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Continuity mistake: When Bond is in the gypsy camp, the two girls Vida and Zora, who are about to fight over a man, are coming out of a caravan both wearing long skirts and scarves. When they each take their scarf to bind it around their hips, the skirts have suddenly disappeared without ever being taken off. (00:41:35)


Factual error: Krebb's "reading" glasses are strongly concave. If she really needed them to read, she wouldn't be able to walk safely without even stronger concave spectacles and she certainly wouldn't be able to see anything more than a metre away. Real reading glasses are convex. (00:15:35)

Continuity mistake: As the destroyed helicopter falls, it first falls straight and smooth. Then the wreckage is twisting, and finally on the ground. As the wreckage is on the ground, there is no indication that it has just hit, as indicated by the off-screen noise, and the explosions are on a an already settled prop set up for the stunt.

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Continuity mistake: When James encounters Tatiana for the first time in the bedroom of the hotel bridal suite, as he begins to sit on the edge of the bed he is holding his Walther in a non threatening position in the palm of his hand, with his thumb on top of the slide. As the scene cuts to the POV of Tatiana, the pistol is being held in a firing position, finger on the trigger, and switches back when the scene cuts back to the wide shot of both of them. Also when Tatiana reaches to move the gun away from pointing at her and says "Guns upset me" she returns her hand to beside her on the bed. At the cut to the wide scene, she is again moving the gun away. (00:53:45)


Continuity mistake: When Bond and the other board the train in Istanbul, they board the train at the rear which shows passenger coaches. When the train passes Kerim's son and does not stop at the scheduled rendezvous because Kerim has been killed, the passing rear of the train contains freight cars. When Bond and Tania escape from the train, the departing shot of the rear of the train shows passenger cars again. (01:04:40 - 01:13:05)


Visible crew/equipment: Near the end, where Klebb and the man who played chess are standing in front of Blofeld, a man with a poisonous knife sticking out of the end of his shoe kills someone. Just before he does, the cameraman's shadow can be seen on his shirt.

Audio problem: When Morzeny says "Exactly 1 minute, 52 seconds, That's excellent." in the beginning of the film, his lips never move. (00:02:50)


Continuity mistake: After the scene where Klebb arrives via helicopter on Spectre island and meets Morzeny, they enter a training area and continue their conversation while walking through it. Just after Morzeny says '.we use live targets as well,' the scene cuts to a wide shot and they are entering the same training area once again, only this time from a path that is just right next to the one used before. (00:12:50)


Factual error: Near the beginning of the film, they arrive by helicopter at a training facility. There is no noise as they converse on the lawn, but they walk a few paces through a door, and there is lots of training happening with gunfire and explosions. It's all in the open air (no ceiling), so therefore would've been easily heard from the lawn, a few dozen feet away. (00:12:30)

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Continuity mistake: Just before Klebb uses the knuckle duster on Grant watch carefully and you see the bag on her right shoulder is removed with her right hand, but is handed to the man behind with her left hand in between shots. (00:13:05)


Continuity mistake: When James finds the Russian defector in his hotel bed, they kiss, a lot. Problem is: At first, she's wearing a generous amount of red lipstick, and when they finish, she is still wearing a generous amount of lipstick, and it is not smudged, which it should be, and James hasn't any lipstick on his face and mouth, which should be impossible - not even a smudge.


Continuity mistake: When Bond arranges to meet Tania at the mosque he is carrying a camera. When he spots the Bulgar spying on Tania he puts the camera down by a pillar. He takes out his gun and raps it in a handkerchief. The next scene shows him with his camera (without the gun) looking at the Bulgar again. This is a repeat shot from a few seconds before.


Continuity mistake: In the scene in the underground reservoir, Bond and Kerim set off in the little boat. There is a clip of the oar, which is turned over a few times to shake off some rats. In that clip, the oar does not move forward in the water (as can be seen from the air bubbles in the water). In the next clip the boat is moving again. A boat takes a little way to get completely still. It is implausible that Kerim would stop the boat completely to shake off the rats, and then start moving again. The clip with the rats must have been made afterwards with a stationery oar. (00:34:10)

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Continuity mistake: When the gypsy girls start their fight they both have perfectly clean hair. A few seconds later they both have bits of straw in their hair, although neither of them has fallen onto the ground yet. (00:41:55)


Continuity mistake: At the end of the film when Bond is examining the film taken in the bridal suite, the film is in 8mm format but when he throws it into the Venice canal it changes to 16mm.


Continuity mistake: At the gypsy camp, at the end the belly dance, we see Bond at the table with Kerim. In the first shot, there is about ½ meter of empty table between Kerim and the corner. Bond is at the end of the table. In the next shot, Kerim is right at the corner with his right hand very close to Bond's elbow. (00:40:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Bond and Kerim-Bey arrive at the gypsy camp, they are riding in a white 1960 Ford station wagon. At alternate times the car appears as a four-door model and as a two-door model. (00:37:30)

Revealing mistake: On the boat, look carefully when the man falls in the water. The man jumps to give the illusion that Bond pushed him.

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Continuity mistake: When Klebb is inspecting Grant, she has her arms by her side. Camera cuts and now they are clasped behind her back. (00:13:30)

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James Bond: Pardon me, do you have a match?
Kerim's Chauffeur: I use a lighter.
James Bond: Better still.
Kerim's Chauffeur: Until they go wrong.
James Bond: Exactly.

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Trivia: When Bay is about to kill the man that was hanging on the movie banner, look carefully at the names on the banner. The names are Albert R Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, the producers of the Bond movies.

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Chosen answer: It would, yes. Also I am to understand that it's his sense of humour.

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