locked into place, there are several pyrotechnic charges set off, one of which can be seen exploding directly underneath the hook. Also, the studio lighting is reflected in the chrome finish.

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Visible crew/equipment: As Jack walks away after striking out, the studio reflecting panels can be seen on his helmet.

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Visible crew/equipment: When the assistant shows up to film Jack, the studio lights reflect on his glasses.

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Continuity mistake: As Peter selects the largest Lost Boy, he stops, and holds the sword out. After the angle change, he stops again.

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[Toodles is searching under a cabinet.]
Toodles: Lost, lost, lost.
Peter: Lost what, Toodles?
Toodles: I've lost my marbles.
Peter: [To himself] OK.

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Trivia: Three of Dustin Hoffman's children have minor roles in Hook. Maxwell Hoffman plays 5-year-old Peter Pan, Rebecca Hoffman plays Jane in the play, and Jake Hoffman plays one of the players at the Little League game. In addition, Jimmy Buffett plays the shoe-stealing pirate.

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Question: Does anyone know if the song Maggie sings underneath the stars is a real song? What's it called? Are the lyrics to the whole song written out anywhere? I'm talking about the one that goes "But I know I'm not alone, standing here on my own".

Answer: "When You're Alone," written by John Williams and Leslie Briccuse, was an original song and was nominated for a 1991 Oscar. It lost to Beauty and the Beast. It was also up against "Everything I Do, I do it for you" from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves.

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