Freddy Vs. Jason

Corrected entry: In one of the first scenes the two boys arrive at Lori's house, and while it's raining cats and dogs outside and one of them says "I'm soaking wet", their coats and other clothing are perfectly dry, as well as the sixpack of beer they're carying.


Correction: Both Trey and Blake are both wet. Their clothes and hair, all wet.

Corrected entry: Lori wouldn't have been able to climb out of the water or help Will up with her very burned arm without causing herself a lot of pain, yet she shows no sign of any pain.

Correction: It's possible that the fire didnt have much effect on her. Her arm wasn't in the fire for that long.

Corrected entry: When Jason throws Linderman against the wall, the metal spike that stabs him isn't there. But it is there (obviously) when he gets stabbed by it. It's also not there when Jason is in that corner about to drag Freddy through the windows.

Correction: If you look, you do see a shelf bracket sticking out.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Jason comes out of the cornfield and starts killing the ravers, he kills a boy with a hat on by slashing through his chest. A few shots later you see Jason killing the same boy again from a different angle.

Correction: Actually, it is two different ravers in similar shirts with the same horizontal slash. Notice that one is wearing a beanie while the other is wearing a bucket hat - this shows they are different people.


Corrected entry: In the end scene at the pier, when Freddy is trying to kill Lori and Will, he gets stabbed by Jason using his spiked glove. Notice that when Freddy drops the machete, there are no grooves on the handle. But in the next shot, when the machete lands on the pier, you can see finger grooves on the handle.

Correction: You can see the grooves as the machete falls from his hand.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Freddy is about to kill the girl hiding in the locker, he is hanging upside down. This shot has been reversed. His glove is on the wrong hand. It should be on his right hand but it's actually on his left.

Correction: Freddy's glove is on the correct hand. Since he is upside down, the perspective is a bit off, but it IS on his right hand.

Corrected entry: It takes Jason a good few seconds to walk through the corn field and the whole time he's on fire. We know the fire was strong because it set the corn field on fire so how is it that his clothes didn't burn off him - when he got put out by the beer foam from the keg they were almost in the exact condition they were before he got set on fire.


Correction: We've seen in other Friday films, he has every little thing happen to him, burns, drowns, and stabs, but he always to just have his cloths a little dusted up, so why change in this film?

Corrected entry: When Jason is stabbbed or injured he bleeds red blood. In previous films, Jason's blood would be black.

Correction: Ive seen all the previous films, and Jason does bleed red. Maybe you only thought he bled black because in previous films, it was shot at night. But I'm positive, he does not bleed black. You might be thinking of when Freddy bled green in the first Nightmare, but then went on to bleeding red.

Corrected entry: When the four teens are running away from the burning cabin in Crystal Lake, where Jason and Freddy keep fightning, you can see some crew member's arm in the frame of the main door.

Correction: First, all four teens don't run out together, they get seperated, two groups, Lori and Will and Kia and Linderman. Second, I watched both parts three times where Kia and Linderman are leaving and Lori and Will are leaving, and I don't see an arm anywhere.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the movie Jason is chasing the skinny dipper with the pink shirt - a few times the shirt flies up and you can see part of her underwear. She only put the shirt on right before she saw Jason after getting out of the water, and the girl was completely naked when she jumped in.

Correction: It was Jason's dream. Her clothes wouldn't matter that much since after she gets impaled against the tree with the machete she then morphs into a fully clothed guy and then morphs into a fully clothed girl.

Corrected entry: The house on Elm street (where the first Jason murder takes place) is supposed to be the same one as in the original, Yet there is no small window type peep hole on the front door.

Correction: The original killings by Freddy had taken place so long ago that it is possible that the new owner(s) could have made changes to the house, including the door.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Freddy went into Jason's mind, Jason went into a cabin, and opened a door, where a bunch of bodies were floating. One of the bodies that was floating in the top left corner, looked a lot like Michael Myers.

Correction: The bodies are decomposed which explains why they are white. Its purely coincidental and not trivia.

Corrected entry: Whatever damage Freddy inflicts on you in the dream world happens in the real world. Well, Freddy clawed Jason's mask in the dream world, but his mask in the real world is never damaged.

Correction: In the last scene, when Jason is walking out of Crystal Lake, there are claw marks on his mask.

Corrected entry: When Freddy has Jason in his nightmare world and drops the big machine from the ceiling on him, look closely. Jason's body vanishes right before it hits but is back underneath it in the next scene.

Correction: Jasons body never moves when the tank falls. Play it in slow motion and you'll see his body doesn't move or vanish at all.

Corrected entry: One of the boys escaping from the mental institution uses a keycard stolen from a guard or other employee to unlock the doors so they can get out. The next day he can get in using the same keycard. Wouldn't they have blocked that keycard after it was stolen?


Correction: If you watch right after he swipes the card through, you'll notice the beeping in the security guard's quarters. The security system was rigged to trip an alarm if a stolen card is used so the location of the intruder can be verified.

Corrected entry: When the kids are looking on the internet for information on Hypnocil, the first line on the website states in very large letters that it's a drug to suppress dreaming. The next shot shows one of the kids reading the page to find out what Hypnocil is used for. Why did he have such a hard time finding the info, while it's there in huge letters?


Correction: After Lindherman reads Hypnocil he skims through it and says something like: "pending FDA approval" then it takes maybe a second or two for him to say it suppresses dreams which isn't that long. Its possible that he was busy reading the fine print before he told everyone else what it does.

Corrected entry: When Kia falls asleep at the school nurses office, Freddy rips off her nose. According to the rules, what Freddy does to you in the dream world will affect you in the real world. Yet when Kia wakes up, her nose is still connected to her face.

Correction: It stated that Freddy is not at full strength at this point in the movie. He can hurt people in their dreams, but it does not yet carry over into the "real" world.

Timothy Cheseborough

Corrected entry: When you first see the dock at Camp Crystal Lake, the lanterns are on the left side of the dock but in other movies the lanterns are on the right side of the dock.

Correction: The dock was destroyed by the psychic girl in part 7. Chances are it was built with the lights on the other side.

Corrected entry: In the boiler room scene, just before Freddy finds out Jason's fear of water, we see Freddy standing behind a fall of water from one of the pipes, and he entices Jason to come near him. But when Jason raises his machete, we see Freddy covering himself from the blow. Why would he do this if he doesn't feel pain in the dream world?

Correction: Probably just a natural reaction. Either that or he just didn't want to go through the trouble of popping out another fresh set of arms.

Corrected entry: You can see the pinky blade on Freddy's glove bend when he attacks Lori on the couch.


Correction: It's the angle that the blades are at. They used actual metal, just extremely dull - after all you don't really want to cut someone.

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