Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Corrected entry: After Jill Valentine has killed the zombies in the police station, she talks to a S.T.A.R.S. member and loads a clip into her gun. She talks to the S.T.A.R.S. guy some more and then puts a clip in her gun again to shoot the zombie grabbing at L.J. She didn't fire or eject the first clip. (00:06:55)

Mark Cuss

Correction: She reloads twice because she has two guns. She has one in her hand and one in her hip holster. The one she used to shoot the zombies in the beginning of the scene was the one she reloaded first and switched guns to reload the other one which was probably empty to being with.


Corrected entry: Pay attention to the actions of the cowboy sniper on the roof. He shoots a zombie, reloads, shoots the zombie again and reloads. Before he saves LJ he reloads again. Why did he reload when he had a round ready to be fired?

Correction: The sniper shoots, reloads, and shoots again for the kill. Then he empties the chamber (we hear the shell being ejected) and takes a swig of beer, but doesn't reload (no targets). Therefore the chamber is empty when he reloads to save LJ.


Corrected entry: They are all walking through the cemetery and then the corpses come alive, out of the ground, and attack them. Only how did the corpses get infected? If they had been bitten when alive, there is hardly time to arrange a funeral, have a service, and bury them before they start attacking. If on the other hand they were infected from an airborne virus then the first scenes of shutting the city gates is not going to work - viruses have a habit of not stopping at locked gates. Or perhaps the undead had gone around biting the already dead? Except that would mean that they had to bury them afterwards, which is unlikely. And as one corpse was seen with worms coming out of the eye sockets, it would suggest a) dead a long time and b) a bullet in the head would just kill a worm.

Correction: According to the video game Resident Evil 3: Nemesis a group of worms are infected by the T-Virus and carries the virus over to the dead corpses, the same thing may have happened here.

Corrected entry: In the scene near the beginning when Alice takes the shotgun from the car, she reloads it. It had not been used and there would have been no need to reload it; the only reason is for it to look more dramatic.

Correction: There was no cartrige in the chamber (i.e the shotgun wasn't loaded). It would be quite unwise for a police car to have a loaded shotgun in the front. The shotgun could easily go off accidently causing serious harm to the front seat occupants. The shotgun cartridges are stored in the magazine or cartridge tube and the shotgun needs to be "reloaded" in order to fire.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when the truth is revealed, a male TV announcer refers to the 1986 explosion in Chernobyl as Russian Chernobyl. First of all, Chernobyl is in Ukraine, not Russia. Second, back in 1986 Russia and Ukraine were part of the Soviet Union. (01:19:45)

Correction: While this may well be a mistake by the script writers, it is no different to some of the real errors that reporters make: Calling Nelson Mandela African-American for a start.

Corrected entry: A clue perhaps to the 3rd Resident Evil movie plus a game reference. The Ashford family is mentioned and seen in Resident Evil: Code Veronica. Dr. Ashford created a different strand of the T-Virus for his daughter and titled it the Veronica Project. Even at the end of the movie, the way Alice is suspended in the green nutrient water mimics alot of how you meet Alixia Ashford (the Veronica Project) in Code Veronica. She even shares Alixia's psychic powers.

Correction: In the game Code Veronica, Dr. Ashford did not create a virus for his daughter, Alexia. Alexia was the one who created the virus, then tested it on herself. She also created a virus which she tested on her father, which turned him into a monster.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film the wheelchair-bound scientist is shot and killed. He then comes back as a zombie and moves around by dragging himself by his arms. He created the T virus for his daughter to heal her legs so she would be able to walk, so surely as an infected zombie he would have been able to walk as well? Also I'm pretty sure he got shot in the head when he died (I may be wrong), so then how did he became a zombie, since the way to kill a zombie is apparently to destroy the brain, eg. by shooting them in the head?

Correction: Just like any other medical treatment, if the T-virus is not properly administered it won't have any beneficial effects, certainly not over the course of only a few minutes. Also, he wasn't shot in the head but in the torso.


Corrected entry: Towards the end of the film when it shows you the news, it states the videotape footage shot was a hoax. Surely the residents of Raccoon City who got through the gates before they were closed at the beginning of the outbreak would say otherwise.

Lindsey Guest

Correction: Whatever they say will be suppressed and may become part of an underground conspiracy media that is never taken seriously. Umbrella can marshall the testimony of most of its employees, plus anyone it wants to bribe (including politicians and law enforcement) and will have a great deal more credibility than people claiming that the dead rose and walked among us.


Corrected entry: Angela has to keep taking the anti virus so she won't mutate, but at the end she's been without her father or the Umbrella Corporation for three weeks. Wouldn't she be highly contagious? Even if she hadn't used all of her anti virus yet, where exactly did the group think they were going to get more? Before long Angela will be a flesh eating zombie.

Correction: As we saw in the first Resident Evil movie, a small injection of antivirus is enough. We also saw that Angela had a little case with at least 2 containers filled with antivirus that would last her a long time - at least 3 weeks. Everything happening after that has to deal with the third movie.

