Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Corrected entry: If the T-Virus is a virus spread through person to person by bite, and then it becomes an airborne virus, how do the people underground in a graveyard get infected to become zombies?

Correction: Umbrella worked with worms that were infected.

Corrected entry: In the grave yard scene. It doesn't seem possible for a virus contracted through bodily fluids (blood, saliva) to get 6 feet down into sealed coffins, infect a half decomposed corpse filled to the eyeballs with formaldehyde and methanol (typically), and make a zombie that could break out of its casket and dig up six feet with naught but bare hands, a seemingly impossible task for even the fittest, healthiest and craziest human.


Correction: This is the explanation given on IMDB: This occurrence is explained in the first film where the Red Queen (Michaela Dicker) reveals that the T-virus goes from the transition process of liquid to gas in a matter of hours. The virus was vented out through the ground after Umbrella reopened (The Hive was located under Raccoon City). As for them being able to break out of their casket, lots of zombie movies do that.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Jill and Angie are crawling around on the floor and are being attacked by dogs, a woman zombie crawls toward Jill and attacks her. Jill grabs the woman zombie by the neck and twists it, breaking it and "killing" the zombie. Jill then checks the zombie's neck for a pulse to make sure it is "dead". Zombies are already dead and wouldn't have a pulse in the first place.


Correction: Zombies have to have a pulse. It is stated in Resident Evil, as well as many other zombie movies, that the zombies are reduced to primal instincts, and only have one objective: To feed. Also, for a human body to move as extensively as they do, (i.e. walking, biting, running) they would have to have, at the very least, a functioning brain stem. None of what they do is possible without some form of blood flow to the brain. Ergo, pulse.

Corrected entry: In the scene in the graveyard, the group is attacked by corpses coming from underground. One of the shots shows a skull riddled with maggots. A zombie might be a zombie, but they still need muscles to move. If a face has decayed that far, there wouldn't be any muscles left.


Correction: Just because a zombie's face has fully decayed, that doesn't mean that their entire body has. The zombies that attack the group are all fully clothed, therefore we aren't able to tell how far their bodies have deteriorated.


Corrected entry: When Alice rams her bike trough the church window, her headlight is on. And in the shot just before she hits the Licker, it still is. But in the shot where she actually rams it away, her light is all of a sudden off. It didn't break, because in the shot where she starts her turn, it is still intact.


Correction: The damage doesn't need to be visible for a headlight to cease functioning.

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Corrected entry: Right at the end, how the heck do Jill and Carlos know the exact time and day Alice is going to snap out of her hibernation and break out of the Umbrella facility? I understand that it is some kind of setup for them and Resident Evil 3, but it's hard to believe their timing. Even if they did get a tip to come there, you'd think that they would be very suspicious. Like, wow this is too easy! We come in here and pick up this half naked girl and pass security. Sweet.


Correction: Quite a lot of time has passed, giving Jill and Carlos plenty of time to prepare for Alice's escape. We aren't supposed to know the details - they got clearence and they broke her out. That's it. Plus it works well for setting up Resident Evil 3, like you said.


Corrected entry: In the school cafeteria, Jill flips on six of the stove gas feeds. As she walks out, she tosses a match that fizzles, meaning that the gas hasn't reached the exit hallway. Seconds later, Alice manages to light the gas by flicking a cigarette at the doors at the far end of the hall just as the dogs break the glass. There's no way that the gas could have filled all that space in that amount of time. Matches burn hotter than cigarettes, so it's not that the gas simply didn't ignite before. (00:55:40 - 00:56:20)


Correction: Gas spreads incredibly quickly, even faster than a match or a cigarette can light. It's perfectly possible that the gas reached the doors in time.


Corrected entry: When Alice talks about how Jill's friend will become a zombie soon and pointing the gun at him, Jill looks surprised, yet Jill had already encountered the T-Virus before. She was a member of the STARS Alpha team who were sent to the infamous mansion in the first game - there are newspaper clippings in her house about "the mansion incident". Jill would already know what happens to people who get bitten, so she would know that her friend is going to become one of them.

Correction: Jill is not the least bit surprised when Alice tells her that Peyton is going to turn into one of 'those things'. She is simply letting emotion, rather than logic, rule her at that moment. Perhaps hoping for a better outcome for her friend than the one she knows is going happen.

Corrected entry: In the scene where we first see Carlos, after killing all the zombies, he begins talking to the girl while four UBCS troopers follow Carlos after the chopper lands. Later, during the shootout scene (UBCS and Cops) there is only Carlos, Nicolai, and Yuri. Where did the other two go?

Correction: Nicolai, Yuri, and Carlos were fighting with the zombies that were coming up through the alley. the main group (UBCS and Cops) were fighting a large group of zombies in the street. The focus, for the most part, was on the fight in the alley. Is it not possible that the other two were fighting with the main group?

