Die Hard: With a Vengeance

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9.5/10.A sequel that's on equal footing with its predecessor.Forget Die Hard 2 as that concept of the hero confined to a plane works better with other movies.Bruce Willis again delivers brilliantly as Det John McClane going against one great villain in Jeremy Irons.Here you can again feel your adrenaline rushing as you watch him race around New York trying to foil the villain's plans.I actually enjoyed Samuel L.Jackson here, most of his stuff I don;t watch.But here there's excellent chemistry between Willis and Jackson.


My favorite "Die Hard' film. The action scenes are tense, Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson have great chemistry, and Jeremy Irons' Simon Gruber is every bit as great of a villain as Alan Rickman's Hans Gruber.

Phaneron Premium member

Factual error: When the collected bad guys are at the "North of the Border" truck stop, a subtitled henchman tells Jeremy Irons that the helicopter will be ready in ten minutes. But the confused fellow actually says, "in zwanzig minuten," which means TWENTY minutes.

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Trivia: In the German version of the first 'Die Hard' movie, the terrorists were changed into radical Irish because the dubbing producers didn't want to have German terrorists (see 'Die Hard' Trivia). In the German dubbing of this movie, however, they have decided to adapt the original background after all, and the late terrorist leader is called by his original name, Hans Gruber.

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Question: In the bank, inside the lift, when John McClane is with the fake Detective Otto, what does he see in Detective Otto's badge that convinces him he is fake ?


Chosen answer: He sees the reflection of his friend's badge number that he remembered from their conversation about the lottery earlier, so knows the badge was taken from his dead friend.

Captain Defenestrator

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