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Corrected entry: I assume a bishop from England is needed for the coronation, but there isn't one after Johnny English has impersonated him, so presumably the coronation wouldn't actually be legal. Thus, is was unnecessary for Johnny to swing from the ceiling, etc.

Correction: "Assumed"? "Presumably"? This makes it a mistake? The coronation of a British sovereign is a ritual and ceremonial occasion and not a legal one. The King or Queen ascends to the throne the second the previous incumbent dies or abdicates and (because of the period of mourning imposed by the Church) the coronation may be months or even a year later. Do you think there is no monarch in the meantime? It doesn't matter if a bishop is present or not.

Corrected entry: In Sauvage's Palace, when Johnny drops the DVD after taking it out of the projector, he actually picks up two disks, and places them in his pocket.

Correction: No he doesn't. It can be readily seen in slow-motion that Johnny only picks up one disk, and puts one disk in his pocket.

Corrected entry: In the dark tunnel, we hear Johnny say that if one supposedly chants in E Flat, they will be able to find their way along in the dark, but it must only be E Flat. Why then does he break into singing "Thank you for the music"?

Correction: This is just to emphasise on how idiotic Johnny English is meant to be.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Johnny has just been fired and he walks glumly away, rain suddenly starts. When we get a second shot of Lorna in the window, there is no reflection of rain. (00:53:00)

Correction: For rain to be reflected onto the window that Lorna was looking out of (which, by virtue of the fact they entered the party out of the lift says it was first floor or higher), it would have to be blown onto the window by the wind. The rain falls straight down, there is no wind and there is nothing to suggest any rain could get onto the window by splashing (such as off a windowsill or gutter dripping) from the rainfall.

Neil Jones

Corrected entry: When Rowan Atkinson enters the sushi bar, his jacket is buttoned with his tie inside the jacket. We never see him unbutton his jacket, but it is unbuttoned leading to him getting his tie stuck.

Correction: We can actually see him unbuttoning his coat. Watch him closely while he sits behind the Lorna.

Corrected entry: In the film, when Johnny and Bough have to enter into Sauvage's skyscraper headquarters, there is an identical building next to it which is the city hospital. There is actually only one of these buildings, not two; it is One Canada Square, the tallest building in Britain.

Correction: Why is this a mistake? You're saying that the second building doesn't exist in real life? Well neither do Johnny or any of the other fictional characters.


Corrected entry: When Lorna is ejected she is seat belted to the seat. But when she lands in the pool, there is no seat.

Correction: In Cars Seat Belts are connected to the car so the ejecter seat would loosen the seat belt or rip the car to pieces.

Correction: Because the bike, a bright pink one, isn't the normal sort of bike you'd see around.

Corrected entry: When Johnny eats the sea urchin in the sushi bar, you can hear it crunch. Sea urchins have no crunchy bits in the meat.

Correction: It wasn't the meat which was crunchy. It was the breaded crust you see on the sea urchin. (Not all food served in a sushi bar is raw. Some dishes are cooked.).

Corrected entry: Despite the impression that the theft of the Crown Jewels in the scene in the Tower seems to take place sometime in the evening, Johnny starts his investigations the morning after. Even more amazing is the fact that the baddies are still there packing their cases.

Correction: This is explained in the deleted scenes - the tunnel to the jewels is only dicovered the next day, and the baddies have been waiting for the police cordon in London to be lifted, before they attempt to escape with the Crown Jewels. This means there is no hurry for them to pack the cases, as they haven't expected the tunnel to be discovered so quickly.

Corrected entry: The Johnny English and Bough characters are based on characters portrayed in Barclaycard adverts in the mid 1990s. The actor who plays Bough in the adverts is not the same actor who portrays him in the film, and Rowan Atkinson's character was actually called Stuart Latham in the ads, not Johnny English.

Correction: It's not Stuart but RICHARD Latham.

Correction: It's a one way mirror with a camera behind it. I've danced and sang while watching myself in a mirror, as I'm sure (or at least I hope!) many other people have.

Gary O'Reilly

Corrected entry: When Johnny ejects Lorna out of the car, why does it eject the passenger seat? Surely the driver is the one who should be ejected first.?

