Ever After

Visible crew/equipment: After Auguste rides away the Baroness tells her daughters to go back to their lessons, and when Danielle says, "Wait, it's tradition," the Baroness stops and just as she turns the actor's mark is visible at he feet, in front of her gown. (Only visible on fullscreen DVD.) (00:09:30)

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Visible crew/equipment: After Leonardo da Vinci removes the door's hinge pins to rescue Danielle, in the next shot as Gustave walks toward Danielle with his arms open, an actor's mark is visible on the floor precisely where Leonardo stops to speak to Danielle. (Only visible on fullscreen DVD). (01:26:45)

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Continuity mistake: When Auguste and young Danielle play rock-paper-scissors to settle their argument, in the close-up Auguste's white shirt's tie-string hangs at his wrist, but is gone in the previous and following shots.

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Continuity mistake: When Auguste dies, the Baroness cries, "No!" and puts her right hand up to her mouth, then uses both hands to shake him as she pleads, "You cannot leave me here!" Next shot her hand is back up to her mouth, but when it cuts again she is still shaking him as she pleads, "You cannot leave me here!" (00:10:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Henry leaps from his horse onto the Gypsy's horse, attempting to retrieve Leonardo da Vinci's container, Henry's long purple cape is draped around his shoulders and down his back in all shots but one, as he rides off sitting behind the Gypsy.

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Continuity mistake: When Danielle is about to leave the ruins at Amboise, as she and Henry kiss her arm is around his waist, but next shot when she moans in pain (from the lashes on her back) her arm is between them, then it's back around his waist. (Only visible on fullscreen DVD.)

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Continuity mistake: Danielle is given a lashing on her back which results in many scars, some of which are level with her shoulder blades (scapula). The next day, when she appears at the masque in the low-backed gown, what we see of her back is completely scarless, though they cannot have already healed.

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Suggested correction: If you go frame by frame, both Henry and the gypsy hit the water. The gypsy is harder to spot because of all the leaves and the fact that his clothing causes him to blend in, but he is there. He can be seen swimming away while Henry is swimming toward the painting.

Visible crew/equipment: When Auguste is leaving the manor he kisses the Baroness, and at the start of the next shot as he begins to speak to the three girls, the reddish actor's mark becomes visible in front of the Baroness' feet as her gown moves when she turns. (Only visible on fullscreen DVD.) (00:08:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Henry returns with Leonardo's container, the master painter promptly removes the painting. The servant behind Leonardo holds the tube with his right hand and closes the Fleur-de-lis clasp with his left hand, but next shot his hands have switched. (00:23:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Danielle walks out of Pierre Le Pieu's residence just as Henry arrives to rescue her, the cannon is right beside the brazier, but by the time Henry spins Danielle around the cannon is farther away from the brazier.

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[After pelting the 'horse thief' with many apples.]
Danielle: Forgive me, Your Highness, I did not see you.
Henry: Your aim would suggest otherwise.

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Trivia: After Rodmilla and her daughters leave for the masque, during the next scene at the royal palace a large sculpture can be seen in the courtyard, especially in some closeups from different angles, such as when Gustave approaches Leonardo. This mythologically themed sculpture consists of a tailed figure riding upon one of two creatures holding their reins, with a ship behind them. This sculpture can be seen during the very first scene, albeit with a few changes. When Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm walk into the Grande Dame's chamber she is sitting up in an unusual type of bed. Note the bed's "headboard" and "footboard" are the ship hull (in the fullscreen version the bed's side is visible with its distinctive design), and we also see the creatures (minus their horns) with the rider's arm holding their reins at the foot of the bed. Something else to notice near the end, when Leonardo gifts the young couple the belated wedding present the room they're all in is not in the royal palace, they are in the manor, gathered in the dining room where Marguerite had burned Danielle's book Utopia.

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Question: Throughout the entire movie after her father dies, she's referred to as a peasant. Even says she's 'but a peasant', a servant. Her father was a Baron, how her stepmother became a Baroness. Her mother was a Countess. A parent dying doesn't strip the child of noble status. The daughter of even a dead baron is not a peasant. How is this not a serious plot error that completely derails the whole movie?

Answer: Danielle's father was not a baron, he was just a wealthy landowner. Her stepmother was a baroness from her previous marriage. When Danielle calls herself "Comtesse Nicole de Lancret" (her mother's name), she was lying and only pretending to be a noblewoman. Her mother was never a countess.


Answer: So the Baroness married down, then, by marrying Danielle's father.


Yes. She married down because Auguste had money and she was broke.


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