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Corrected entry: When Cleavon little says good morning to the elderly woman, she responds with a nasty "Up yours n*gger" comment. Later on, the woman apologizes for the incident and gives him an apple pie. But the woman who apologizes is not the same actress who insulted him earlier even though it's meant to be the same person.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: I just watched the two scenes and they are the same person. she just appears different due to the low light and angled position of her head. If its her voice that makes you think they are different people, remember she was yelling when they first interacted.


Correction: Anthrax has been known about for a long time. The word was first used in the 1300's. In 1875, it was only the bacterium which caused anthrax that was discovered. Prior to 1875 anthrax was a disease with an unknown pathology. Howard Johnson doesn't mention penicillin though. He mentions Louis Pasteur's vaccine.


Corrected entry: In the fight in the fake Rock Ridge, Mongo pushes the horse over. You can see that it is a fake horse with sound effects.

Mr. Freeze

Correction: Of course it's a fake horse. That's the whole gag of the scene.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: When the gang rides into fake Rock Ridge, the buildings constructed by the townsfolk are two-dimensional. After the explosions begin and the fighting between the two groups begins, the structures are suddenly real. At the end of the picture the street in both towns have sagebrush and desert plants. Earlier in the movie, the town streets are clear.


Correction: After the explosion and the fighting starts, the whole movie shifts to a typical Mel Brooks parody where they break-out of the movie. The scene shows the whole WB lot and the fight spills over into other sets and actors from other movies being filmed. It was a joke and not part of the continuous story. Then at the end, the streets are clear. The desert bushes seen is when the Sheriff and Waco Kid get into a car a drive off, but again a joke.


Corrected entry: After Harvey Korman buys his ticket to enter the movie theater, he goes to the concession stand and asks for Raisinets. Raisinets come in a yellow box. He is given a white box, which either Goobers or Snowcaps are packaged in.

Correction: Raisinets used to come in a white box in the 70s.

Thomas Norris

Corrected entry: The "welcome sheriff" banner rolls up after the realization of the new sheriff's race. Though meant as a sight gag, you can tell the man in the tan suit closest right behind the woman in the blue shawl pulled the banner to make it roll up, though he tried to do it in a sneaky way.

Movie Nut

Correction: It wasn't meant as a sight gag where it rolled up on its own. The man intentionally pulls down on it to roll it up as a sign that he's not welcomed. You can even see he's upset when Bart pulls it back down.


Corrected entry: In the Governor's office, the US flag is a modern flag with all 50 stars. There wouldn't have been nearly as many during the time the film took place.

Correction: It's definitely not a 50-Star flag. The stars on the flag seen in the governor's office are in a row, not offsetting rows. Plus the stars seen are close to each other. On the 50-Star flag the stars have more room between them to allow room for the point of the star in the next row.


Corrected entry: As the announcements are made, a bundle of dynamite is thrown through the window. The fuse is half way burned when the man says "and duck!" When he ducks, the explosion occurs, but the fuse couldn't have burned that fast.

Movie Nut

Correction: Given this film's parodic and absurdist nature, this very likely was intentional.


Corrected entry: In the recruiting scene, the outlaw in the aviator's goggles and jacket is none other than Mel Brooks. He would go on to wear the same outfit in his next film, Silent Movie. (01:10:15)

Correction: Actually, the Aviator jacket and goggles were worn by Marty Feldman, complete with a long white muffler.

Movie Nut

Corrected entry: The elderly woman comes to the window and gives Sheriff Bart an apple pie. He walks two steps from the window then sits it down when she taps the window again. After she finally leaves, we see a wider shot of the room, no pie in sight. (00:50:40)

Correction: He doesn't set the pie down, you see him hand the pie to Jim. Jim had plenty of time to set the pie down on the desk to his right so the audience couldn't see it. When they get up to leave, there's not a clear shot of what's on the desk because the side of the desk is blocking the view.


