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From Russia With Love (1963)

87 mistakes - chronological order

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Other mistake: In the title sequence, the name of actress Martine Beswick (she plays one of the gypsy fighting girls) is misspelled as Martin Beswick.



Continuity mistake: After the scene where Klebb arrives via helicopter on Spectre island and meets Morzeny, they enter a training area and continue their conversation while walking through it. Just after Morzeny says '.we use live targets as well,' the scene cuts to a wide shot and they are entering the same training area once again, only this time from a path that is just right next to the one used before.



Continuity mistake: Just before Klebb uses the knuckle duster on Grant watch carefully and you see the bag on her right shoulder is removed with her right hand, but is handed to the man behind with her left hand in between shots.



Visible crew/equipment: In the scene where Tatiana first meets Rosa Klebb in Istanbul, the hand of a crew member is seen closing the door behind Tatiana when she enters the room (from the other side of the door - not the side Tatiana and Rosa are on).


Factual error: Krebb's "reading" glasses are strongly concave. If she really needed them to read, she wouldn't be able to walk safely without even stronger concave spectacles and she certainly wouldn't be able to see anything more than a metre away. Real reading glasses are convex.


Continuity mistake: When Rosa Klebb is interviewing Tatiana, she is wearing a pair of glasses, and she makes a reference to Tatiana having had three lovers, then as Tatiana answers back, Klebb is no longer wearing the glasses.



Continuity mistake: When the man from Q branch shows the briefcase to Bond, he removes one of the ammunition sleeves from the case, opens it, slides a few rounds into his hand and then starts to return the rounds to the sleeve. Just before the cut to the throwing knife coming out of the case, Bond is still trying to put the rounds back into the sleeve, with the cap of the sleeve being held between his thumb and first finger of his right hand. At the cut, all the bullets have been replaced and the cap is back on the sleeve. When it cuts back to the wide scene, the cap is off again and Bond is now holding it in is left hand.



Factual error: When Bond arrives in Istanbul, the opening shot for the scene shows him arriving on the American-based Pan Am flight. Pan Am, or any American-based airliner, would most likely not have a flight going from London, UK to Istanbul, Turkey. Bond would have been most likely taking either a British-based airliner or a Turkish-based airliner. This error is more or less heavy handed product placement that wouldn't really happen in the real world, unless Bond flew from London to New York to Istanbul and that certainly would never be approved by a British government agency for one of its employees.



Continuity mistake: When Bond is in the gypsy camp, the two girls Vida and Zora, who are about to fight over a man, are coming out of a caravan both wearing long skirts and scarves. When they each take their scarf to bind it around their hips, the skirts have suddenly disappeared without ever being taken off.



Continuity mistake: When the gypsy girls start their fight they both have perfectly clean hair. A few seconds later they both have bits of straw in their hair, although neither of them has fallen onto the ground yet.



Continuity mistake: Just before Kerim Bey overturns the table in the beginning, at the Gypsy camp fight, two bottles are visible on the table. When he overturns the table, there's only one left.


Other mistake: When Tatiana enters Bond's room, he is about to take a shower. He never goes and turns it off.



Continuity mistake: When James encounters Tatiana for the first time in the bedroom of the hotel bridal suite, as he begins to sit on the edge of the bed he is holding his Walther in a non threatening position in the palm of his hand, with his thumb on top of the slide. As the scene cuts to the POV of Tatiana, the pistol is being held in a firing position, finger on the trigger, and switches back when the scene cuts back to the wide shot of both of them. Also when Tatiana reaches to move the gun away from pointing at her and says "Guns upset me" she returns her hand to beside her on the bed. At the cut to the wide scene, she is again moving the gun away.



Visible crew/equipment: Just after the helicopter explodes, you can see that the landing rails have been blown off, but in the next shot, (if you pause the picture) not only are the landing rails reattached, but you can see the helicopter being lowered on a wire.


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Visible crew/equipment: When James Bond shoots down the helicopter then it crashes, he emerges from the rocks to run from the crash site to the right of picture, just as you see Sean Connery emerge from behind rocks from the right in the same scene. So for about a second there are two James Bonds in picture. One is the stunt man and the other is Sean Connery.


Visible crew/equipment: In the boat chase, the director's waving hand can be seen reflected in the windshield of Bond's boat at several points.


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Continuity mistake: When Bond and Tatiana are in the boat chase and are being followed, they drop four cans of fuel in the sea. When Bond blows them up, there are way more than four fuel explosions in the sea.


Continuity mistake: The train is stopped because Spectre has pushed a 1950's style Dodge truck full of flowers in the trains path. Later, when James is driving it trying to avoid the grenades dropped from a helicopter, the truck has turned into a very different looking 1961 Chevrolet truck.

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Continuity mistake: When JB is driving the white truck and is being bombed with grenades from the helicopter the truck gets smoke blackened, but when he arrives at the speedboat all the smoke marks have gone.

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Continuity mistake: Just after Grant has hit 007 on the back of his head and knocked him out, Grant searches through the pockets of 007, he takes out some money and puts it into his lower left side pocket. But when 007 kills Grant and searches his pockets, 007 takes back the money from Grant's inside top right hand pocket.

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