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Trivia: During the coronation sequence at the end of the film, Johnny English shouts "Play it, Bough! Play the disk!" and we cut to Bough threatening a man to play the DVD. The man he threatens is the film's director, Peter Howitt.

Trivia: The suit English is wearing when he meets Agent One looks like the famous Mr. Bean costume that Rowen Atkinson is famous for.

Trivia: Rowan Atkinson doesn't just play Johnny English in this film - he played a curly haired advisor for Sauvage as well, however scenes with this character were deleted from the final movie but they can be viewed in the Deleted Scenes section of the (UK) DVD.

Trivia: The voice of the "London FM" presenter, inviting listeners to phone in and say what they love most about the French, is "Capital FM" DJ Chris Tarrant. The news-report style voice-over at the end of the film is voiced by Sir Trevor McDonald who presents the "News at 10" on ITV.


Trivia: Throughout the movie there are numerous references to Rowan Atkinson's song, "Why I Hate the French." The rant he always has about John Malkovich's character, the radio announcement about why you love the french and no-one has called.

Trivia: The whole film is actually based on a whole bunch of Barclaycard (a type of credit card) advertisements in which Rowan Atkinson previously starred.

Trivia: The exterior of Sauvage's French chateau is actually the castle atop St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall.

Trivia: The scene set in Westminster Abbey was filmed at St. Alban's Abbey. The choir singing in the coronation scene is St. Alban's Cathedral Choir.

Trivia: The string quartet that is playing is the real life quartet group named "Bond."


Trivia: Although it is never spoken in the film, Bough's first name is Angus, as seen on his laptop computer when discussing the plan on breaking into Sauvage's headquarters.

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Continuity mistake: When Johnny interrupts the wrong funeral, and Bough saves the day with his 'loony' spiel, Bough takes Johnny's gun and helps him off the coffin. The gun disappears from Bough's hand between shots. (00:28:40)


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Johnny English: Do you or do you not have tattooed on your bottom the words "Jesus is coming, look busy"?
Archbishop of Canterbury: Are you insane?
Johnny English: Well, let's find out, shall we?

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Question: At the very end of the movie, when Lorna is ejected from the car and lands in the pool, the man that has frizzy orange hair, that Johnny claimed was an assailant earlier in the movie, is looking over his newspaper. Who played that guy?

Answer: Simon Bernstein played the assailant.


Answer: Simon Bernstein plays the assailant.

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