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Visible crew/equipment: In the end of the movie when Kurt is arrested, the camera and a crew member wearing sunglasses are reflected in the side of the police car.

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Visible crew/equipment: When Dexter is driving with his friend in his mom's car you can see a police officer stopping traffic for the shoot, when they make a right turn on to the street where the car accident occurs.


Revealing mistake: When the guy asks for a good shake and the weird kid shakes him you can see the people that work at the fast food restaurant moving back and forth very rapidly. This makes the shaking scene an obvious rewind and playback sequence.

Other mistake: When Mondo Burger opens for the first time, Kurt and his friends walk out to look at Good Burger. Kurt looks down for the actor's mark and puts his head up when he stops.

Mr. Freeze

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Dexter and Ed are thrown into the cushioned room in the insane asylum, Ed's hands are not handcuffed. The camera then shows Dexter and Ed says to look what he can do. As he is jumping off the wall you can see that his hands are handcuffed. The next time it shows Ed jumping, his hands are not handcuffed anymore.

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Continuity mistake: As Mr. Bailey brings back a Mondo Burger, Spatch picks it up with a spatula. The close up scene shows the spatula bending. Not only should the burger have fallen off, as Spatch throws the spatula back down, the spatula is straight again as he grunts off.

Continuity mistake: When Dexter and Ed get back to Good Burger after being chased, he runs in and tackles the old lady. When he hits her, he is parallel to the lady's body with his arms wrapped around her. But when he lands, he is laying perpendicular across her with his arms outstretched.

Continuity mistake: When Kurt calls the kitchen he says that he wants the burgers bigger. When he gets off the phone he says that the burgers are three times the size of Good Burgers. He never told the kitchen how big to make them.


Other mistake: Ed's golf ball didn't hit anything to make it fly back and hit Roxanne.

Continuity mistake: When Ed is fixing the Good Shake machine, a stack of cups are straight but in the last shot when Ed is spinning around, the stack of cups are flipped over.

Matthew Johnson

Continuity mistake: When Dexter is working at Mondo Burger before getting fired, slices of tomato disappear and reappear between shots while he is making his first burger with all that mess.

Matthew Johnson

Ed: You wanna see my secret place?
Dexter: That's not what I had in mind.

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Trivia: When Ed tackles the old lady, look closely and you can see that her dentures fell out.

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Question: What's the name of the song that the inmates at the asylum are dancing to?

Answer: "(Not Just) Knee Deep" by George Clinton And The Funkadelics.

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