Halloween 5

Continuity mistake: When chasing Jamie in the woods, Mikey's headlights go from normal chevy headlights to off-road high beams.

Continuity mistake: The Myers house was a small Victorian house in all the other films, but in this one it's a huge gothic mansion.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie and the officer wait in the upstairs room of Michael's old house, when you look at the window it is dark outside but then when it shows the doctor downstairs talking to Michael the sunlight is shining into the house.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie is at the old Myers place she hides in the coffin - she also noticed Rachel dead in a chair, but when Michael goes berserk and Jamie takes off, running past the chair that Rachel was in, her body is gone.

Continuity mistake: When Michael Myers is chasing Billy at the farm in the car, his position changes as he is driving - he is on the passenger side several times then on the driver side.

Continuity mistake: One of Jamie's shoes fall off when she's in the laundry chute but reappears in the next shot.

Continuity mistake: In the scene were Tina asks Michael to stop the car at the store he starts driving faster going at least 30mph for 7 seconds. When he finally stops and backs up he drives about 5-10mph and ends up outside the store in 4 seconds.

Continuity mistake: When Michael rams the pitchfork through Spitz, it is at the lower end of his back, nearer to his waist even. A few seconds later when Spitz's girlfriend comes at Michael with the same pitchfork, some other shots of the now dead Spitz show the pitchfork holes up near his shoulder blades, probably 6-8 inches higher than where they should be.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie is climbing up the laundry chute, Michael sticks his head in and looks up. You can see a type of covering over the eye holes of the mask.

Continuity mistake: The mask Michael wears when he comes out of the mineshaft is not the one he was wearing when he entered, the lips are different.

Continuity mistake: When Sam is with her boyfriend in the barn, she takes off her gloves twice.

Continuity mistake: When Jamie is lying in the casket, the same picture of her that Michael broke the glass and got blood on is there, but there's no crack and no blood on it.

Continuity mistake: Tina's hairstyle changes from at the party to when she's in the barn with Sam. It goes from a bun to a ponytail.

Continuity mistake: When Sam is in the barn holding a kitten, she has a make up design on her cheek. When she fights with Michael, it's gone.

Continuity mistake: When chasing Jamie in the woods, Mikey's headlights go from normal chevy headlights to off-road high beams.

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Meeker: National Guard will take him to a maximum security facility where he'll stay till the day he dies.
Jamie: He'll never die.

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Trivia: During one take of a fight scene between Dr. Sam Loomis and Michael Myers, Donald Pleasance accidentally broke Don Shanks' nose.

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Question: At the start it skips to Children's Clinic in Haddonfield and states 1 year later, then we see Jamie having an episode - then she mimics Myers movement as he wakes up and kills the man who looked after him. It's happening at the same time yet it said it was 1 year later - was Myers unconscious for all that time? Or have I got that totally wrong?

Answer: Don't know about being unconscious, however it's safe to assume the old man who found him kept him there and healed him. With all those bullets he took, no surprise it took a year to recover.


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