The Warriors

Trivia: In the scene were Mercy claims to have stolen the coat because the cops are looking for somebody in a pink top, she actually had to wear the coat to cover a cast on her wrist which she broke while being pulled by Fox in the 96th street station chase just before Fox's sad departure.

Trivia: The action that Luther does using the 3 bottles to scare the warriors was not in the script, the director just told David Patrick Kelly "do whatever you want."


Trivia: Originally, Fox was supposed to be Mercy's love interest, but the two actors had no chemistry. This resulted in the love interest being changed to Swan, which combined with other conflicts caused the actor who played Fox to leave the film. His death was written in to deal with this, and the actor demanded his name be removed from the credits.

Trivia: Some members of the New York gangs got upset because they were not invited to be part of the film, and also damaged some of the crew equipment.


Trivia: The face painting of the Baseball Furies was partially inspired by the rock band KISS.


Trivia: The actress who played Mercy hurt her wrist during filming and required a cast. Her wearing the stolen jacket was written into the film so she could hide the cast.

Trivia: Originally there were two other gang members from other gangs along with The Fox who'd stepped up to report to the Riffs about who shot Cyrus. But The Fox actor quit so those scenes were cut. The cut footage is evident toward the end when the Riff member tells the head Riff there was someone he needed to speak to.


Trivia: When Cochise, Rembrandt and Vermin are fleeing the cops at the train station, they run past a bearded man with a blue sweater and flat cap who comforts his girlfriend. This man is director Walter Hill in a cameo.

Gavin Jackson

Factual error: In the scene where the Warriors are hiding from the Turnbull A.C.'s under the elevated subway they look up at the train that is approaching the station. The train is marked as a "J" train. At that point they are still in the Bronx. The "J" train never runs in the Bronx.

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Cyrus: Can you dig it?!

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Question: Why are the gang members so spread out? I know there was the truce but surely they would he wary of anything going wrong? I know they needed to show off the different gangs but you will see one member of a gang in the middle of 4-5 members of the same gang, surely people would be more cautious than this.


Answer: There was a truce, but just in case you want different members in different parts of the crowd to see all angels and all exits in case of something. You plan if something goes wrong where everybody will be.

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