Revealing mistake: When Oddjob is killed and falls face-down, he turns his head to the left a second before he smashes it against the floor.

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Continuity mistake: When Oddjob arrives at the junkyard, it's a cloudy day and the car casts no shadow; however, a shot later, from a different angle, it's a sunny day and there's an 8 o'clock shadow beneath the car.

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Continuity mistake: After Bond hits Oddjob with the stick, Oddjob launches him face-down, but from the next angle Bond is landing and sliding face-up.

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Revealing mistake: When Bond grabs a huge stick to attack Oddjob, the first wide shot behind Bond is of a very obvious stuntman with a square face and a prominent jaw.

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Continuity mistake: When Goldfinger shoots and breaks the plane window, chaos runs havoc: curtains flutter wildly and a strong wind hurling inside makes objects fly around. Yet right when Goldfinger is lifted up the air (an obvious chroma effect) the curtains and even Bond's hair stop moving. This happens between one frame and another, it has nothing to do with physics or pressure inside the plane.

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Suggested correction: If we remember that the cabins of these types of jets are pressurized, the continuity makes sense. When the window is shot out, explosive decompression occurs with the higher pressure in the cabin causing violent gusts as it flows toward the hole in the window. As Goldfinger is lifted toward the window and blocks it with his body, the flow suddenly stops. By the time Goldfinger is sucked through the window, the pressure has equalized and the cabin, though drafty because of the open window, is near normal again. In reality, the pressure difference would not be enough to suck a corpulent man through a small window, but that's another issue.

The curtains stop fluttering before Goldfinger is sucked-out. They are fluttering yet a shot later they are still.

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Revealing mistake: When Oddjob throws his hat at the statue and the head comes off the head falls on top of the arm and breaks it. Obviously this was not meant to happen as there is a quick edit in the film before the arm falls completely off (notice the trees behind the statue suddenly freeze).


Revealing mistake: When the CIA guys are following Odd Job to the airport in "Kentucky" there are several indicators that show they are in Florida. One is a big sign that says Opa Locka, which is north Miami.

Other mistake: At the 17th hole, on his "drive" shot, Goldfinger actually hits a straight drive that never leaves the ground. (00:28:01)

Factual error: In the forest chase scene, Bond activates the oil slick feature. The car behind spins out on the slick. But it's a dirt road so the oil would just soak into the ground.

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Suggested correction: Absolutely incorrect. Unless the ground is very soft powder, the oil will not soak in straight away and will have the effect as shown in the film.


Revealing mistake: Bond's unconscious body falling out of the car at the end of the car chase is obviously sped up.

Continuity mistake: After Bond has wrecked Tilly Masterson's car, he takes her to a gas station. At the gas station, there is a orange camping tent visible in the background, When Bond leaves the gas station, the tent is suddenly gone.

Factual error: According to Bond's radar map, Goldfinger is driving north of Geneva. There aren't any mountain passes north of Geneva. The whole sequence (involving the murder attempt by Tilly) was filmed between the Furka Pass and the town of Andermatt.

Continuity mistake: The Falcon Odd Job is driving with the crushed Lincoln has whitewall tires when leaving the scrap yard but when he returns to the farm it has blackwall tires.

Continuity mistake: The first time we see Goldfinger by the pool, in the wide angle there's a girl with an orange bathing suit, and a man with a striped shirt next to her. In the close-up, the man now has a white T-shirt with a blue print, and the girl has a white bikini and an orange skirt.

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Continuity mistake: By the pool, Bond is given a note by an agent. The way he holds the note changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: During the pre-credits, the amount of soap on the back of the girl that was taking a bath changes between shots.

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Continuity mistake: During the pre-credits, Bond lights his lighter to check his watch before the explosion. In the close-up he lights it again.

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Continuity mistake: During the pre-credits Bond enters a room and his hands are spotless. In the close-ups of him placing explosives they're very dirty.

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Trivia: Harold Sakata (Oddjob) was formerly a professional weightlifter and won a silver medal for the United States at the 1948 Olympics in London.

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Question: Q demonstrated the switches for the left and right front-wing machine guns - why is the "right" control on the left and vise versa?


Chosen answer: They're not. Q was just indicating to Bond that these were the wing machine guns, he wasn't stating which was which.

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