Continuity mistake: When Bond duels with Tilly's car, before crashing it, a blue-screened mountain always appears behind him, despite the landscape being totally different.


Continuity mistake: When Goldfinger loses his card game, he gets mad and snaps his pencil in half. I have doubts that the pencil would make such a loud noise, but either way, there is no way Bond could have heard this, seeing as we're to believe Jill's radio only goes one way.

Continuity mistake: In the teaser, when Bond has come out of the water and climbed up the cliff, right after he kicks the guard he is seen running away. In that frame you can see he is wearing leather shoes with light brown leather soles - which are completely dry. He was not wearing those in the water.

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Plot hole: Goldfinger wasn't planning on Mr. Solo breaking away from the rest of the gangsters before Goldfinger could have them all killed by the nerve gas so it makes no sense that there would already be a truck from the stud farm waiting for Oddjob to drive back with the remains of the crushed car. It also begs the question if Oddjob had to drive the truck back to the farm where is the guy that drove it to the junkyard in the first place?


Revealing mistake: The rear projection behind Bond as he is driving through Geneva doesn't match the scenery outside his car.


Continuity mistake: Near the start when Bond and Moneypenny are talking about gold, she throws his hat at the hatstand. The top of the hat is facing left as it flies offscreen, but when the shot cuts to it landing it's turned itself around so it can catch properly on the hook. Plus it lands on the hook furthest from the door, but when Bond leaves he picks it up from a closer hook.

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Continuity mistake: When Bond comes around on the plane and meets Pussy for the first time, she tells him they are flying SW over Newfoundland. The clock on the restroom door shows 10.05am. Later, when she announces arrival in Baltimore in 55 mins, the clock is now showing 2 .45pm giving arrival time of 3.40pm. Flying time would have been approx 3 hours, arriving at 1.05 pm.

Continuity mistake: When Oddjob arrives at the junkyard, it's a cloudy day and the car casts no shadow; however, a shot later, from a different angle, it's a sunny day and there's an 8 o'clock shadow beneath the car.


Revealing mistake: When Oddjob is killed and falls face-down, he turns his head to the left a second before he smashes it against the floor.


Continuity mistake: After Bond hits Oddjob with the stick, Oddjob launches him face-down, but from the next angle Bond is landing and sliding face-up.


Goldfinger mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When Bond grabs a huge stick to attack Oddjob, the first wide shot behind Bond is of a very obvious stuntman with a square face and a prominent jaw. Stunt also visible after Bond jumps and grabs Oddjob's neck, when he is launched against the wall.


Revealing mistake: When Oddjob throws his hat at the statue and the head comes off the head falls on top of the arm and breaks it. Obviously this was not meant to happen as there is a quick edit in the film before the arm falls completely off (notice the trees behind the statue suddenly freeze).


Revealing mistake: When the CIA guys are following Odd Job to the airport in "Kentucky" there are several indicators that show they are in Florida. One is a big sign that says Opa Locka, which is north Miami.

Other mistake: At the 17th hole, on his "drive" shot, Goldfinger actually hits a straight drive that never leaves the ground. (00:28:01)

Audio problem: Bond's tires squeal as he brakes hard on the gravel/dirt road during the car chase in the woods near the factory.

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Suggested correction: Yep, happens all the time, depending on how firm the road is.


Revealing mistake: Bond's unconscious body falling out of the car at the end of the car chase is obviously sped up.

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Trivia: Harold Sakata (Oddjob) was formerly a professional weightlifter and won a silver medal for the United States at the 1948 Olympics in London.

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Answer: Security and guest privacy was less of a concern in this era. Often someone could merely inquire at the desk which room a guest was staying in. Another ploy often used in movies was to leave a note for the guest and then watch which numbered mailbox the concierge placed it in.


Answer: He deduced that Goldfinger was using a partner to spy on his opponent's hand, and to check his theory he went to the room with the best line of sight. Alternatively, he went (off-screen) to the desk and used his charm, which was utterly irresistible in the Bond films of the '60s, to find out where Goldfinger was staying.

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