Good Burger

Good Burger (1997)

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Continuity mistake: When Ed is talking to an upset customer, there are 2 papers hung behind Ed clipped. When Ed asks Fizz if a meat patty is something or nothing, the papers are gone.

Matthew Johnson

Continuity mistake: When Ed starts driving the Burgermobile vehicle to train Dexter for deliveries, the cup moves down to the ground when the vehicle is out of the garage but in the next shot, the cup is back straight up.

Matthew Johnson

Other mistake: Heather the psychopathy lady from Demented Hills who talks to Ed, is at Good Burger in the end of the film. She was supposed to be staying at Demented Hills.

Continuity mistake: When Dexter and Ed are having lunch together, the straw in Dexter's cup goes from straight up to bent down between shots.

Continuity mistake: When Ed is looking at the contract Dexter gave him, the fan behind Dexter is spinning around in slow speed in the shot where Ed says "Mm-hmm, mm-hmmm." But in the next shot of Dexter, the fan is spinning around much faster.

Matthew Johnson

Continuity mistake: When Ed stops the old lady from eating the Good Burger's poisoned sauce, he is on the lady on the ground, tackling her. In the next shot when the manager gets Ed off the lady, a set of dentures appears.

Matthew Johnson

Continuity mistake: Dexter is driving the ice cream truck back to Good Burger. When they all arrive the truck is parked in the driveway, but at the very end of the film when everyone is cheering Dexter and Ed for saving Good Burger, look through the window and the truck is gone.

Matthew Johnson

Continuity mistake: When Ed is making the delivery, he is holding the bag in his left hand. When Dexter's car is rotating, look very close as Ed skates away and he has the bag in his right hand.


Continuity mistake: In the very beginning, Ed is "flying" with the Good Burgers. There are two shots in this scene. One with 6 flying burgers, the other with 7.

Continuity mistake: When Kurt is driving Ed to work, trying to persuade him to work for Mondo Burger, Ed starts the conversation with a dent in the front of his hat. Later on in the same conversation, the dent disappears and later reappears in a different spot on the hat. (00:43:05)


Revealing mistake: At the beginning when Ed accidentally switches between the baby and the basketball, look closely in the background when Ed realises that he is holding a basketball, and the baby getting thrown through the hoop in the background is a doll.

Mr. Baily: What was our take today?
Fizz: 43 dollars and 9 cents.
Mr. Baily: That's it? Well, I suppose I could always feed my mother cat food.
Dexter: Now probably wouldn't be the best time to ask for a raise?
Mr. Baily: No.

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Trivia: When Ed tackles the old lady, look closely and you can see that her dentures fell out.

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Answer: We don't know that he doesn't. He could simply go to a different school where the school year ends slightly earlier. It's also possible that he's already graduated or dropped out.


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