The Warriors

New this week Other mistake: At the end when the Rogues show up to see if the Warriors want to play, Swan says he'll lead them to the sand. He asks the rest of the crew if they're all packed, and when Snow asks the same, Swan pulls out a switchblade. Where did he get it? They were supposed to be unarmed when they headed up to the Bronx. If he broke the rules and had it the whole night, I would think he might have pulled it earlier while bopping his way back to Coney.

Other mistake: The gang gets separated after an intense cop chase through the subway station, and Cochise, Rembrandt, Vermin escape safely aboard, ending up in Union Square. The train stops, and the guys step out; noticing no one is around. Rembrandt then comments that nobody has shown up. From the cam angles they are obviously looking at the empty platform straight ahead (right) from how their bodies are positioned in the subway door.Suddenly Vermin says, 'something else just showed up!' and the cam flips left to reveal a gang of girls watching them from a stairwell - which is obviously straight across from the tracks. Except, the guys' focus never left the empty platform. They wouldn't have noticed the girls standing straight left of them unless they'd been looking around, which they were not. Just a simple editing error. (00:50:50 - 00:51:55)


Other mistake: The Rogues stop to make a phone call at a candy store. The meeting in the Bronx was at midnight so it's got to be 2 or 3am. What on earth is a candy store with a little girl working there doing open at that time with nobody on the streets?


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