Corrected entry: In Jim's first scene, after he is straightened out from being upside-down, hanging off the top bunk, he reaches under the pillow for a bottle. He then finishes the remains of the bottle. The level of the liquid changes. It goes from being just above the bottom of the label to being enough for 4-5 big swallows. (00:33:15)

Correction: The amount never changes before he takes a swig. And the level is never just above the bottom of the label, but higher.


Correction: Wilder was hired after the movie started shooting because Gig Young, who was to play the Waco Kid, began foaming at the mouth during the jail cell scene due to extreme DTs. He went to the hospital and Wilder jumped into the part.

Corrected entry: A man and his horse are being hanged. When Hedley Lamarr looks out of his office window for the second time, he tells Boris he has a special, and Boris replies: I couldn't possibly fit him in until Monday, sir. I'm booked solid. The scene shows the man sitting on his horse, on the scaffold - and you can see power lines in the background. Movie is set in 1874.


Correction: They could have been telegraph wires, which were in operation in the US since 1844.


Corrected entry: In the scene at the end of the film when the entire cast runs through the main gates of the studio and out into the street, Hedley Lamarr hails a taxi. As he gets in, a couple of people who are supposed to fight and chase each other are seen on the other side of the street just standing there, seemingly waiting for someone to yell "cut."

Correction: Not everyone in the scene is supposed to be fighting. We see some men hugging (and even kissing).

Corrected entry: Where does Madeline Khan come from? In one scene we see her tied to a stove in Hadley's office, then we see her with the towns people about to blow up the fake 'Rockridge'.

Phillip Churchfield

Correction: Hedley probably released her after he was done scolding her. We saw in the scene when he brings her flowers that he cares about her at least a little bit, and would have no reason to keep her captive for a long period of time.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Bart and Jim are finding out what Hedley Lamarr is up to, Hedley shoots a man for chewing gum. Two minutes later he shoots the gun twice more, which is impossible with a two-shot Derringer.

Correction: A sharpster like Hedley Lamarr could reload a Derringer ten times in two minutes, and he's offscreen for most of that time. If I only had one gun, I'd keep it loaded - wouldn't you?

Corrected entry: In the scene where Gene Wilder demonstrates his "quick-draw" speed to Clevon Little, you can see Clevon drop the chess piece Wilder was supposed to snatch from the board, in his lap.

Correction: The chess piece is not the one Gene Wilder snatched up. If you look closely you can see that Cleavon Little dislodged the one to his right when he spread his hands apart and it fell.

Corrected entry: During Lily's "I'm Tired" number, watch when she reaches to rest her hand on the shelf behind her. She obviously misses the first time.

Correction: It was a deliberate (and subtle) visual gag. Madeline Kahn was a brilliant and talented actress with a wonderful comedy sense. Because she was so good, the deliberate mistake looks real.

Corrected entry: When the Waco Kid supposedly steals the king from the sheriff as they are playing chess, the real king falls out of the sheriff's hand as he pretends to grab it. It still lies there throughout the rest of the scene.


Correction: It's not the king lying on the chess board. Bart knocks over a pawn.

Correction: The king didn't fall, he knocked a different piece over.

Corrected entry: On the DVD in the shot where Mongo punches out the horse, the microphone is visible in the bottom right corner of the screen.

Correction: I"ve checked carefully and I can't see it.


Continuity mistake: When Taggart approaches Mongo at the fire, he pats Mongo's back with his left hand, withdraws it to clap his hands, but the next shot shows Taggart's left hand still patting Mongo's back.


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Hedley Lamarr: My mind is a raging torrent, flooded with rivulets of thought cascading into a waterfall of creative alternatives.
Taggart: God darnit, Mr. Lamarr, you use your tongue prettier than a twenty dollar whore.

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Trivia: The language that the Indians speak is actually Yiddish. (00:39:55)

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Question: Is Gabby Johnson saying "Reverend" or "Rerand" during the church scene?

Seth Cain

Chosen answer: Reverend.


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