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Continuity mistake: When Xander is snowboarding down the mountain to take out the communications tower, there is one point where the avalanche clearly bumps Xander and moves him ahead by about 12 feet. It appears to be a correction in the graphics so that it doesn't appear that the avalanche will outrun him down the mountain, however, poorly edited.

Visible crew/equipment: In the fifth shot of the amazing bridge stunt, an Arriflex camera with yellow cords hanging down from the camera is visible, off to the left of the screen. Also, in the same shot at the beginning of this shot (in the upper lefthand corner) you can see a guiding ramp setting the car to go off the bridge.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene at the rave, Yorgi instructs Kirill to shoot the man in the suit. In the initial shot of Yorgi telling him, Kirill puts the cigarette behind his ear. In the following shot, he puts it there again. (00:02:30)

Continuity mistake: When Yelena and X are on the roof of the building he's staying at and Yelena tells him "Remember what I said, after you kissed me? Never again. I lied.", the shot just before he kisses her she is wearing bright red lipstick, but the next shot it's clearly gone. Likely to spare X from red lipstick all over his face.

Factual error: When XXX is taken to meet Samuel L. Jackson at the Opera in Prague he is driven to the front of the Rudolfinum Concert Hall, yet he meets Jackson at either the National Theatre or the State Opera House (it's definitely one of the two), which are across town. Also, the Rudolfinum doesn't produce operas, they are only a concert venue and have a big pipe organ behind their stage.

Continuity mistake: When Xander Cage is hung up by his arms in the barn, he is hit by a man with his left hand holding a large knife in his right hand. When the man hits him again it is with his right hand, which should have the knife still in it, but it doesn't. There is no camera shot of the knife at all when the man hits Cage with his right hand, so where did it go? (00:21:00)

Factual error: When agent Shaver shows Xander the bandage explosive for the first time he tells Xander to stand behind the wall then detonates the explosive while he is standing next to it. Agent shaver states that the explosive is powerful enough to blow a hole in a steel safe or vaporize a human. The explosive doesn't appear to be a shape charge, so the explosive force should have gone in all directions and hurt or killed agent Shaver. (00:45:35)


Factual error: Near the end when all the police cars (the ones with blue writing as opposed to green) show up at the castle, some of them are 'Mestska Policie' which means city police or district police in Czech. In Prague these policemen are only responsible for keeping the peace, ie handing out tickets, preventing bar fights, etc. They would not have been at such an important and dangerous raid. (01:34:50)

Visible crew/equipment: When X jumps the Senators Vette off the bridge, he uses a parked trailer to jump over the side. When the shot cuts to the angle from underneath the bridge, you can clearly see the ramp spanning both lanes of the bridge. (00:08:10)

Continuity mistake: When Xander is snowboarding down the mountain to take out the communications tower, he snowboards goofy (right foot in front) to regular (left foot in front) many times. That either means the stuntman is regular footed, or he would have to do a lot of 180's spins, which is impossible to do when there is a giant wave of snow chasing you.

Visible crew/equipment: During the battle in Colombia, Xander jumps over a fence and when he's seen landing, it is clearly a stunt double.

Other mistake: After Xander escapes the avalanche by grabbing the pole, the avalanche is suddenly over. If it was that big of a avalanche it would have gone a lot farther.

Character mistake: When Asia Argento reveals that she is a Russian agent, she says that she works for the FSB, the Russian CIA. This is wrong, however, the Russian equivalent to the CIA is the SVR, the FSB is more like the FBI.

Continuity mistake: When Xander is in the Diner you can see his watch three times. It shows a different time the first time you can see it than the second and third time. (00:12:40)

Revealing mistake: A rocket launcher that XXX shoots is clearly a camcorder with bits added onto it. You can see the viewfinder from a side shot, and the lens from the front. (01:38:20)

Continuity mistake: When XXX is hanging by his arms in the shed, just before he tells the bad guy he is short, the bad guy is holding onto XXX's shirt. In the next shot of the bad guy, he is isn't holding the shirt, yet in the next shot of XXX, the bad guy's hand is holding the shirt as before. (00:19:45)

Revealing mistake: The reflection of X is not seen in Tony Hawk's sunglasses, just the bridge. (00:09:30)

Continuity mistake: When the Navigator is shot by the helicopters you see it fly up, but while the ugly dude is in it. But when Xander drives off it to get over the Cocaine shack you can obviously can tell that he is not in the car.

Continuity mistake: The first time you see Samuel L. Jackson, his eye on the burnt side is a real pale brown, but throughout the movie his eye changes to a normal brown and then light, then back to dark.

Continuity mistake: When Xander is chasing the sub, he is driving on a road to the left of the river, yet when he comes onto the bridge, the car does a left turn onto the bridge, which indicates that the car was driving down a road to the right of the river. (01:46:20)

Xander Cage: I've been risking my life for a lot of stupid reasons. This is the first one that makes sense to me.

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Trivia: When Cage goes to the party after his Corvette stunt, he starts talking to a girl with bleach blond hair and two tiger paw tattoos on her chest. This is an appearance by Eve, the famous rapper.

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Question: Why did Vin Diesel pull out of the sequel? Why is the sequel called XXX: The State of the Union if it has nothing to do with XXX himself?

Answer: Vin Diesel chose to reject the sequel as he was being offered three different franchises, based on XXX, The Fast and the Furious concept and the character of Riddick (from Pitch Black) - he presumably felt that he couldn't commit to them all. In the end, he chose to go with the Riddick films and reject the others. The sequel is called XXX for the simple reason that the character is still present - they've just recast the role.

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