Johnny English

Other mistake: In the chase scene, where Johnny and Bough are chasing the hearse, when Bough and Johnny are discussing where the hearse went, Johnny says "They were heading south." Then he turns the steering wheel to his right, yet when it shows a view of the truck it turns to it's left.


Other mistake: When Johnny and Bough swap places in the truck, the truck continues to accelerate smoothly.

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Other mistake: When Sauvage welcomes everybody to the meeting, he says "mesdammes et messieurs". On the subtitles, "et" is incorrectly spelled "est".

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Other mistake: When Johnny asks about the tattoo on the archbishop's butt, the subtitles say "Do you or do you you [sic] not have tattooed on your bottom 'Jesus is coming, look busy'?".

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Other mistake: When Bough tells Johnny to wait for his signal that he's disabled the alarm system whilst discussing their plan in the aeroplane, Bough says, "You then break into this window here." On the subtitles, it actually reads "You them break into this window here."

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Other mistake: When Johnny takes his Bloody Mary from Sauvage at the Reception in the Tower of London, he asks him, "Could you rustle up some of those cheesy niblets?" On the subtitles, it reads "Could your rustle up."

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Bough: Shall we call for back-up sir?
Johnny English: What? And watch some fat-bottomed bobby make our arrest for us? I don't think so.



When Johnny interrupts the wrong funeral, and Bough saves the day with his 'loony' spiel, Bough takes Johnny's gun and helps him off the coffin. The gun disappears from Bough's hand between shots.



The suit English is wearing when he meets Agent One looks like the famous Mr. Bean costume that Rowen Atkinson is famous for.