Trivia: Sean Connery and Harold Sakata were both injured filming their fight sequence at Fort Knox. Connery hurt his back in the fight sequence which delayed filming and some say that Connery used the injury to get a better deal of the producers for the next 007 film. Sakata severely burned his hand while reaching for his hat when filming his death scene, but was determined to do it right; he held on until the director Guy Hamilton shouted "Cut!"

Trivia: Honor Blackman (Pussy Galore) remained the oldest actress to play a Bond girl (at 37 years old at the time of filming) until 2015's Spectre featuring Monica Belucci, aged 50.

Trivia: Nadja Revin, who plays the nightclub dancer in the pre-credits sequence, had previously appeared in "From Russia with Love" as Kerim Bey's girl.

Trivia: A real laser would have produced a fairly heat-free and silent cut. The director Guy Hamilton found that a real laser beam would not show up on camera so it was added as an optical effect. The melting effect on the table was achieved by a man underneath the table holding an oxyacetylene torch.

Trivia: It took make-up artists two hours to paint Shirley Eaton's body in gold for her death scene as Jill Masterson.

Trivia: A very young Garry Marshall (future successful producer/director) has a cameo as one of the American gangsters gathered to hear about Project Grand Slam. For the Hollywood Reporter article: For a still shot:


Trivia: It circulated as a very popular urban legend for decades that the actress who played Jill Masterson, Shirley Eaton, asphyxiated from being covered in the gold paint. However, she did in fact survive this ordeal and continued to make more movies afterward.


Trivia: Oddjob has only four lines of dialogue in the entire film.

Trivia: The sign on Fort Knox bears the name "Gen. Russhon" - a reference to Charles Russhon who was the technical advisor for the film.

Trivia: When he is looking in the refrigerator in Goldfinger's suite in Miami, Bond is knocked unconscious by Oddjob. Sean Connery walked off the set for a couple of days and had to be asked to return after Harold Sakata delivered a full contact karate chop during the first take of the scene.

Trivia: The movie was the fastest grossing picture in film history when it was released.


Trivia: This was the first Bond film in which Major Boothroyd was referred to as "Q."

Trivia: Despite being remembered for murdering people with his hat, Oddjob only kills one person with it.

Trivia: Bonds line to Pussy Galore is "I must be dreaming." Originally he was supposed to say "I know you are, but what's your name?"


Trivia: When Goldfinger is hitting the ball during the game of golf between Goldfinger and Bond, it is not Gert Frobe but another actor, as Frobe could not hold a golf club very well.

Trivia: Future Bond producer Michael G. Wilson has a cameo role as a Korean Soldier at Fort Knox.

Continuity mistake: When Pussy Galore's Flying Circus lands at Blue Grass Field, the blonde girl we see getting out of the first Piper is not among the group of pilots who report to Pussy in the next shot.

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Answer: Security and guest privacy was less of a concern in this era. Often someone could merely inquire at the desk which room a guest was staying in. Another ploy often used in movies was to leave a note for the guest and then watch which numbered mailbox the concierge placed it in.


Answer: He deduced that Goldfinger was using a partner to spy on his opponent's hand, and to check his theory he went to the room with the best line of sight. Alternatively, he went (off-screen) to the desk and used his charm, which was utterly irresistible in the Bond films of the '60s, to find out where Goldfinger was staying.

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