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The cops use Jamie Lloyd to lure Michael Myers to his childhood home. He comes and kills all of the policemen there and wounds Dr. Loomis, then goes after Jamie. She runs around the house trying to escape and then suddenly runs into Loomis, who grabs her and uses her to lure Michael into a room. When Michael is in the middle of the room Loomis throws a switch which causes a big tangled mass of chains to fall down on Michael. He starts thrashing around frantically so Loomis grabs a two by four and beats Michael with it 'til he stops moving. At that moment a bunch of cops arrive at the house and take Michael to the police station where they put him in a cell where he awaits transfer to a maximum security prison. A police officer is told to take Jamie home. Just before the officer and Jamie depart, the mysterious man in black who has been appearing throughout the film goes into the police station. A moment later they hear gunshots and the policeman runs back inside. After a few minutes Jamie gets out of the car and enters the now silent station. Inside she finds all of the policemen dead and Michael's prison cell empty. The end?

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Continuity mistake: The Myers house was a small Victorian house in all the other films, but in this one it's a huge gothic mansion.

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Mikey: So how many cases can we get?
Spitz: Three cases. Any more and I think old Mr. Casy would-ah-know something's up, but we gotta get going, shift changes pretty soon. You gonna pull around back or should we both get busted out front?

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Trivia: As Michael Myers' mask in the original film had been made from a Captain Kirk costume mask, it seems fitting (even if almost certainly coincidental) that in this film Myers resembles Commander Data, the popular character from 'Star Trek: The Next Generation,' which was running on television at the time.

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Question: Up to this point in the series (and even in the next film), Michael is portrayed as a remorseless killer with no emotions. However, in this one, he takes his mask off at Jamie's request and even sheds a tear. He becomes enraged when Jamie tries to touch him, reverting back to the remorseless personality. What was the point of this sudden, and brief, display of emotion?


Answer: Director Dominique Othenin-Girard made the puzzling decision to try and humanize Michael in this film by showing he still had some traces of emotion that could be momentarily reached. Thus when Jamie talks to him, he briefly recovers his humanity, takes off his mask and sheds a single tear. Othenin-Girard felt that this made Michael more frightening, because his evil was so great that even if he still had regular emotions that occasionally emerged, the evil inside of him would eventually take over. But it does kind of come out of nowhere and contradict the other films... hence this idea was more-or-less ignored in future sequels.


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