Die Hard: With a Vengeance

Corrected entry: The explosive the bad guys have chosen is not easily 'booby-trapped'. The two chemicals have to be mixed to produce an explosive. The fact that no one, including McClane, (who knows this) thinks to just clip one of the hoses and prevent the chemicals from mixing seems a little far-fetched.

Correction: The bombs also had dummy mechanisms to foil anyone tampering with them, no-one was prepared to step in and clamp a hose on the off chance that it might trigger a secondary explosive.


Corrected entry: How would McClane know that there were bad guys in the truck (in the aquaduct) when he shot through the door? Granted he had his hunch and whatnot, and the guys really WERE German baddies, but how could McClane have been sure? What if he'd shot two innocent bystanders?


Correction: Because earlier on, the foreman for the aqueduct said that no one is working down the tunnel. It's also obvious because McClain saw the trucks design used in the heist previously.

Corrected entry: In the park, McClane and Zeus are challenged to fill one 5-gallon jug with only 4 gallons of water, using it and a 3-gallon jug. When they solve the problem, they put the 5-gallon jug with, supposedly, 4 gallons of water in it on the scale to deactivate the bomb; however, the 5-gallon jug, on the scale, is filled only halfway, no where close to where the 4-gallon mark should be.

Correction: If you look closely at the jugs, the design makes them difficult to measure. The inverted handle might deceive how much was there. Don't rule out as well that Simon might have purposely made the bomb to defuse even if the jug was a little off. The likelihood of getting exactly 4 gallons and not an ounce of more over or under was going to be near impossible. The fact he enjoyed running McClane all over town showed he wanted to enjoy watching him suffer.

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Corrected entry: The bomb on the train has to blow up, and Bruce Willis is not supposed to find it. But he does and throws it out the back of the train just before it blows up. But the bad guy didn't expect this, he expected in to blow up in the train. In which case hundreds of people would have been killed, injured and trapped. It would take the rest of the day to clear that mess - making it impossible for them to raid the bank. Pretty crap plan - I guess he got lucky?

Correction: This is all part of the plan. The commotion would allow him to more easilly go through with his plan, as most of the attention would be focused on the train wreck. McClane actually just made it harder to go through with it, but this is still not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the scene where McClane and Zeus are arguing by the fountain, McClane is slamming his near-empty water jug around as he berates his 'new best friend'. Moments later his container is seen to be almost full, with exactly two gallons of water.

Correction: There are some scenes in between these two scenes, and more than 'a few moments' passes. It's clear that they had been experimenting with the water jugs in the intervening time.

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Corrected entry: When the two officers go to rescue the kids that are stuck in the classroom they for some reason try and escape by going to the roof. However you see that there is a good solid two minutes and fifteen seconds left before the so called bomb is going to go off. Why wouldn't they just go out the front doors?

Correction: They didn't know how long they had to get out. They were nowhere near the bomb.

Corrected entry: 'Simon' needs McClane alive until the very end, when he has secured the gold. Diverting the police by making them think he is merely avenging his dead brother is a vital part of his plan. It therefore makes no sense at all that his very first task for McClane - wearing a grotesquely racist sandwich board as he walks through Harlem - could very easily get him killed.

Correction: "Simon" does not necessarily NEED McClane alive to complete the heist. In fact, everything he plans later for him to do is "just in case" he survives the previous task. McClane being dead will have NO EFFECT on Simon's plan, as once the police were diverted, his plan merely consisted of robbing the Federal Reserve.


Corrected entry: After the subway explosion and the dump trucks are coming on the scene and the cop (who later gets killed) is waving them through. One of the lead terrorists is riding on the side of the truck. A few scenes earlier the same cop is in the van with McClane and the FBI agents looking at snapshots, and the same terrorist is shown, trademark square sunglasses and all. Some detective...

Correction: Even though he was in the van when the photos of both terrorists were being shown, they were exclusively shown to John and Zeus. He was in the back of the van, and likely did not look at them closely, if at all, since they were not meant for him anyway.


Corrected entry: Right after the train station explosion McClane is sitting down and talking to Zeus and Det. Lambert. McClane says "What were the odds of us making it down there on time?" which is replied by Zeus as "Zip". Zeus got to the phone at the train station on time, with time to spare. If McClane would have continued in the cab with him they would both have gotten there in time.

Correction: McLane is simply stating that Simon set up a task that he believed to be impossible with no chance for success, as he needed the train to blow up underneath Wall Street for his plan. He never expected they would make it. Just as planned in the plot, Simon underestimated McLane and Zeus, which ultimately leads to Simon's demise.


Corrected entry: When John is getting on the train and busts the window out, his pants are relatively clean and have no holes or tears. After he pulls the bomb off the wall and starts to walk away, his pants have a good size hole above each knee.

Correction: He rips them on the broken glass of the subway train's window as he quickly jumps through.


Corrected entry: The Germans say they are going to blow up the gold in the Long Island Sound, but they take the trucks up the aqueduct, which is on the other side of Manhattan on the Hudson River. They did not have enough time to go on the aqueduct and another bridge and end up on the Long Island Sound.

