The Warriors

Continuity mistake: After Ajax is arrested Swan goes to the station with "tough chick", the first time you see the train platform it's empty but a few seconds later a man has appeared from nowhere, then a policeman sees Swan and chases him and the man has once again vanished. (00:55:25)

Continuity mistake: At the subway when Mercy and Fox were running down the stairs from the cops, they showed a back shot of Mercy and it was clearly another woman. Her hair was about shoulder length and straight. Mercy's hair is longer, and curly.

Continuity mistake: When Cowboy and Ajax are running from the Furies they stop running to fight them and Cowboy gets hit and his hat falls off. When he lands on the ground it's back on his head.

Continuity mistake: When Vermin says to the woman,"Looks like you're the winner." they both sit down and start to kiss, but in the next shot when Rembrandt and Cochese start talking, you can clearly see Vermin walking by talking to the woman.

Continuity mistake: In the graveyard scene, after the meeting, Rembrandt is shown at the top of this statue looking for the train station. In the next shot with Swan, in the background Rembrandt is seen still climbing up the statue.

Continuity mistake: When Cyrus is giving his speech his shirt and robe are quite open (open enough to see a necklace), but when he's shot his clothes have buttoned themselves. (00:12:00)

Continuity mistake: When the Warriors are back home and they step off the train, the woman who is with Swan has a pink top on and it is really dirty on the front, but when they go and find some weapons in the abandoned warehouse she has only got a small mark on the front the size of a hand, as she did earlier on in the film.

Continuity mistake: When Mercy asks Swan "you gonna jump me?", the Orphans can be seen standing in the background, even though they haven't arrived on the scene yet.

Continuity mistake: In the subway station, when the Turnbull A.C.'s recognize the Warriors, they turn the bus around and begin a fierce chase. The distance shots of them chasing the Warriors do not match up. Several times the AC's appear to gain on the Warriors, and a few other times the Warriors are way ahead of the AC's just prior to escaping up the subway stairs.


Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when The Warriors are back home in Coney Island and ready to confront the gang that set them up, you can see the rides, boardwalk, surrounding apartments in the background. However when they take the gang down to the beach all of the background scenery that definitely would still be visible disappears. There is no way they are still on the beach in Coney Island.

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene where the Warriors are talking amongst themselves, the shot shows Ajax say to what is presumably Vermin (due to the curly hair, necklace and the fact he's taller than Ajax) "Maybe we'll get to waste a few heads along the way." The shot then flips to show Cleon, not Vermin, who responds "You just soldier and keep your mouth shut." The shot once again flips to show Ajax and the back of Vermin's head. (00:05:30)

Continuity mistake: The girl with the Warriors started the film with red high heels that had a single strap over her toes, but when we see her feet on the subway and for the rest of the film, her shoes are black with a split strap.

Continuity mistake: Swan tears a piece of the girl's skirt to make the fuse for the Molotov Cocktail, but her skirt is never shown to have a tear in it after that scene.

Continuity mistake: When the 'Punks' first come into the bathroom looking for the 'Warriors', there is a panning, establishing shot of the whole bathroom. All three of the big mirrors in the bathroom are already broken, and the only thing left of them is the dark-colored backing material hanging on the wall. As the fight breaks out, several of the gang members are subsequently thrown against now-unbroken mirrors, shattering them dramatically.

Continuity mistake: When Swan throws his baseball bat at the cops knees in the train station, the cop falls forward with his hat still on. A few seconds later the cop's hat has somehow gotten behind him. (00:56:10)

Continuity mistake: In the Coney Island scene near the end of the movie, where the car that The Rogues are tailing The Warriors in stops, in the background shot you can see that the elevated boardwalk adjacent to the car is located about the same level as the roof of the car, and is ascending upwards towards the front of the car. In the next scene with a closeup of Luther clinking the bottles in his hand, the boardwalk is all of a sudden located much lower at the car seat level and is now descending downwards towards the front of the car.

Continuity mistake: In the Coney Island scene the sky is clear and sunny when the Warriors and Rouges are talking, overcast when the Riffs appear, sunny when the Riffs jump the Rouges and overcast as the Warriors walk the beach.

Continuity mistake: The girl hanging with the Warriors is wearing high heels, but when she is running from the police through the 96th St. station with Swan, she is wearing sneakers.

Continuity mistake: When Ajax is face to face with the Baseball Fury, the Fury extends his arm and the bat sides down to the handle. From the back angle, he is choked down a little on the bat grip. There is space between his hand and the knot on the bottom of the bat grip. They then show the front angle where his hand is all the way down at the bottom of the grip area. They again show the back angle, and he one again is choked down a little on the grip.


Continuity mistake: Towards the end, before Luther uses the bottles to call the Warriors, they park beside a ramp which changes side between shots.


Factual error: In the scene where the Warriors are hiding from the Turnbull A.C.'s under the elevated subway they look up at the train that is approaching the station. The train is marked as a "J" train. At that point they are still in the Bronx. The "J" train never runs in the Bronx.

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Cyrus: Can you dig it?!

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Trivia: The action that Luther does using the 3 bottles to scare the warriors was not in the script, the director just told David Patrick Kelly "do whatever you want."


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Question: Why are the gang members so spread out? I know there was the truce but surely they would he wary of anything going wrong? I know they needed to show off the different gangs but you will see one member of a gang in the middle of 4-5 members of the same gang, surely people would be more cautious than this.


Answer: There was a truce, but just in case you want different members in different parts of the crowd to see all angels and all exits in case of something. You plan if something goes wrong where everybody will be.

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