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Corrected entry: When McClane and Zeus jump into the water as the ship explodes, the underwater shots show two white men, not one white and one black.

Correction: That's quite a bit of a stretch to say both men are distinguishable to be 'white'. The scene is quite dark and contains flashes from the explosion. In fact for a moment or two, both men appear to be 'dark'. We'll have to put this down to color and contrast of the scene.


Corrected entry: The explosive the bad guys have chosen is not easily 'booby-trapped'. The two chemicals have to be mixed to produce an explosive. The fact that no one, including McClane, (who knows this) thinks to just clip one of the hoses and prevent the chemicals from mixing seems a little far-fetched.

Correction: The bombs also had dummy mechanisms to foil anyone tampering with them, no-one was prepared to step in and clamp a hose on the off chance that it might trigger a secondary explosive.


Corrected entry: The Germans say they are going to blow up the gold in the Long Island Sound, but they take the trucks up the aqueduct, which is on the other side of Manhattan on the Hudson River. They did not have enough time to go on the aqueduct and another bridge and end up on the Long Island Sound.

Correction: But they did not put the gold on the boat, so this is not a mistake. No one is tracking their movements except McClane, and he loses the gold after being flushed out of the aqueduct.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce Willis kills the two bad guys in the truck in the aqueduct, he is walking towards the truck from behind left. When he shoots, he is still behind left of the truck. Then the camera changes and you see the blood spraying out of the bad guys torso. How could Bruce Willis be able to hit the torso of those guys if he was left behind the truck? It would have been okay if he had shot them from the front. That he was able to hit the guy sitting on the right side is really amazing.

Correction: We don't actually see McClane when he is shooting the "bad guys". He could have been standing perpendicular to the door, OR simply holding his gun with his arms extended out in front of him. So when he shoots throught the door he hits both of them. He then would have had to take a couple steps back to open the door.


Corrected entry: After Zeus and McClane escape the boat, Zeus asks Lambert to give McClane a quarter to go call his wife. However in the very last scene of the movie Zeus hands McClane a quarter to go call his wife. How on earth did he get that quarter? He obviously didn't have one the first time so why does he suddenly have a quarter now? Not like it would have mattered anyway, considering you don't need any money to make a collect call.

Correction: The last scene takes place several hours after the boat blows up. Plenty of time to make change, or for that matter, find a quarter. It just would not be very interesting to slow the action down to watch Zeus buy a pack of chewing gum.


Corrected entry: When McClane and Zeus are climbing down the cable towards the ship, if you notice in one shot they are wearing gloves and in another shot they are not.

Correction: Zeus is the only one wearing gloves and he is wearing them throughout the scene. McClane is using an old shirt to protect one hand while another one has neither a glove nor a shirt.


Corrected entry: When dealing with the binary liquid bombs you always see two equal volume containers with both containers completely full. As stated near the beginning of the movie the red liquid pumps into the clear in order to mix. If both tanks are full, how is there any volume left to pump in the other chemical in order to mix it? At least one of the tanks would need to be half full in order for there to be room to pump in the second chemical.

Correction: Both containers mixed equally, so the same amount of liquid that was going into the container was leaving the container, making the mixing process possible.


Corrected entry: The scene where the cops go into Chester A. Arther School, Lambert introduces Principal Martinez to 'Inspector Carver'. The character's name is Cobb.

Correction: Cobb is a different character.

Corrected entry: If the bomb needs the two chemicals to mix, why not just drill a hole and drain one?

Correction: Trying to drain one of the explosive liquids would be disastrous. As the explosives expert demostrated, it only takes a tiny smear of the two liquids to come in contact with each other. In the short time they had, it would be impossible to drain one of the liquids 100% completely dry. Once they drained the liquid, the other would mix, and the smaller explosion would set off the drained liquid. Also, they wouldn't be able to know if the bomber had set up a switch to set it to go off in this situation. This would NOT be a viable option used by a bomb squad.

Corrected entry: The Beretta 92F has never been an issue weapon with the NYPD and all officers are required to carry issue weapons, even maverick detectives.

Correction: Actually, the Beretta 92f is a handgun that was issued to only the elite emergency services units throughout all 5 boroughs of New York City in the late 80's and ended in the early 90's with the arrival of the Glock 19's.

