Halloween 5

Continuity mistake: When Michael rams the pitchfork through Spitz, it is at the lower end of his back, nearer to his waist even. A few seconds later when Spitz's girlfriend comes at Michael with the same pitchfork, some other shots of the now dead Spitz show the pitchfork holes up near his shoulder blades, probably 6-8 inches higher than where they should be.

Audio problem: When Jamie finds Rachel's body she says "Rachel, help me". She says "help me" again but her mouth is closed.

Revealing mistake: You can see the knife blade bend when Michael stabs Tina. (01:06:50)

Audio problem: When the man with the cowboy boots on walks, it sounds like he's wearing spurs although he's not wearing any.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie is climbing up the laundry chute, Michael sticks his head in and looks up. You can see a type of covering over the eye holes of the mask.

Continuity mistake: The mask Michael wears when he comes out of the mineshaft is not the one he was wearing when he entered, the lips are different.

Other mistake: When Jamie is trying to tell everyone that Tina is at a store, Dr Loomis says "Store? What kind of store? What do they sell there?" However, the captions say "Store? What kind of store do they sell there?"

Continuity mistake: When Sam is with her boyfriend in the barn, she takes off her gloves twice.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie is lying in the casket, the same picture of her that Michael broke the glass and got blood on is there, but there's no crack and no blood on it.

Continuity mistake: Tina's hairstyle changes from at the party to when she's in the barn with Sam. It goes from a bun to a ponytail.

Revealing mistake: Notice when Michael comes up out of the water at the hermit's hut. He has a bulge on his back, likely a safety harness or padding of some kind.


Visible crew/equipment: When Michael is in the car chasing Jaime and it's shows the back end of the car, you can see the camera person in the back seat.

Plot hole: When everyone goes back to the Myers house to set a trap for Michael, standard procedure would have the cops going through the entire house to make sure it was safe before proceeding with the plan. This would have included the attic. So how is it that they missed the corpses of Mike, Rachel, and Max the dog, as well as the shrine with the coffin and candles burning? The sequence begins with the trap set up, and later Jamie is shocked to find the corpses when she makes her way to the attic. Makes no sense whatsoever.


Visible crew/equipment: In the beginning of the movie, after Michael crawls out of the mine shaft he falls into a river. A string attached to his back is visible as he floats.


Other mistake: After being shot by the police, Michael has no blood, bullet holes or any injury.


Continuity mistake: When Sam is in the barn holding a kitten, she has a make up design on her cheek. When she fights with Michael, it's gone.

Meeker: National Guard will take him to a maximum security facility where he'll stay till the day he dies.
Jamie: He'll never die.

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Trivia: As Michael Myers' mask in the original film had been made from a Captain Kirk costume mask, it seems fitting (even if almost certainly coincidental) that in this film Myers resembles Commander Data, the popular character from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' which was running on television at the time.


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Question: At the start it skips to Children's Clinic in Haddonfield and states 1 year later, then we see Jamie having an episode - then she mimics Myers movement as he wakes up and kills the man who looked after him. It's happening at the same time yet it said it was 1 year later - was Myers unconscious for all that time? Or have I got that totally wrong?

Answer: Don't know about being unconscious, however it's safe to assume the old man who found him kept him there and healed him. With all those bullets he took, no surprise it took a year to recover.


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