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Continuity mistake: When Auguste falls off his horse, the ground leading to the gate is blanketed in long pronounced shadows of tree trunks, but when young Danielle runs to him the only shadows are of treetops (branches and leaves). (00:09:55)

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Ever After mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Paulette is dressing young Danielle, before her father's arrival with the new stepmother, just before Louise says, "She must be lovely," she passes the window with items on the windowsill. When Daniel runs to that window the items change. (00:04:30)

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Factual error: Chocolate started getting known in France in the 17th century, under Louis XIV. Since the movie takes place about a hundred years before that, Marguerite eating it is an anachronism. Even if she somehow got hold of some, at first chocolate was only a drink - it took a while longer before people started eating it.


Continuity mistake: When Danielle is up in the tree, Henry and the Gypsy begin to fight. That Gypsy is wearing a greenish hood/shawl over his shoulders, which suddenly disappears and then reappears between shots.

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Continuity mistake: At the start of the tennis game, the black straps around Henry's right calf have fallen to his ankle, but are back up properly before he falls onto the spectators.

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Continuity mistake: When Auguste leaves the manor, as he says his goodbyes to Rodmilla and Danielle, Louise's arms keep changing position from being crossed, to being clasped, to being down and so on, between consecutive shots. (Visible on fullscreen DVD.)

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Continuity mistake: After Auguste tells young Danielle that he needs to leave again in a fortnight, the book's title 'Utopia' lies face up on the bed in the close-up, but face down in the previous and following shots. (Visible on fullscreen DVD.)

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Continuity mistake: When Auguste dies, the Baroness stands up to be consoled by Maurice, and Auguste's left leg is crossed over his right, but in the next overhead shot his legs are uncrossed. (00:11:10)

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Continuity mistake: When Danielle is behind the four-paneled privacy screen, as she tosses her dress over it, there is a painting which hangs on the wall, about a foot away from the window to her right. When Gustave tosses the 'courtier' gown to her, the painting is gone, though it should actually be visible if it were there. (00:22:05)

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Continuity mistake: When Gustave walks over to Danielle and continues to say, "Five days in the stocks," his arms are down at his sides, but next shot as Danielle playfully flicks his nose, his hands are snugly under his belt in front of him. (Only visible on fullscreen DVD.) (00:21:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Danielle is swimming and Leonardo da Vinci walks on water next to her, in the frame before his "looks like rain" line, you can obviously tell that Drew is on her back in the shallow water because she is floundering her arms so much. (00:44:20)

Continuity mistake: In the first scene, the king asks Henry "what's this about a servant". During this shot he takes a few steps forward. Then the scene cuts to Henry and we can see the King in the background, again taking some steps forward and saying something, yet nothing can be heard. (01:22:40)

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Continuity mistake: At the end when the court bows to Danielle, in the wide shot you can see Jacqueline curtsying. But when it cuts to the closeup of Marguerite who's standing next to her, you see Jacqueline drop down into her curtsy again. (01:52:30)


Continuity mistake: When Auguste is lying on the ground after falling from the horse, Rodmilla turns him over onto his back. In the two shots facing up towards Rodmilla and Danielle, Auguste's right arm is lying across his chest with Danielle holding his right hand, but in shots facing down towards Auguste, his right arm is outstretched on the ground, up near his head. Additionally, in the same shots Danielle goes back and forth from leaning her left hand on the ground at her side, to having her left hand in front of her, on her father's chest. (00:10:20)

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Audio problem: When Danielle brings the salt to the dining table, the Baroness sprinkles a spoonful of salt over the single shelled hard-boiled egg in the bowl, with its removed cracked shell lying on the plate beneath. After the stepmother rebukes Danielle, we hear the distinct sound of her cracking the hard-boiled egg's shell with her spoon, just before she says, "Eggs are cold," even though the egg has no shell. (00:17:40 - 00:19:00)

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Continuity mistake: At the tennis match, when the ladies stuff their handkerchiefs into Henry's vest, in the following shots some of the handkerchiefs disappear, reappear or change position. (00:48:40)