Corrected entry: During the bridge scene, when Willis and Jackson jump down to the passing ship, check out the background landscape - it is marshy with NO evidence of ANY tall buildings. Since this movie was supposed to take place in NYC, there should be a building somewhere. That scene was shot in Charleston, South Carolina; they chose SC because there are two bridges right next to one another (the John P. Grace Memorial Bridge and the Silas N. Pearman Bridge). Action can occur on one bridge, while they film it from the other.

Correction: There are many areas of the New Jersey shore that look just like that, and we are not told which bridge, so it's probable for it to be one of the many bridges in New Jersey.

Corrected entry: The bomb on the train has to blow up, and Bruce Willis is not supposed to find it. But he does and throws it out the back of the train just before it blows up. But the bad guy didn't expect this, he expected in to blow up in the train. In which case hundreds of people would have been killed, injured and trapped. It would take the rest of the day to clear that mess - making it impossible for them to raid the bank. Pretty crap plan - I guess he got lucky?

Correction: This is all part of the plan. The commotion would allow him to more easilly go through with his plan, as most of the attention would be focused on the train wreck. McClane actually just made it harder to go through with it, but this is still not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the green Dodge falls off of the bridge, you can use slow-motion play to see extra explosives go off causing a huge splash. This happens before the Dodge actually hits the water.

Correction: That splash was from the guard rail that the truck ripped apart.


Corrected entry: Throughout the film Inspector Walter Cobb is as you would expect referred to as Walter. But in the end credits he is listed as Arthur Cobb.

Correction: His full name is "Arthur Walter Cobb." People refer to Cobb alternately by "Arthur" and by "Walter", depending on which form they are more comfortable with.


Corrected entry: The German version is strange, because the English is dubbed, but the German (obviously) isn't. However, this means that when they're on the boat, and the guard shouts "nicht schießen" [don't shoot], Willis asks "was hat er gesagt?" [what did he say], and is answered "nicht schießen". Bizarre....

Correction: Well they wouldn't edit out of the part McClane didn't understand what he was saying, just because they dubbed it all into German. Dubbing doesn't mean the German viewers are to believe they all are actually speaking German, its just an alternative to the subtitles, just to let people who don't understand English to understand it. But they understand McClane is suppose to be speaking English and not understand the German.


Correction: Actually, the guy in the German version speaks Hungarian and says "Ne lö" which means "don't shoot. McClane then asks "Was hat er gesagt?" ("What did he say?") and then Targo kicks him and says "Er hat gesagt nicht schießen" ("He said dont shoot").

Correction: The guy spoke Russian, not German. The gangsters were from former East Germany and had some Russians amongst them.

Revealing mistake: At the end of the chase scene with the Mercedes and the pickup truck, the Mercedes flips on its side and slams into a tree. As the Mercedes falls back onto its roof, you can see a rope attached to the trunk used to pull the Mercedes over.


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Trivia: In the German version of the first 'Die Hard' movie, the terrorists were changed into radical Irish because the dubbing producers didn't want to have German terrorists (see 'Die Hard' Trivia). In the German dubbing of this movie, however, they have decided to adapt the original background after all, and the late terrorist leader is called by his original name, Hans Gruber.

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Question: What is that gun thing that is pushed into the guy's neck after he says "I thought this was a currency exchange?" Is the guy dead or just knocked out?

Answer: Knocked out. It was a hand held tranquilizer gun like most vets use on animals to put them to sleep.

Rollin Garcia Jr

Answer: I've always wondered this and I don't think you're going to find a good answer. I know everyone is saying it was a tranquilizer. But tranquilizers wear off and if one of those people they gave an injection to regained consciousness it could be a big problem for them. eg. The cops in the subway. That's why I think it was probably a fatal injection of something.

It's not a fatal injection. Remember, Simon says, "I'm a soldier, not a monster." And earlier, one of the henchmen yelled at Otto, "No shooting." Simon doesn't intend to kill anyone (though later he changes his mind when he's ready to blow up the ship). The only people who killed anyone were Otto, Katya, and McClane.

I'm pretty sure the bombing at the beginning of the movie killed people. Plus, the bomb in the subway would have killed a whole bunch of people. Saying Simon doesn't intend to kill anyone is quite naive.


My opinion is it was not a fatal injection. They seem to be strangling and killing the guards in that scene; they could have easily done the same to the manager as well. My thinking is Simon deemed there was no need to kill the manager, so he simply knocked him out and likely tied him up.


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