From Russia With Love

Corrected entry: When Tatiana enters Bond's room, he is about to take a shower. He never goes and turns it off. (00:51:10)


Correction: How is this a movie mistake? A trained spy with a license to kill hears a noise in his hotel room, and he goes to investigate. Turning the shower off would alert the intruder that he was on to them.


Corrected entry: When Bond has received the briefcase from Q, he replaces the throwing knife. But in the clip where he leaves M's office, he has it in his hand.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: When Bond leaves M's office he has the ammunition sleeve in his hand, not the knife.

Corrected entry: In the chess match, Kronstein's opponent is not check mate! He could have moved the king one field up (H8) in the corner. That field is not covered. He could also just have moved his pawn on G7 one field forward to G6 and thereby blocked the queen's path.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Toppling your king does not mean checkmate, it's just a conceding of the game. This is common when victory is inevitable for the opposing player.

Corrected entry: Would M and the Service really risk losing Bond to a (obvious) trap, for the sake of getting a Russian Lektor decoder? As soon as the system was compromised, the Russians would, presumably, immediately change their coding system to render the Lektor obsolete. In the novel I think they were going for a psychological win over the Soviets, but it is still rather flimsy.

Correction: Spies are ALWAYS interested in code machines, whether the other side is aware of the loss or not. Changing codes burdens the enemy, and the machine can be used to decode the inevitable backlog of stored but unreadable message intercepts. Also possession of the device temporarily stalls the flow of messages until new machines are available, demoralizes the enemy, and gives insights into their cipher technology.

Correction: We only see the bottom part of the sign. It could say both International and Domestic.

Jacob La Cour

Corrected entry: When JB shoots down the helicopter, he's wearing a hat. He covers up as the helicopter crashes, and when he is seen again, the hat is gone.


Correction: As he guards his eyes against possible debris from the falling helicopter he pushes his hat back with his forearm. When they show the helicopter crashing the hat must have fallen from his head; if you look very carefully when they show him getting up to leave you can make out the circular outline of his hat leaning against the back of the cave. The loss of his hat appears to be intentional by the filmmakers, he takes the captain's-styled hat from the truck driver and wears it on the boat. It's much more fashionable for a sea voyage than the scala-styled hat he was wearing on land.


Corrected entry: Twice in the film, the Lektor is referred to as "a new Lektor decoding machine. Immediately after, it's said that someone (CIA and MI6) "has been after one for quite some time" or "had wanted one for years". If it's a new decoding machine, how could they have wanted one for such an extended period of time?


Correction: The decoding machines have existed for some time. The Lektor machine is referred to as 'new' because it is the latest model/ version that works on the same principle as the previous machines.

Corrected entry: When Bond is leaving Tatiana alone in the train compartment for the first time, he asks her to lock the door and says he'll knock the door three times as he returns, so she'll know it's him. Now, isn't the three knocks just what a lot of people do by nature? Not very clever, secret spy-tactics that one.


Correction: Bond obviously means he will make three pronounced knocks with a gap between each one. When people usually knock, they knock quickly with no pauses inbetween.

Andy Benham

Corrected entry: In a later Bond film, "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", Bond takes souvenirs from previous missions out of his desk. Among these is Red Grant's wristwatch with the garroting wire from "From Russia With Love". This means he took the watch from Grant's corpse after killing him during the fight on the train. But although Bond rifles through Grant's pockets and takes a few things, including a wad of money, we don't see him take the watch.

Correction: We see him take a watch with a garrotting wire out of a desk drawer. It is never identified as Grants. Think the Russians only ever made one?

It is implied to be the watch of Grant, the theme of 'From Russia with Love' plays, as do the themes of other Bond Films relevant to the souvenir.

Corrected entry: Kronsteen tells Blofeld that he believes the British Secret Service would send Bond to investigate the trap to get the Lektor, because he is speculating they'd send their best agent. But later we learn that his plan is to have the Russian agent claim to fall in love with Bond and demand Bond come to Istanbul to get the Lektor. Why speculate who the British would send, when the plan requires them to send Bond?

