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Corrected entry: When Tina and Samantha are talking, Tina sees Michael (her BF) driving and yells over to him. Only problem is he's at least 100 yards away from them and his music is loud. He wouldn't be able to hear Tina when she called him.

Orlando Rocha

Correction: She calls to him, but she also runs into view and waves her arms around in the air. That's what got his attention, not her calling to him.


Corrected entry: At the end of the film, Sheriff Meeker has captured Michael and we see a shot of him sitting in his jail cell, with his mask still on. Even putting aside suspension of disbelief that this is a horror film, it almost goes with certainty that no-one, least of all Michael, would be allowed to be processed in a jail, and then be in a cell, wearing his patented mask - all of that stuff would have been confiscated. Michael of all people would have never been given a special privilege like that, even if his face was deformed.

Correction: Jamie would have told them what happened when she tried to touch him. They wouldn't want to risk more lives over a mask.

Correction: I guess you just have to assume they didn't get around to it yet, because yes it's no way he would be allowed to keep on that mask, no matter how dangerous he was.

Corrected entry: If Michael is so invincible, why does it take him a year to recover from gun shot wounds?

Correction: At the end of the previous film, Michael was shot more times than in all of his previous appearances combined with powerful weapons, hit by a truck, was in close vicinity of a big explosion, and carried down the river by a strong current, most likely hitting rocks along the way. It took ten years for him to recover from the events of the first and second film (which took place the same night). His invulnerability is at its peak on Halloween, and since Michael only seems to be active then, it's not a big stretch to think he needs to rest since he takes quite a beating every time he makes an appearance.

Corrected entry: When Michael sticks the pitchfork through Spitz, he was on top of his girlfriend. Shots afterwards of Spitz show puncture wounds that went clear through his stomach, theoretically his g/f would have been harmed by this (especially considering the positioning of both of their bodies), but she wasn't. And no argument can be made that the pitchfork's blades weren't long enough, since they were probably over 12" long a piece.

Correction: Like the submitter says, it's only theoretical that the girl would be harmed by the pitchfork. Maybe Michael chose to not stick the tines in long enough to harm her, maybe he misjudged and did not use enough force to penetrate both bodies.


Corrected entry: During the scene where Dr. Loomis is at the police station, he tells Sheriff Meeker to look at his burned face and says to him, "this is what I endured 12 years ago (Halloween in 1978)." Now remember, the events of Halloween 5 take place on October 31, 1989, and a year earlier (Halloween 4), Michael came back looking for Jaime on October 31, 1988. Lastly, after being shot at the end of Halloween 4, we know Michael was taken in by some fisherman for exactly one year, that was explained at the beginning of Halloween 5. Therefor, Dr. Loomis should have said 11 years ago, not 12.

Correction: Character mistake by Dr. Loomis.


Corrected entry: The Halloween movies are set in Illinois. When the teens are at the party, they are talking about how some of them were going skinnydipping (even though we never see this scene). Even if it was set in southern Illinois, there would be no way anyone could swim outdoors on October 31. The water would be far too cold. Especially at night and especially while naked.

Correction: Ever hear of the Polar Bear Club? They're teens, they're likely to do something reckless and stupid. Plus, we don't know that they're going to stay in the water for long, or change their minds when they realize how cold it is.

Corrected entry: Myers chases Jamie around the farm & tries to run her down with a car. Yet this little girl is able to outrun the car for about 5 minutes of screen time.

Correction: It makes sense that the car was slowed down by the bushes, trees, rough terrain etc. Jamie is not affected by these.

Corrected entry: When Jamie first climbs into the lauundry chute there is a door directly to the right of the opening. (Michael has to decide whether to go through the door or check the chute) But when she climbs up out of the chute there is no door.

Correction: When Jamie enters the laundry chute, she is on the second floor. After she falls to the basement and climbs back up, she exits onto the first floor, meaning that the room, and the door, would be different.

Plot hole: In the beginning, Rachel and Loomis are referring to Rachel's mother as being Jamie's step mother and Rachel refers Jamie as being her step sister. Rachel's mother is Jamie's foster mother and Jamie is Rachel's foster sister as said in Halloween 4.

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Mikey: So how many cases can we get?
Spitz: Three cases. Any more and I think old Mr. Casy would-ah-know something's up, but we gotta get going, shift changes pretty soon. You gonna pull around back or should we both get busted out front?

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Trivia: During one take of a fight scene between Dr. Sam Loomis and Michael Myers, Donald Pleasance accidentally broke Don Shanks' nose.

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Question: Why does Jamie calling him uncle stop him? That and why honor her request to see his face?


Answer: Sorry about that and thank you.


Answer: The question was more-or-less answered in a previous question, so I'll copy part of my answer here: Director Dominique Othenin-Girard made the puzzling decision to try and humanize Michael in this film by showing he still had some traces of emotion that could be momentarily reached. Thus when Jamie talks to him, he briefly recovers his humanity, takes off his mask and sheds a single tear. Basically, Othenin-Girard felt it made Michael scarier by showing his humanity could be momentarily "reached." Of course, it really doesn't make sense and contradicts the other films... but it was just a decision the director made.


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