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Corrected entry: During auditions, the Writer (Yurick) and the Casting Manager did not want Michael Beck as Swan, as he looked too old at age 27. The Warriors were all supposed to be 16 to 24. But Walter Hill was so impressed by Beck's performance in Xanadu and his audition for this film that he cast him anyway.

Correction: Xanadu came out in 1980, one year after The Warriors, and Michael Beck has even stated that Xanadu "closed all the doors that Warriors opened". It's true that Walter Hill did see Beck in an earlier performance and gave him the role of Swan but it wasn't Xanadu. Also many would agree that Beck's performance in Xanadu was so bad that it wouldn't have even got him a McDonald's commercial.

Gavin Jackson

Corrected entry: When the Warriors are being chased by the Orphans, the lady who is with them is running too. She is at the rear along with a Warrior. By the time they get to the subway, they are a good distance back, but by the time the Warriors reach the actual train, she has caught up to them. She is wearing high heels, so there is no way she could have caught up to them: they were running as fast as they could.


Correction: At this point in the movie, the Warriors have not yet met the lady (Mercy), so she is not in the scene. However, there is a continuity error as the Fox character keeps changing positions in relation to the other Warriors. Is it possible you are mistaking an out of position Fox for the lady?

Corrected entry: The Baseball Furies chase the Warriors for about 3 minutes non-stop through the park. Most of this time, the Furies and the Warriors are running as fast as they can, especially the main guy in the front closest to the Warriors. When Ajax and Cowboy of the Warriors finally decide to stop and fight, everybody running comes to a complete stop. The Baseball Furies gang member is not sweating and he's not even breathing hard. I don't know anybody, no matter how fit, who can sprint for 3 minutes and then not even breathe hard.


Correction: Watch the scene again a little more carefully. After he knocks Cowboy down, he turns around. There's a shot of him showing his teeth to Ajax and his shoulders are heaving a bit as if trying to catch his breath.

Corrected entry: In the confrontation with The Orphans, one of The Warriors uses a petrol bomb that was hanging on a string round his neck, but at the beginning of the film much is made of the fact that they are unarmed. If they made the petrol bomb after the hassle in Central Park then it is a really bad piece of editing/continuity.

Correction: In the beginning of the movie they did say they were going in like everybody else, 9 guys with no weapons. But these guys were gang members and there is no way any gang is going to totally follow the "rules". They had to go in there with something. I'm pretty sure there were a lot more gang members, from other gangs, packing weapons.

Correction: The Rogues brought a handgun to the meeting, which Luther used to shoot Cyrus of course. So obviously none of the gangs would show up to the meeting completely unarmed. There was no telling how things would go down, as we witnessed with the cops showing up, causing the riot. Nor what would or wouldn't happen during the journey home afterward.

Corrected entry: Just before the fight in the subway toilet, Swan and Mercy are being watched from a distance by the rival gang. The rest of the Warriors come down the steps and Swan gestures so that they too can see the rival gang. Why are the rival gang oblivious to the Warriors' presence? Surely this is just line-of-sight.

Correction: When Mercy told Swan that the three guys were after him he said that he already knew it. He was playing it cool. It's probable that the gang members were doing the same with the other members of the Warriors, as a slew of other gang members came out of nowhere after the Warriors went into the toilet to wait for the other gang to come in and fight.

Correction: It was a line of sight, alongside perspective. That gang was the Punks. Mercy told Swan they were looking for him. And we could see that their focus was on him, even when the other Warriors showed up. The Punks may or may not have noticed the others, due the poles or station wall (line of sight) as Swan was gesturing to them. When he and Mercy start walking behind them toward the men's room, The Punks follow, and they never take their eyes off Swan.

Let's not forget the other Punks that were in hiding until after the Warriors start making their way to the bathroom. The three members that they see definitely know they're there and are being just like Swan in playing it cool. They're not concerned because they have backup from the other members that are in hiding.


Corrected entry: In the opening sequence when the warriors are on the train, Rembrandt is looking at a map of the train lines on the right of him there is a woman sitting down in a light blue coat, in a later scene when the warriors escape the turnbull A.C's and are on the train Rembrandt checks the map again and the same woman wearing the blue coat is there.

Correction: Not necessarily a mistake at all. I see the same people on various trips on the bus all the time - to my destination and back home. It's really not that uncommon.

Corrected entry: When Ajax is handcuffed to the bench the police officer hits him in the stomach with his club. When Ajax looks up his lip is bleeding.

Correction: The blood on his mouth is not from his lip bleeding but blood that has been coughed up as a result of being hit in the stomach with a billy club.

Corrected entry: At the beginning when Ajax says to Cleon, "I wouldn't mind busting a few heads", Cleon is wearing a head veil (when seen from the back). But when the camera turns to Cleon to see him respond with something like, "You just keep your head down", the veil is gone.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: The whole entry is wrong, the quotes used, the fact that Cleon is wearing a veil but also when the back of what is supposedly "Cleon" is actually Fox due to the fact that the actor's neck is white, he has curly hair and is wearing a necklace like Fox.

Corrected entry: Cyrus' math is wrong. "You are standing with 9 delegates from a hundred gangs. There's a hundred more. That's twenty thousand members" Um no, that's 2 thousand.