Correction: Their thinking went in the order of, "Who will they send?" "They will send their best agent." "Who is their best agent?" "Bond." "Then tell her to claim to be in love with Bond."

Corrected entry: When Bond is watching the belly dancer, watch carefully as her belly button has a gold object in then it suddenly disappears and reappears during the sequence.

Correction: The object in her belly button is actually a white gem, possibly a diamond, somewhat standard item of jewelry for belly dancers of the 60's and 70's. It seems to disappear and reappear because of artificial lighting which also casts sharply defined shadows on her belly as she does her snakey arm motions. Lighting is necessary for night filming, but not authentic for the firelit Gypsy camp, and shadows are difficult to hide. Same dancer wears her navel jewel again for an interior scene in "The Days Of Wine And Roses," with similar effect. Nothing magical about this one, and most people know it. For an impressive disappearing diamond trick, see Francine York's belly dancing in "Cannon For Cordoba." Your entry suggests that the scene in "From Russia With Love" was patched from multiple takes, and this is not the case. If anything, it is a technical problem, not human error.

Corrected entry: The night shot of the Orient Express is in fact a Southern region (Malachite green) carriage from a boat train.

Correction: Yes, the train is British, but I do not think it was really a green train. The yellow/black stripes are from the red livery. I think that the colour was altered to make the train appear green - look at the buffer beam at the front of the train which was always red - now it is green.

Corrected entry: When they're in the boat, the girl looks forward, sports a quizzical expression, licks her finger to test the wind and then asks Bond where they are going. Now, this all happens when the boat is still moving, so unless the wind is really really strong, the only direction that one could determine from this particular technique would be "forward".

Correction: When Tatiana asks 007 where are they going, she asks this in reference to where 007 is intending to take her, and not in reference to which as to which way the wind is blowing: The licking of her finger does not indicate any specific direction as to which way the boat is going to travel, and is merely a lighthearted gesture made in jest.


Corrected entry: They use the fuel to blow up their pursuers. Didn't Bond say that they needed that fuel in an earlier scene?

Correction: What 007 actually said was "well we've got plenty of fuel, with a bit of luck we should be there by tomorrow morning": But since they are being chased by the spectre men, dumping the fuel and setting fire to it proved to be an effective way to get away from those pursing boats: It would have been difficult to imagine that 007 would be concerned about having enough fuel to complete the journey when he was getting rid of those barrels of fuel.


Corrected entry: Before the exploding helicopter falls around Bond he has a hat on. In the next shot the hat is nowhere to be found.

Correction: As the helicopter explodes, Bond leans back against the rocks behind him and raises his left arm, it while he is raising his arm that he knocks the hat off his head: He probably forgot about the hat in all the excitement, or simply could not be bothered to pick the hat up and put it back on.


Corrected entry: When Grant finally reveals who he works for to Bond, he tells him that part of Spectre's plan is to have Grant kill Bond and Tania, making it look like a murder-suicide and use the film as a motive for Bond killing her. Later Grant states that his orders are to kill him but its up to him as to how he does it, and tells Bond he will keep shooting him until he kisses Grant's foot. How would multiple bullet wounds look like a suicide?

Correction: Killing Bond in any way possible is the priority objective of Grant's mission. The murder-suicide is just a best case scenario.

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Continuity mistake: When JB is driving the truck and is being bombed with grenades from the helicopter, the truck gets smoke blackened. But when he arrives at the speedboat, all the smoke marks have gone.

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James Bond: Pardon me, do you have a match?
Kerim's Chauffeur: I use a lighter.
James Bond: Better still.
Kerim's Chauffeur: Until they go wrong.
James Bond: Exactly.

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Trivia: When Bay is about to kill the man that was hanging on the movie banner, look carefully at the names on the banner. The names are Albert R. Broccoli and Harry Saltzman, the producers of the Bond movies.

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Chosen answer: It would, yes. Also I am to understand that it's his sense of humour.

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