Correction: The driver would need to be in control until the last possible second. It wouldn't be much use to the poor passenger suddenly in the car alone and not able to control it.


Corrected entry: When the funeral is taking place and Johnny is speaking to the hearse driver look at the church in the background - the windows are boarded up to protect it from the forthcoming blast, and if it wasn't in use then why would there be a funeral there?

gandolfs dad

Correction: Many churches in England are simply forced to board up their windows due to vandalism - boarded windows do not necessarily mean that the church is not in use, it generally just means that the windows have been smashed.

He's My Brother

Corrected entry: When Johnny and Bough are in the chase scene with the pick-up, they go past the speed camera and (1) it flashes 0Y02 USH, which is Johnny's number plate, surely it would do the speeding car, not the hovering one, and (2) it takes a photo of the front of Johnny, even though a speed camera takes the photo of the back of a car.

Correction: First off, yes it would take a picture of Johnny because the camera flashes before he goes past it and the camera faces Johnny. Second, the speed of Johnnys car would be correct because even though it is in the air and not moving it's still attached to the tow truck and as science would explain is therefore traveling at the same speed.

Corrected entry: When the crowning of John Malkovich takes place, it seems to be in the day time. The camera reguarly takes us outside the palace where the crowning is taking place. The camera also takes us to different locations around the world, namely India and Australia. In the Australian scene you see a bunch of blokes from the outback laughing at the TV in the broad daylight. The last time I checked, we only had one sun in our solar system. (01:10:30 - 01:14:10)

Correction: As an Australian, I'll tell you straight away that we tend to get all our broadcasts of things like this delayed to be in the middle of the day (An Australian woman married the prince of Denmark recently and it was all over the daytime TV and nightime news). It's quite possible they could've been watching a delayed broadcast.

Corrected entry: When Johnny is holding up the nurses at the hospital and Bough asks him if he is "coming over here soon?" Bough appears to be on the same level as Johnny. In an earlier scene, Bough says that he is entering on the 12th floor, while Johnny is on the 14th. He should be looking down at Bough, not straight across.

Correction: He actually goes 14 floors down from the roof, so in fact he should be looking up. However, Bough may have only gone 12 floors down because it had the easiest entry, and then he could have gone down a floor or two to disable the alarms so Johnny can enter on a lower floor where they can meet.

Corrected entry: At the opening ceremony for the Crown Jewels, the lights were cut out, and English ran to the corner to seize a champagne bottle and knock out a worker there. In his haste to hide his error, English puts the bottle back on the table, behind his back. In later shots, the bottle is seen back in the ice bucket. (00:13:50 - 00:14:55)

Correction: Actually, Johnny put the broken bottle back in the ice bucket. You can hear the crunch of the ice.

Correction: That is the same guy. Just pause your movie and compare it to the cover.

Corrected entry: In the scene at the end of the movie where Johnny English and Lorna Campbell are out driving in the blue car on the zig-zag road and stop, they lean over to kiss, when Johnny accidently pushes the eject button and Lorna's seat goes flying. Where did the sunroof come from? Maybe I'm the blind one, but I could've sworn there wasn't anywhere on the car roof for someone to eject. (01:19:00)

Correction: There was no sunroof but if you look carefuly as Lorna if leaving the car you can see that a section of the roof has been blown off to allow the seat to leave.

Continuity mistake: When Pascal's henchmen infiltrate Buckingham Palace, and force the Queen to abdicate, if you look very closely on the abdication document it is dated the twentieth of March 2003. Yet in an earlier scene where Johnny English is photographed by the speed camera that has the date 21/03/03, obviously the abdication was filmed before the car chase, and therefore the dates get mixed up.

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Lorna Campbell: You obviously haven't met our host, Pascal Sauvage.
Johnny English: Oh! Thank God! You know, I think I'd rather have my bottom impaled on a giant cactus than exchange pleasantries with that jacked up Frenchman. In my opinion, the only thing the French should be allowed to host is an invasion.

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Trivia: Rowan Atkinson doesn't just play Johnny English in this film - he played a curly haired advisor for Sauvage as well, however scenes with this character were deleted from the final movie but they can be viewed in the Deleted Scenes section of the (UK) DVD.

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Question: What is the song that Johnny dances to in the bathroom, and who is it by?

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