Grigory the Wanderer

Corrected entry: In the end, when Valentine and Olivera show up to pick up Alice, none of the Umbrella guards recognize them. Earlier we see their faces plastered on TV. There should have been someone among all those guards to recognize them.

Correction: They were recognized by the guards at the checkpoint on their way in. The guards there called for orders and were instructed to allow Valentine and Olivera to enter unhindered. The upper management of Umbrella knew about them and wanted to let them come closer, either to capture them or send Alice out with them for a field test. The guards at the building have the same instructions, though they don't know why.


Corrected entry: In both movies after watching the dead get up and shamble around people always call them "those...things." Hardly anyone uses the term "zombie," though just about most people alive has seen a zombie film in their lives.

Grumpy Scot

Correction: A discussion in "Shaun of the Dead" explains this perfectly. Shaun's friend asks "any zombies out there?", and Shaun says "don't use the Z word - it's ridiculous!" Despite the evidence of their own eyes, people are loathe to admit that something previously only used in fiction might exist in reality.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Corrected entry: After the Nemesis creature kills the 12 STARS agents, the one wearing the white t-shirt (laying to the right of LJ) is riddled with bullet holes but still breathing in two camera shots.


Correction: Perhaps he is not quite dead yet. Depending on what the bullets hit he could still be alive (just not for very long).

Sol Parker

Corrected entry: At the beginning, the city is being evacuated. We see a helicopter flying around the city. The lights in the buildings are on - why would they be, given that everyone in the city is on the bridge being evacuated? (It's not because they're automatic, because in several of the buildings some are on and some are off.).

Moose Premium member

Correction: Some automatic lights have motion sensors to turn them off if no one is there, but many don't (or are disabled) even in the same building. I used to work in a building where the motion sensors would start to work only after a certain time at night which would be adjusted according to the work habits of each department, i.e. some could start turning off at 5pm, some 8pm, some 24/7, etc.


Corrected entry: In first film, after a Licker attacked someone and absorbed their DNA, it mutated. But in this film after the man in the church is killed by the Licker, it doesn't.

Correction: It's a non-evolving breed of Licker; there are also 2 types in Resident Evil 2. Umbrella knew that there would be too much human DNA for the Lickers to feed on and they would quickly become totally uncontrollable, so they used a second, weaker variety.

Corrected entry: After Carlos is infected, he and Nicholai find an empty-looking building to hide in. As they enter, there's a ton of blue mist in the background where a woman is casually walking.

Correction: She's a zombie.

Corrected entry: At the end, why does the scientist in the wheelchair that was only shot turn into a zombie and try to eat the man who shot him after he was thrown from the helicopter?

Correction: He was infected with the T-Virus from an injection he had, but did not receive the antidote for (He wasn't bitten). Remember the marks on Alice and the scientist's daughter's arms? He had the same injections.

Corrected entry: The "freelance" fighter Nicholai's name is being mispronounced throughout the movie. The right way to say it is nicholAi, not nIcholai. Judging by his accent, he is from Russia, yet he mispronounces his own name when he introduces himself to Alice.

Grigory the Wanderer

Correction: However a character pronouces their own name should be considered correct if it is consistent throughout the film.


Corrected entry: Before the group enters the school, the camera shows a police K9 unit vehicle with its back doors open to expose several cages that dogs had broken out of. Later, inside the school, the group is attacked by the zombie dobermans. Now, it would be understandable if these where the experimental dogs from the first movie, but they were police dogs. Police dogs are almost always German shepherds. The only exception might be a golden retriever, which are usually used for detecting narcotics.

Correction: These aren't really police dogs. They are dogs used by the Raccoon City police department, who is owned by the Umbrella Corporation. This heartless corporation would not have the slightest qualms about using a far more deadly, but less efficient dog.

Grumpy Scot

Corrected entry: When Alice rams her bike trough the church window, her headlight is on. And in the shot just before she hits the Licker, it still is. But in the shot where she actually rams it away, her light is all of a sudden off. It didn't break, because in the shot where she starts her turn, it is still intact.


Correction: The damage doesn't need to be visible for a headlight to cease functioning.

Phixius Premium member

Corrected entry: During the opening sequence of the movie you get to see an overhead view of the Raccoon City. Yet you can also see the CIBC headquarters, which is in Toronto.

Correction: Raccoon City is fictional, it's not specified where it is set, the movie takes place in the future, who's to say if Toronto wasn't renamed by Umbrella Corp when they took over most of the businesses.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the Nemesis kills the 13 S.T.A.R.S members, after it blows up the sniper on the roof an additional S.T.A.R.S member can be seen outside the building on the right who wasn't there earlier. He then disappears shortly afterwards.

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Alice: My Alice. And I remember everything.

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Trivia: The method by which Alice disposes of the zombie dogs (by throwing a flaming object into a gas filled kitchen) is similar to one of the numerous ways Jill Valentine defeats Nemesis in 'Resident Evil 3'.

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