Correction: He's talking about the total number of gang members (200 gangs averaging 100 members in each gang is 20,000.) Some gangs were smaller than others, but there isn't 10 members per gang, The Warriors has 120+ members. The point of the meeting was to discuss the fact that gang members outnumbered the cops 5 to 1, so 20,000 is a more accurate figure than 2,000.


Based only on the film, after all, this is a MOVIE mistake site, where do you come up your numbers and if the Warriors had 120 members, wouldn't they perhaps support their "brothers" when they got back to CI?


There's a deleted scene (from the film) where Cleon mentions 120+ members. And the Gramercy Riffs are larger than that. But even so, the film credits more than 10 people as a Warrior, Riff, Baseball Fury, or Lizzie gang member. The gangs are bigger than 10 members on average. Again, it's about the total number of gang members, not delegates.


Corrected entry: During the battle scene in the toilets, at least one member of the rival gang is seen being thrown through a latched toilet door. This means the door would have to have been locked from the inside. Earlier the warriors had emerged from these toilets, so they are not locked, unless during the battle someone went back in the toilets, locking the doors and climbing back out over the top. If the doors were not locked, surely they would just swing open if someone went through them.

Correction: The stall doors all open outward (as we see in the beginning of the scene when the gang members all burst out through them). So if a person were being thrown into a closed door from outside the stall, the door would logically break because it would be getting forced in the wrong direction - not because it's locked.

Corrected entry: When Swan tells the Warriors that they have to go back home, Vermin says, "Coney Island must be fifty to a hundred miles from here." Not only is New York City not that big, but Vermin should know that it's only about 25 miles, since he took the train ride earlier that night.

Correction: He is exaggerating. This is not even a character mistake.


Correction: Vermin was not the brightest crayon in the box if you recall his briefing with the Lizzie gang girl. She told him the Warriors were pretty well known and that 'word gets around', which he daftly mistakes as a compliment instead of a hinted warning.

Corrected entry: Why invite a largely uncivilised group like the Rogues? Surely one of the other gangs mentioned to the Riffs that they were loose cannons, and likely to betray them. Also, it becomes apparent that not all gangs (e.g. the Orphans) were not invited to the meeting.

Andy Benham Premium member

Correction: The Riffs invited all of the major gangs in the city no matter who they were. Cyrus believed he could change everyone and unite as one big gang. So he was wrong. Character mistake.

Correction: The Orphans are low-class, according to Fox's input, so presumably, they are dismissed by the larger, dominant gangs in the area. They wouldn't have been notified of the truce.

Corrected entry: The 'Punks' are chasing the 'Warriors' through the subway, and end up trapping them in a public bathroom. There is a shot of the outside of the bathroom door showing it to be a flat, featureless door with the word 'MEN' written across it. When the 'Punks' burst through the door, as it is opened, the shot from inside the bathroom now shows the door now has a large vent/grill installed about eye-level, and there is no word 'MEN' on it.

Correction: The featureless part that says "MEN" on it is not the door, but it is outside the door so you cannot see inside the bathroom. When you actually see the door, it always has a vent and no words on it. The door is also black and not green like the featureless wooden part.

Corrected entry: In the scene when Cochise and Snow are talking about going in with nothing, Snow says,"we're going in like everybody else, nine guys and no weapons". There are only eight Warriors....1) Cleon 2) Swan 3) Ajax 4) Snow 5) Cochise 6) Cowboy 7) Rembrandt and 8) Vermin.

Correction: The ninth Warrior was "The Fox" who was thrown in front of a train by a transit cop.

Corrected entry: Fox witnesses Luther (the leader of the Rogues) shoot Cyrus but he never tells anyone.

Correction: It didn't matter for most of the film if any of the Warriors witnessed Luther shooting Cyrus since all the other gangs throughout the city were already convinced that it was the Warriors' doing. Also, nobody outside the gang would have believed them; it wasn't until a member of another gang came forward and told the Gramercy Riffs (Cyrus' gang) that Luther was the culprit that the Warriors were cleared of any wrongdoing.


Correction: Considering the meeting was projected a truce, or a night of peace, the other gang's members most likely didn't want to ruffle feathers or stir things up for "narking" which may not have gone down well, even at a peace meeting. This was addressed before, and the response was the same, about no-one else wanting to make waves if they also witnessed the shooting.

Continuity mistake: At the subway when Mercy and Fox were running down the stairs from the cops, they showed a back shot of Mercy and it was clearly another woman. Her hair was about shoulder length and straight. Mercy's hair is longer, and curly.

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Fox: We're not going to hide who we are just because some whore shakes her ass.

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Trivia: In the scene were Mercy claims to have stolen the coat because the cops are looking for somebody in a pink top, she actually had to wear the coat to cover a cast on her wrist which she broke while being pulled by Fox in the 96th street station chase just before Fox's sad departure.

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Question: Why would the Riffs instantly believe that The Warriors did it? Wouldn't it have made sense, especially with the sheer numbers of The Riffs, that they search Cleon and anyone still there who they can get hold of?


Answer: The Riffs were informed of the Warriors' innocence of wrongdoing by a member of another gang who had no reason to lie on behalf of the Warriors or to frame Luther (the actual culprit). Apparently Luther had a reputation for dishonesty, among other things, whereas the Warriors were considered to be among the city's more "honorable" gangs.


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