Halloween 5

Other mistake: In addition to the brake lights, there are no lights at all on the back of the car when you see it driven from behind. However, you can see that the lights are on from the front of the car.

Other mistake: When Jamie is trying to tell everyone that Tina is at a store, Dr Loomis says "store? What kind of store? What do they sell there?" However the captions say "store? What kind of store do they sell there?"


Other mistake: When Tina and Samantha are talking, Tina sees Michael (her BF) driving and yells over to him. Only problem is he's at least 100 yards away from them and his music is loud. He wouldn't be able to hear Tina when she called him.

Orlando Rocha
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New this month Suggested correction: She calls to him, but she also runs into view and waves her arms around in the air. That's what got his attention, not her calling to him.


Other mistake: After being shot by the police, Michael has no blood, bullet holes or any injury.


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