Correction: But they did not put the gold on the boat, so this is not a mistake. No one is tracking their movements except McClane, and he loses the gold after being flushed out of the aqueduct.

Corrected entry: When the truck hits the water the rope breaks and cuts one of the bad guys in half. Again, if you play it at slow motion, you can see that the guy has a rope tied to his back. (It's one of those machines that are used in the movies to pull something or someone back really fast.) You see the rope for about 1 second. After that it is erased.

Correction: If you have to use slow motion to see this, it is not valid as a movie mistake.


Corrected entry: When Samuel L. Jackson slams on the brakes and gets out of the cab on Wall Street to catch the phone call from Jeremy Irons, you can see various tyre marks that were caused by previous takes.

Correction: This kind of "mistake" has been posted and corrected for a number of films. The car is on a busy road which is marked by skidmarks. Why do that have to be "from previous takes"?

Corrected entry: In the scene where everyone is talking to Simon for the first time in the police station, the psychiatrist says that Simon was giving clues to his identity, and that one of those clues was his speaking in German. Simon never spoke in German during that conversation.

Correction: Simon speaks German in his first line on the telephone in that scene.

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Corrected entry: At the very end of the film beside the Nord des Lignes truckstop, John McLane makes a phone call on the Canadian payphone. However he has only collected American quarters from the German drivers and hence wouldn't have any Canadian Currency.

Correction: Canadian quarters and American ones both work in the same machines.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bruce Willis kills the two bad guys in the truck in the aqueduct, he is walking towards the truck from behind left. When he shoots, he is still behind left of the truck. Then the camera changes and you see the blood spraying out of the bad guys torso. How could Bruce Willis be able to hit the torso of those guys if he was left behind the truck? It would have been okay if he had shot them from the front. That he was able to hit the guy sitting on the right side is really amazing.

Correction: We don't actually see McClane when he is shooting the "bad guys". He could have been standing perpendicular to the door, OR simply holding his gun with his arms extended out in front of him. So when he shoots throught the door he hits both of them. He then would have had to take a couple steps back to open the door.


Corrected entry: In the scene where the green Dodge falls off of the bridge, you can use slow-motion play to see extra explosives go off causing a huge splash. This happens before the Dodge actually hits the water.

Correction: That splash was from the guard rail that the truck ripped apart.


Corrected entry: After Zeus and McClane escape the boat, Zeus asks Lambert to give McClane a quarter to go call his wife. However in the very last scene of the movie Zeus hands McClane a quarter to go call his wife. How on earth did he get that quarter? He obviously didn't have one the first time so why does he suddenly have a quarter now? Not like it would have mattered anyway, considering you don't need any money to make a collect call.

Correction: The last scene takes place several hours after the boat blows up. Plenty of time to make change, or for that matter, find a quarter. It just would not be very interesting to slow the action down to watch Zeus buy a pack of chewing gum.


Corrected entry: When Bruce Willis pokes holes in the big bomb on the ship with the iron bar, you can see the liquid streaming out of one of the holes even after the liquid level inside the cylinder goes below the level of the hole.

Correction: The color of one of the chemicals is white, making it very hard to tell wheather or not there is any left. I cannot find the shot this mistake mentions.

Corrected entry: When McClane and Zeus are climbing down the cable towards the ship, if you notice in one shot they are wearing gloves and in another shot they are not.

Correction: Zeus is the only one wearing gloves and he is wearing them throughout the scene. McClane is using an old shirt to protect one hand while another one has neither a glove nor a shirt.


Factual error: When McClane and Zeus take the little hatchback from the bank location, they run up the ramp by the Brooklyn Bridge and McClane looks to see the dump trucks aren't on the bridge. Zeus then spots them on FDR Drive and they speed off down the ramp to FDR Drive. The ramp they were on doesn't connect to the ramp they took to give chase. It only heads towards City Hall or over the bridge. They'd have to take the Civic Center ramp, do a u-turn under the Brooklyn Bridge approach then head back up the ramp to FDR Drive.

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Zeus: He said, "how many were going to St. Ives, " right? The riddle begins, "As I was going to St. Ives, I met a man with seven wives!" The guy and his wives aren't going anywhere.
John McClane: What are they doing?
Zeus: Sitting in the fucking road! Waiting on the moor! How the hell should I know?

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Trivia: Someone asked: Has anyone EVER figured out the math to that damn water-in-a-bottle-diffuse-the-bomb riddle? I actually have, in case anyone's wondering about it. If I remember right, they've got a 5, a 3, and they need 4. Fill the five, tip it into the 3, leaving 2. Empty out the three, and put the 2 in it. Then fill the five, and use that jug to fill up the remainder of the 3, which will leave 4 in the 5 gallon jug. Another possible way to do this: You fill up the 3 and tip these three gallons into the 5. Then you fill up the 3 and use this to fill up the 5. This leaves you with one in the 3 and five in the 5. Then you empty the 5 and tip the one from the 3 over, then fill up the 3. Then you've got three in the 3 and one in the 5. After you've tipped over the three this will leave you with four in the 5.

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