Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Trivia: The method by which Alice disposes of the zombie dogs (by throwing a flaming object into a gas filled kitchen) is similar to one of the numerous ways Jill Valentine defeats Nemesis in 'Resident Evil 3'.

Trivia: The part when Alice is running in the building being shot at by helicopters and when she is being seized by the Umbrella guards and she drops her gun and catches it in mid-air and shoots them is taken from the beginning sequence of the game Resident Evil Code Veronica.

Trivia: After the zombies have overwhelmed the RPD, the shot of them reflected in the visor of a discarded SWAT helmet is copied from the opening of Resident Evil 3.

Trivia: During Alice and Nemesis' showdown, Nemesis wrenches a steel pipe off some nearby framework and batters Alice senseless with it. The exact same attack is used by the Birkin G-1 (another Nemesis like monster) against your character in 'Resident Evil 2'

Trivia: When the first scientist was being evacuated by Umbrella's men in black, you can see on the background on her TV the commercial for "Umbrella's regenerate" commercial that was in the teaser trailer.

Trivia: As part of a promotion for this film, a mock-newspaper was distributed that had an article on Alice, revealing "Alice" to only be an alias and her real name to be "Janus Prospero." While this newspaper is no longer canonical to the films due to conflicting information with other movies in the series, at one point the third movie "Extinction" was going to reveal that Alice's real name was indeed "Janus Prospero", just as the promotional material for this movie hinted.

Trivia: Ben Moody, former lead-guitarist of the band Evanescence, has a cameo as a zombie in the film.

Trivia: Writer Paul WS Anderson had previously worked on the film adaptation of the video-game "Mortal Kombat", and included a small reference to the game/film during the climax. When Alice and Nemesis are fighting, at one point the main villain tells Alice to "Finish him!" This line is used repeatedly in both the video-game and film adaptation of "Mortal Kombat."

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Nemesis kills the 13 S.T.A.R.S members, after it blows up the sniper on the roof an additional S.T.A.R.S member can be seen outside the building on the right who wasn't there earlier. He then disappears shortly afterwards.

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Alice: My Alice. And I remember everything.

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