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Continuity mistake: When the congregation gasp in horror at seeing the Archbishop of Canterbury's bottom at Sauvage's Coronation, you can see in a wide shot of the congregation a woman wearing a white hat and she is putting her hand to her mouth. When we see a close-up of the woman in the next shot, she puts her hand to her mouth for a second time.

Continuity mistake: When Johnny is in the hospital, a doctor comes out of his office and is joined by two nurses who stand behind him, but in the next shot the nurses are now in front of the doctor.

Continuity mistake: When Johnny meets Lorna in the Tower of London for the first time, we see a close up of Johnny's face and Lorna can be seen taking a sip of her champagne. In the next scene, the glass is away from her mouth and she is taking a sip of her champagne for a second time.

Continuity mistake: When Johnny English and Bough watch Klein and Vendetta escape in the funeral hearse, Bough asks Johnny what they should do, to which Johnny replies, "Watch and learn, Bough". At this point, you can see that Johnny's face is dirty, but when he is driving the truck a few shots later, his face appears completely clean.

Audio problem: When Johnny spills his glass of champagne over the foreign secretary at Sauvage's reception, she says "What in God's name?" but her mouth doesn't match what she is saying.

Factual error: Whenever a new heir to the throne is appointed KING or QUEEN they face opposite ways on a stamp. The Queen faces on the left on stamps. So if Pascal became King, how come he also faces left on the stamp? This is a British tradition so they can't have "forgotten" this tradition.

Other mistake: When Bough tells Johnny to wait for his signal that he's disabled the alarm system whilst discussing their plan in the aeroplane, Bough says, "You then break into this window here." On the subtitles, it actually reads "You them break into this window here."

Other mistake: When Johnny takes his Bloody Mary from Sauvage at the Reception in the Tower of London, he asks him, "Could you rustle up some of those cheesy niblets?" On the subtitles, it reads "Could your rustle up."

Bough: Shall we call for back-up sir?
Johnny English: What? And watch some fat-bottomed bobby make our arrest for us? I don't think so.

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Trivia: During the coronation sequence at the end of the film, Johnny English shouts "Play it, Bough! Play the disk!" and we cut to Bough threatening a man to play the DVD. The man he threatens is the film's director, Peter Howitt.

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Question: When Johnny clicks the gold pen twice in Pegasus' secretary's office, she falls down unconscious. I'm not sure why, can someone explain what the pen did to her, and why is she in a wheelchair afterwards?


Chosen answer: The pen is equiped with tiny tranquilizer darts. That's what hits the secretary. The tranquilizer seems to have either a very long effect or some side effects, as the secretary is partly immobilized thus the wheel chair.

Christoph Galuschka Premium member

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