Freddy Vs. Jason

Corrected entry: In the scene where the group of teenagers and Jason are in the van trying to reach Crystal Lake. You can see that Jason is chained up from the chest down to his waist. In the next shot you only see his legs chained up.

Correction: If you look closely you see that Jason only has duct tape and rope around his arms and chest. The chains are only ever around his legs.

Corrected entry: At the Beginning of the film it shows Freddy's Eyes and they are all weird and cracked, but in the end his eyes are like a normal person's eyes.

Correction: At the beginning of the fild Freddy is very weak (evident by the fact that he can't kill the kids early in the movie) as his strength grows it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that his appearance would become "stronger" and hence no cracked eyes.

Corrected entry: There's a girl skinny dipping at night in freezing cold water near the beginning of the movie, which is all well and good. There are two lamp-posts on the left-hand side of the jetty, each projecting a circle of light directly underneath it. One of the lights is flickering substantially, but the light it projects on the jetty remains still and perfect.

Correction: This was during a dream sequence where, as director Ronny Yu puts it, "anything goes".

Corrected entry: When Jason gets knocked out by the tranquilizer, the kids chain him up and put him in the van. When they arrive at Crystal Lake, Jason still has his machete. Of course the kids wouldn't bring along Jason's machete and leave it by his side when they tie him up in chains...

Correction: They wanted Jason to kill Freddy. He obviously needed his machete.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the teens are looking up what Hypnocil is, the page they are reading says that Hypnocil is an experimental drug that wasn't fda approved yet. The original mention of Hypnocil was in Nightmare 3 which was about 18 years ago. Thats a mighty long time to be an experimental drug.

Correction: The FDA does not approve a drug simply because it has existed for two decades. It is very likely that the drug does not meet FDA standards and will never be approved. As shown in the movie, people who are given a large dose end up in a coma... that's a pretty serious side effect to overlook.


Corrected entry: When the kids are having the big party in the corn field, there are cars around the small clearing, yet there are no paths going through the corn field for the cars to get there.

Correction: At the opening of the scene, you can see a car-width path coming from the lower left hand portion of the frame to the circle of cars. All the cars followed the same path in and formed the circle once they got there.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Freddy's past is shown, and it is revealed how he becomes the "undead," his house is shown being attacked with "cocktails" by the neighborhood parents. In Nightmare on Elm Street (Part I), the mom says that the parents lined the outside of his boiler room with gasoline, and ran a trail of it, and then lit a match. Similar ideas but conflicting stories.

Correction: Nightmare 1 never says how they lit the fire trail, and the early scenes featuring a pre-burned Freddy Krueger take place in a small work area within the boiler room.

Corrected entry: Freddy traditionally has green blood. In this movie its red.

Correction: The only time green blood has appeared is in the first film when Freddy is taunting Nancy in the dream. However, Freddy's Dead shows that Krueger in all actuality bleeds red.

Corrected entry: In the scene where the lead female character rescues "young" Jason from the lake, he looks terribly disfigured and ugly; in Friday the 13th Part 1 isn't young Jason a normal looking boy?

Correction: Jason has been disfigured in every film, including the original as a young boy.

Corrected entry: This was also a Jason X mistake. When did Jason Voorhees have hair? He was always bald.

Correction: Jason has had hair in previous installments. In 2, 4, 6, JGTH, and Jason X. In 4 and 6 though, it was patchy on the back of his head.

Corrected entry: When Jason and Freddy are fighting at Camp Crystal Lake on the little bridge, the girl and her boyfriend set the bridge on fire, which causes it to explode and fling both Jason and Freddy into the lake. If they blew the bridge up, why was it still there for Freddy to climb onto?

Correction: They DON'T actually blow up the bridge, rather they blow up the fuel tanks which are located on the land nearby. All that happens to the bridge is some parts of it catch fire. Check for yourself, the bridge remains there the whole time.

Corrected entry: When Will and Mark are in the newspaper archive room, Mark says the date is his brother's "suicide." He then asks why it isn't in the paper. It would be at least the next day before any story or obituary would be written.

Correction: What he actually says is "January 18th, that's the day my brother committed suicide (a declatory statement.) Why isn't that even mentioned?" What he's really asking is why his brother's death isn't reported anywhere, not necessarily that specific day.

Corrected entry: In the final battle, Freddy pokes his blades into both of Jason's eyeholes. However, when Jason is floating in the water, his eyes are undammaged.

Correction: As brought up in last year's "Jason X", Jason has regenerative capabilities. That, or the blades didn't pierce his eyes.

Corrected entry: Freddy slices Jason's fingers clean off on the dock. When he walks out of the water before the credits roll, he has his machete held in one hand and a firm grip on Freddy's severed head with the other.

Correction: Jason's fingers were still severed. He has Freddy's head palmed.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie, Freddy says that he's been stuck in Hell and searching for somebody for ten years. However, later in the movie, a cop says that they've kept Freddy a secret for only four years. That brings up an inconsistency between the two time tables.


Correction: Freddy never states how long he had been searching, he said "I had to search the bowels of hell, but I found someone." So there was never any conflict in time lines.

Corrected entry: Since when is Jason afraid of water? He swims to New York under a boat in "Jason takes Manhattan". Now some people say that Freddy put that fear in him but when Jason starts getting worried Freddy say something like "so there is something you're afraid of" and start making more water surround him.


Correction: Jason is only afraid of water in his dreams.

Revealing mistake: In the fight scene at the pier, after Freddy and Jason get thrown into the air by the carriage that smacks into them, they land on the pier in sort of slow motion. Watch Jason's left knee as he lands, you can see a kneepad.

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Mark Davis: Somebody please wake me up! Please.

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Trivia: In Lori's dream, kids teasing a young Jason place a burlap sack on his head, similar to the burlap sack Jason wore in Friday the 13th Part 2. Jason started wearing the goalie mask in Friday the 13th part 3. (00:08:00)

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