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Continuity mistake: Before church services, when the Baroness and her daughters step out of the carriage they are met by the Royal Page, who has the hidden pendant. In shots facing the Baroness, he is holding his bag in his arm with its cord dangling, but in shots facing him that bag's cord is slung over his shoulder. (00:59:20)

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Factual error: Danielle is hardly as common a name in French as in English, and relatively recent (a few hundred years at the most). The following information is taken from "L'histoire de nos prénoms : 2000 ans, 20 000 prénoms", by Léo Journiaux, published in 1999 by Hachette. Ever since the Middle Ages, the clergy had forbidden Frechmen to choose first names other than those of saints. In fact, the Council of Trente turned that clergy rule into law, which means since there was no St. Daniel or Ste. Danielle, Daniel and Danielle could not be bestowed on Catholic babies. You have to wait for the French Revolution (decree from March 24, 1793) for names other than saints' to be allowed in France. In the end, French parents had to wait for 1993 (this is not a typo) to be able to name their child whatever they wanted: before that, each baby's name had first to be approved by the civil registry administration. In fact, in 1970, a man from Dijon was denied the right to call his daughter Vanessa. Now, Danielle in the movie has to be a Catholic, or else Henry (being crown prince) wouldn't have been able to marry her. As a Catholic from the 1500s, she could not possibly have had a name that isn't a saint's name. Thus, calling her Danielle is an anachronism. Here is a rough translation of the "Daniel" entry in the abovementioned book. The entry for Danielle refers us to Daniel, in which is provided all the etymological information. "Daniel--masculine. Name in use in Europe since the 4th century A.D. The Protestant Reform allowed it to spread in Germany, but especially in England. In Scotland, where it's the translation for Donald, it was the 22nd most popular name for males in 1935. In France, it was first authorised by the law instated on April 1st, 1803.


Factual error: Thomas More's book Utopia was not published until 1516, the same year that Leonardo da Vinci was invited to the French court. Danielle's father could not have obtained a copy when he did.

Danielle: I insist you return my things at once. And since you deprive me of my escort, I demand a horse as well.
Gypsy Leader: M'lady, you may have anything you can carry.
Danielle: [Quickly glances at Prince Henry.] May I have your word on that, sir?
Gypsy Leader: [Thinks about it.] On my honor as a Gypsy, whatever you can carry.
[Danielle walks to Prince Henry, lifts him over her shoulders and begins to walk off with him. All the gypsies laugh.]
Gypsy Leader: [Laughing.] Wait! Please, come back! I'll give you a horse!

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Trivia: After Rodmilla and her daughters leave for the masque, during the next scene at the royal palace a large sculpture can be seen in the courtyard, especially in some closeups from different angles, such as when Gustave approaches Leonardo. This mythologically themed sculpture consists of a tailed figure riding upon one of two creatures holding their reins, with a ship behind them. This sculpture can be seen during the very first scene, albeit with a few changes. When Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm walk into the Grande Dame's chamber she is sitting up in an unusual type of bed. Note the bed's "headboard" and "footboard" are the ship hull (in the fullscreen version the bed's side is visible with its distinctive design), and we also see the creatures (minus their horns) with the rider's arm holding their reins at the foot of the bed. Something else to notice near the end, when Leonardo gifts the young couple the belated wedding present the room they're all in is not in the royal palace, they are in the manor, gathered in the dining room where Marguerite had burned Danielle's book Utopia.

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Question: Throughout the entire movie after her father dies, she's referred to as a peasant. Even says she's 'but a peasant', a servant. Her father was a Baron, how her stepmother became a Baroness. Her mother was a Countess. A parent dying doesn't strip the child of noble status. The daughter of even a dead baron is not a peasant. How is this not a serious plot error that completely derails the whole movie?

Answer: Danielle's father was not a baron, he was just a wealthy landowner. Her stepmother was a baroness from her previous marriage. When Danielle calls herself "Comtesse Nicole de Lancret" (her mother's name), she was lying and only pretending to be a noblewoman. Her mother was never a countess.


Answer: So the Baroness married down, then, by marrying Danielle's father.


Yes. She married down because Auguste had money and she was broke.


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