Corrected entry: Shortly after the squad arrives at the school to look for the doctor's daughter, Jill Valentine says to LJ, "You take the first floor." Then she looks at Terri (the newscaster), hands her a pistol and says, "You take the second floor. I'll take the basement." Next there's a cut to a stairwell indicating that Jill will be going downward to get to the basement. A moment later, the newscaster is shown descending three flights of stairs when she should have been going up two flights to get from the main floor to the second floor. (00:49:20)

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Correction: We don't know how much time has passed since they started searching the school. It could be that, after some time passes, Terri has finished her search of the 2nd floor, didn't find anything, and is now trying to find Jill and L.J.

Corrected entry: During the opening sequence of the movie you get to see an overhead view of the Raccoon City. Yet you can also see the CIBC headquarters, which is in Toronto.

Correction: Raccoon City is fictional, it's not specified where it is set, the movie takes place in the future, who's to say if Toronto wasn't renamed by Umbrella Corp when they took over most of the businesses.

Corrected entry: The cover-up story for Raccoon City is inaccurate in it's claims that a nuclear explosion from their nuclear power plant is what destroyed the city, similar to Chernobyl. The uranium fuel used in nuclear power plants is not weapons grade uranium and cannot support a nuclear explosion.

Correction: It was a news anchor who said it. They probably meant a meltdown, but just said blast.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the group arrives at the junior high school, the black van parked outside does more than change the logo (as noted in another submission); it's a different van. First it is a panel-type utility van with a large shield emblem and the initials RPD (assuming the "D" is behind the open door) where a window would be; after the close-up of the broken-open dog cages, it's a window-van, with a small shield and "Raccoon Police Department K-9 Unit" below the window. (00:48:50)

Correction: It's the same van. The window and logo you are referring to are both on the passenger side door. When we see the van at first we see it from the back right corner and all the doors are open (so we see the cages in the back and the logo on the side of the van). Then the camera moves in front of the van and we see the open side panel door and we can see the cages from this angle as well (you can see the panel door's handle on the left side of the frame) and the passenger side door is taking up about half the frame.


Corrected entry: In the end of the first movie, the left side of Alice's head is shaved. In this movie, which is supposed to take place maybe a few months after the first movie at most, her hair is back to normal. Hair, a non-living excretion of protein, doesn't grow that fast and the virus would have no way to cause it to regenerate faster.

Correction: There was only a small patch of her hair that was shaved and the reason you don't see it during the film a lot is because Alice's hair hanging over it the shaved gap. When she turns her head and her hair shifts you can see that the patch is still there.


Corrected entry: When Jill first enters the RPD and kills the zombies, she only has the leg holster. She then begins to talk to a S.T.A.R.S. member. The scene cuts to L.J., then cuts back to her. She is now wearing the shoulder holster.

Correction: When Jill stops at the desk she starts getting ammo and various other items like she is getting ready to head out into the city, is it not possible that she simply put the piece of equipment on during the scene when the focus went to LJ?


Corrected entry: When the bullet count reaches 0000 on Nemesis' gun, he drops it. However, while it is being dropped you can see that there is actually still a short chain of ammo waiting to be fired.

Correction: That's not a chain of ammo, it's more like a flexible magazine that the ammo is fed thru. Even though the bullets are all gone, the magazine is still there.

Corrected entry: In the game series, the STARS team originally discovered Umbrella was behind the virus outbreak, and so Nemesis was sent to kill them. However, in context to the films, STARS have not done anything wrong, and so there is absolute no reason why Nemesis is murdering them.

Correction: Killing the highly trained S.T.A.R.S. members was an excellent way of testing the effectiveness of Nemesis and since they were inside the quarantine area that Umbrella was going to nuke anyway, they were an obvious choice no matter what they might have known.


Corrected entry: In numerous scenes Carlos is seen holding a Desert Eagle. The DE is chambered in .357, .44, .50 caliber rounds. When he shoots a zombie it just gets a hole in its head and falls over instead of making giant caves in the zombie's face regardless of its caliber.

Correction: The caliber of the round won't cause more than a hole the size of the round where the round enters. Only the exit wound would be larger, and the camera is facing the front entry wounds.

Corrected entry: When Nemesis kills the STARS members in the theater, why doesn't the roof cave in when Nemesis blows it up? With the large frame holding up the theater sign, it would be almost impossible for the roof not to fall in.

Correction: The rocket doesn't blow up the roof, it blows up the sign. The explosive force escapes upward rather than exerting itself downward - path of least resistance.


Corrected entry: When the Nemesis first acquires the S.T.A.R.S soldiers in their base camp, he is able to instantaneously count them in a single glance. The problem is that some of them weren't directly in his line of sight. Even if he had equipment to scan through walls, he then should have been able to acquire the rooftop sniper.

Correction: He has equipment to scan through walls, possibly infrared. He doesn't see the sniper because he's looking forward and level when he does the target scan, not up. If he had done the target scan from farther back the sniper would have been in his field of vision and he would have seen it, but the scan occurs at a single time and not continuously.


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