Revealing mistake: When the 4 people upstairs, Yvette, Mr Green, the butler, and Mrs White all come running downstairs because Col Mustard and Mrs Scarlet are yelling at the locked door they collide at the top of the stairs. When they all hit they're stunt men and women. (00:54:15)


Continuity mistake: When Wadsworth re-enacts the evening, he stabs a piece of meat to re-enact the Cook being stabbed. When he stabs the piece of meat, the knife is at a 90 degree angle. In the next shot, it's in a different angle. (01:08:30)

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Continuity mistake: Miss Scarlet moves to a table to open her unexpected gift. When she says "I enjoy getting presents from strange men", if you look close enough, she goes to remove the box's ribbon twice. (00:24:45)

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Other mistake: When everyone finds the Cop's dead body, there is a wound showing were the murderer hit him on the head with the pipe, however, the pipe shows there is no blood. (01:04:30)

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Continuity mistake: Before Mr. Boddy turns out the lights, there is a statue a few inches below and away from the switch. However when Mrs. Peacock turns the lights back on, the statue is directly under the switch. (00:26:25)

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Deliberate mistake: Wadsworth was explaining how Miss Scarlet killed the cop. It then showed her killing him. You can see that she stopped the lead pipe behind his head so it wouldn't show a violent and bloody death.

Continuity mistake: When Wadsworth is doing the re-enactment of the murderer killing Mr. Boddy with the candle stick, he pretends to hit Mr. Green. After he says "Will you stop that?!", Wadsworth grabs him with one hand. But when he throws Mr. Green into the toilet, he is holding him with two hands. (01:11:25)

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Continuity mistake: Colonel Mustard pours everyone a drink, he puts the whisky on the table and in the next shot the glass he poured whisky in is in his hand without enough time to pick it up. In addition, he puts the decanter down closer to him in the close-up, than it is in the medium long shot. (00:41:15)

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Continuity mistake: When Yvette serves Mrs. Peacock she says shark fin soup but then on 2 occasions later when Wadsworth is going back over how they did it he refers to the soup as a monkey brain, popular in Cantonese cuisine.

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Suggested correction: There's actually 2 separate dishes the shark fin soup and then the monkey brains which is that white fluffy stuff they eat after the soup.

Continuity mistake: When the 1st chandelier fell, we see Peacock and White are standing near the front door. Scarlet then says "look!" Bringing everyone to look at the dead motorist in the study. Peacock and White are suddenly teleported to the study door behind Scarlet, even though they were quite far away with even a couple steps to climb down.

Continuity mistake: In the "C" ending, the one in which everyone is partially guilty, when Mr Green lets the cops in and they run into the hall, the shot from behind the other guests shows them put their hands up as the cops surround them. When the camera angle then shifts to show them from the front, their hands are down.


Plot hole: When Miss Scarlet tells the other guests, they can pay her in government information, she forgets Mrs White is the only to have no connection to the government and thus can't pay her that way, nor does she have any more money like the others.


Revealing mistake: Near the end when Miss Scarlett points the pistol in Col. Mustard's face, over his response to her revealing everyone's secrets, you can hear the trigger click twice, like she'd accidentally shaken the grip, or an accidental pause or prop failure.


Continuity mistake: When Professor Plum and Miss Scarlett enter the porch, the camera closes in on his hand touching her bum. But the following shot shows his arm at the center of her backside as she 'edges' away from him.


Continuity mistake: In the beginning when Col Mustard shows up, the butler shows him to the library, you can see that door to the library is open. When the scene shifts Wadsworth is opening the door. (00:05:30)


Wadsworth: You see. It's just like the Mounties. We always get our man.
Mr. Green: Mrs. Peacock was a man?!

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Trivia: The producer's first choice for the role of Ms. Scarlett was Carrie Fisher, but she was unable to sign onto the film because she'd recently admitted herself to a rehab facility to battle drug addiction.

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Question: Was Mrs. White in love with Wadsworth? She seemed to be getting rather close to him in the beginning of the film (i.e., giving him a hanky when he's crying about his wife, playing with his tie and being flirtatious when he won't let her outside), but then seems to turn a 180 and not really like him. Why?

Answer: No, Mrs. White was not in love with Wadsworth. She may have been slightly physically attracted to him at the time of the "hanky incident", but it is more likely that she only felt sympathy for this poor man. As for the playing with the tie incident, she only did that so he would let her out.

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