Trivia: Harold Sakata (Oddjob) was formerly a professional weightlifter and won a silver medal for the United States at the 1948 Olympics in London.

Trivia: Goldfinger's first name is Auric. Au is the chemical symbol for gold on the table of elements.


Trivia: In the closing credits, the words "Tosh Togo" appear under Harold Sakata's name. This was Sakata's ring name when he was a professional wrestler from the early 1950s to the early 1960s.

Trivia: One of the 3D model maps Goldfinger used during his mission briefing is now on display at the real Fort Knox.

Trivia: In the novel, Pussy Galore was a lesbian which is why she gives Bond the cold-shoulder at first.

Trivia: The producers of Goldfinger wanted to film the climatic end scenes in the actual Fort Knox vault itself. Treasury Officials said no to the request due to security issues.

Trivia: Tania Mallet had previously auditioned for the role of Tatiana Romanova in "From Russia with Love". She did not get the Russian role supposedly because of her provincial British accent.

Trivia: Gert Fröbe was chosen for the title role because of his performance of a psychically unstable murderer in the German thriller "It Happened In Broad Daylight". Broccoli and Saltzman had watched the movie and decided to get this 'big bad German' for the character.

Trivia: The car chase around Goldfinger's factory was in filmed at Pinewood studios in Iver Heath. Some of the small roads at the studio are named after references to Goldfinger.

Trivia: Fröbe was a member of the National Socialist German Workers Party or Nazi Party. Owing to his connection to the Nazi Party, 'Goldfinger' was banned in Israel until he was publicly thanked by a Jewish family, thus revealing that he had actually aided German Jews by hiding them from the Gestapo before 1945.

Trivia: A 24 hour guard had to be placed by the Fort Knox set, so that people wouldn't attempt to steal the fake gold bars.

Trivia: The actor originally cast to appear as the thug that Bond electrocutes in the bath was unable to appear as he was arrested for burglary, and so stuntman Alf Joint stepped in. He possibly wished he hadn't when a hot coil wrapped around his leg and severely burnt him.

Trivia: "Goldfinger" was the first Bond movie to gain an Academy Award when Norman Wanstall won the award for Sound Effects in 1964 for his work on the film.

Trivia: Orson Welles was the first choice to play the role of Auric Goldfinger, but the producers turned him down, believing that Welles was "too expensive."

Trivia: It has been said that some 75% of the world's movie-goers have seen the film "Goldfinger" at least once.

Trivia: The character 'Pussy Galore' was named after Ian Fleming's pet octopus; a pet octopus also appears in 'Octopussy'.

Trivia: At the beginning of the movie, Bond is in 'Miami' at the Fountainbleu Hotel, then is later in 'Kentucky' at Fort Knox and the Goldfinger estate. Despite all this, Sean Connery never filmed any scenes of "Goldfinger" in America.


Trivia: When Shirley Bassey recorded the title song, she was singing as the opening credits were running on a screen in front of her so that she could match the vocals. When she hit her final note, the titles kept running and she was forced the hold the note until she almost passed out.

Trivia: Connery first learned to play golf for his role in 'Goldfinger'. Apparently it has become a very dear hobby to him then, since we know him now as a passionate golf player.

Trivia: In the title sequence which shows scenes of the movie as titles and credits are shown, all the scenes are from Goldfinger except one. It is the helicopter/Bond chase scene from From Russia With Love.

Continuity mistake: The T-Bird following Oddjob to the junkyard does not have fender skirts but does when they give up the chase and head back to the farm. (01:16:25 - 01:20:30)

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Question: Why did Goldfinger go through the hassle of telling the other gangsters his plan, only to kill them right after?

Answer: Goldfinger wants to keep the charade going up until the end so the others suspect nothing unusual. It is also a means of exposition to explain the plot to the audience.

raywest Premium member

Answer: I believe that Goldfinger is a showman / show off and wanted to boast for the pure hell of it. Also I think that he had to string them along so they wouldn't suspect he was about to do what he ultimately did to them.

Alan Keddie

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