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Alien picture

Other mistake: When Ripley is trying to deactivate the self-destruct mode, the instructions she follows on the container are actually just the French interpretation of the instructions she read to activate self-destruct before.

Jack Vaughan

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The Muppet Movie picture

Other mistake: Whenever Fozzie is driving the Studebaker, the movements of the car don't correspond to the way he moves the steering wheel (he tends to crank it back and forth a lot).

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Monty Python's Life of Brian picture

Other mistake: When Brian is being chased by people who believe he is the Messiah, Brian loses a sandal. They all think it's a sign and run after him with one sandal in their hand. Thing is, when you see them, thay all have both sandals on their feet, yet most of them are holding a sandal. Where did they all get their third sandal from?


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Zulu Dawn picture

Other mistake: The scene where the British army is crossing the Buffalo River is in the historic place but they are crossing in the wrong direction.

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Phantasm picture

Other mistake: When Jody finds the dwarf in the car and recognizes it to be his deceased friend Tommy, he has a quick flashback to Tommy in the coffin and the exact moment Tommy was murdered. But the second flashback makes no sense, Jody never saw Tommy being killed and was told by Reggie that he committed suicide.

Gavin Jackson

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Zombi 2 picture

Other mistake: In the last shot of the film, the zombies are walking across the bridge to New York City. Below, there are cars on both sides of the bridge driving to and from the island with absolutely no concern for the chaos that is supposedly taking place. I guess the filmmakers couldn't stop traffic for a few minutes to get the shot?

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Apocalypse Now picture

Other mistake: During the arrow attack Chief Phillips says to Captain Willard, "you son of a bitch, you f@$". The closed captioning here is wrong and indicates he says "you bastard". (02:22:15)


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Kramer vs Kramer picture

Other mistake: In the scene where an unemployed Ted Kramer character is in the offices of another advertising firm negotiating with two executives for a job, he tells them he will take a pay cut if they hire him but that this is a one-time offer. The executives are reluctant to make a decision because supposedly, it is Friday at 4:30 p.m., the weekend before Christmas. However, the shot through the window behind where Ted is sitting shows a bright and sunny New York City, probably at high noon since there are no building shadows. If it were really 4:30 p.m., the city would obviously be much darker, particularly in late December. Also, given the greenery that can be seen, it is probably not even winter.

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Mad Max picture

Other mistake: When Max's wife goes to get ice cream, you can see Max's black Interceptor in the driveway of one of the house, right before one of the bikers loses his hand.

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Drunken Master 2 picture

Other mistake: When Jackie is singing in the restaurant and the evil guys tell everyone to leave, there is an old man on the stairs in the background. Two shots later the stairs are shown again and the man is gone. He was walking too slow to have gotten off of the screen that fast.

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The Amityville Horror picture

Other mistake: When George is in the basement, his son starts walking down the stairs. Suddenly a light bulb shatters right next to the boy's head, he screams, and falls violently down the stairs. But when it cuts to George coming over, he's just walking at a normal pace as though nothing happened. (This is just after they move in, before the evil spirits take hold of George, so there's no reason for him not to be alarmed.).


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Rock 'n' Roll High School picture

Other mistake: Before the hall monitor folds the note into a paper airplane, the note has creases as is it was already folded into a paper airplane, and then flattened out for a different take.

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The Frisco Kid picture

Other mistake: When Harrison Ford and Gene Wilder are being chased by the bad guys, they're discussing whether the sun is setting, and there is a shot of the sun going behind a ridge. When the actors are shown again they are in full light, and not in shadow as they would be if the sun was going down, even though Gene is bobbing up and down as if he's making the sun go higher or lower by the position of his head. (This is so that they can remount once the sun has gone down, as the Jewish day of rest will have ended.)

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Star Trek: The Motion Picture picture

Other mistake: When the robotic Ilya punches her way out of sick bay, the edges of the hole should be pointed outward, and there should be debris on the floor. There is no debris, and the edges are pointing inward.

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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Salem's Lot picture

Other mistake: When Larry Crocket runs out of the house in his underwear and gets attacked by Barlow, later when the police find him his clothes are in the car. How is that possible when he ran out of the house with his clothes still inside?

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The Warriors picture

Other mistake: The Rogues stop to make a phone call at a candy store. The meeting in the Bronx was at midnight so it's got to be 2 or 3am. What on earth is a candy store with a little girl working there doing open at that time with nobody on the streets?


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Nosferatu: Phantom der Nacht picture

Other mistake: The carriage brought back the ill Jonathan to Lucy's home in Wisper. But in the road before her door, you can see a modern manhole cover. The film is set in the 19th Century. At that time there was no sewer. (01:13:15)

Vince van Riet

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The Onion Field picture

Other mistake: The Onion Field is a true story about a cop who who is murdered on March 9, 1963. In the film prior to the murder one of the suspects is shown watching General Hospital on TV. GH didn't debut until April 1 1963, that almost a month after the murder happened. (00:20:55)


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1941 picture

Other mistake: The chandelier falls at the crystal ballroom and Wally drops. You can see he's nowhere near it but he still falls down.

manthabeat Premium member

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H.O.T.S. picture

Other mistake: Teri Lynn, the founding member of HOTS, who comes from somewhere like Arkansas or West Virginia's accent disappears from the movie several times.


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