Blazing Saddles

Continuity mistake: When the crook kicks the door on a building in the fake town it falls over, but the same building falls over again when the dynamite goes off. (01:21:25)

Continuity mistake: When Mongo first comes into town and the man on the horse says "You can't park that animal here," Mongo punches the horse and its rider, and the horse falls. Before the cut to the close up of the man (obviously the stunt double), his head is facing toward the horse's head. After the cut to the close up of the man, his body is facing the opposite direction. (00:46:30)

Continuity mistake: When Mongo gets the "candygram", he closes his eyes BEFORE it explodes in his face. True, that is necessary for safety, but if he would have tilted his head just a little more, his hat would have blocked the view of his eyes. (00:48:15)

Continuity mistake: The scene where the gang stampedes through Rockridge, a thug on horseback lassos a man who is dragged down with the rope slipping down around his feet. As he's dragged foot first through the mud, he says "Well, that's the end of this suit" only now, the rope is up around his chest and under his arms and he's being pulled in a head first direction. (00:14:25)

Continuity mistake: When Mongo is sniffing Taggert's arm, his hat has been knocked down to below his eyes. When the shot changes, the hat is now lifted up above his eyebrows, even though both his hands are still on Taggert.


Continuity mistake: When Sheriff Bart and The Waco Kid are sitting in the sheriff's office, the Waco Kid is shaving. He has shaving cream on his face, he wipes some if it off, leaving some on. Bart kicks a chair and the Waco Kid jumps up and the shaving cream is gone.


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Suggested correction: If you re-watch the scene, yes the Waco Kid shaves and wipes his face. However, when Bart kicks his chair, and both jump up, you see a spot of shaving cream on Jim's face about mid-cheek, and a spot just under his side-burn.

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Continuity mistake: When Waco Kid is lying down on hay bales at the end of the film, there is no horse. All of a sudden when he's invited somewhere by Sheriff Bart, a horse appears. (01:33:50)

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Suggested correction: It is true that the horse suddenly appears, but Jim is reclined on hay bales, not boxes.

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For future reference, this is what the "change the entry's wording" option is for.

This entry is about the sudden appearance of a horse. It has nothing to do with The Waco Kid reclining on boxes nor does the entry say he was reclining on boxes. It says that he's reclining on bales of hay.

It did say bales of hay - I've left the correction and "change wording" comment online for a bit for informational purposes.

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Continuity mistake: When Lamarr gets out of the cab at the Chinese theater there is nobody near the cab, but when the shot of him getting out of the cab is shown, a man has suddenly appeared on the right side of the frame.


Continuity mistake: When Mongo enters Rock Ridge on the steer, the cuff on the chain around his neck instantly switches from open end facing left to facing right in the next cut.


Continuity mistake: When Taggart approaches Mongo at the fire, he pats Mongo's back with his left hand, withdraws it to clap his hands, but the next shot shows Taggart's left hand still patting Mongo's back.


Continuity mistake: When the banner rolls up, it stops with about three inches of material hanging down. When Bart goes to pull the banner down, it's completely rolled up.

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Continuity mistake: When the Sheriff comes into Lili's dressing room, she has her left hand resting on the desk.When she takes the rose you can tell her left arm is down to her side now. When she tells the sheriff to have a seat, she only raises her right arm but in the next shot her left arm is raised with her hand in the desk again.


Continuity mistake: When the two black workers are looking for quicksand, when Taggart and Lyle come into the scene, Charlie's hand is covered with sand, next shot as he moves around to Bart's side of the handcar it's perfectly clean.

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, Harvey Korman gets pie on his face when he's behind the door in the men's room. He then has twice the amount of icing on his face as he is running across the street to hail a taxi.

Continuity mistake: When Taggart is thrown onto the counter in the cafeteria brawl scene, he has food slopped on his stomach, but when he slides to the cash register, the mess of food is now on his chest.


Continuity mistake: When the townspeople are saying their goodbyes to Sheriff Bart, Mongo clobbers a man wearing a derby next to him and the man falls to the ground. The next shot the crowd is still densely packed, but the man Mongo struck is not standing, on the ground, or anywhere to be seen - he has disappeared.


Continuity mistake: In the fake Rock Ridge, Taggert kicks the doors of the Leather and Saddlery store, and it falls over. A moment later, the Leather and Saddlery storefront is back up and the doors explode.

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Continuity mistake: As the taxi Hedley is in approaches Grauman's Chinese Theater, watch the movie title "Blazing Saddles" on the marquees. It moves slightly as the camera pans to keep the taxi in frame. Also, Hedley's suit and face are spotless, despite entering the taxi covered in whipped cream. And, it was afternoon when Lamarr got the cab, but dark at the theater. The studio and theater are only four miles apart.

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Continuity mistake: After Mongo punches the horse and it's down, the snout is pointed toward the chest. In the close up, the head is at a more natural angle.

Continuity mistake: When the crook kicks the door on a building in the fake town it falls over, but the same building falls over again when the dynamite goes off. (01:21:25)

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Jim: Well, it got so that every piss-ant prairie punk who thought he could shoot a gun would ride into town to try out the Waco Kid. I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille. It got pretty gritty. I started to hear the word "draw" in my sleep. Then one day, I was just walking down the street when I heard a voice behind me say, "Reach for it, mister!" I spun around... And there I was, face-to-face with a six-year old kid. Well, I just threw my guns down and walked away. Little bastard shot me in the ass. So I limped to the nearest saloon, crawled inside a whiskey bottle, and I've been there ever since.

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Trivia: The late Richard Pryor, who helped write the screenplay, was originally supposed to play Bart. However, his controversial stand-up comedy routines made it difficult to secure financing. Cleavon Little was eventually cast in Pryor's place.

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Question: Is Gabby Johnson saying "Reverend" or "Rerand" during the church scene?

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