Phantasm (1979)

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Revealing mistake: You can see the stick making the finger move when it's in the box. (00:38:20)

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Visible crew/equipment: After Reggie touches the metal poles, he goes flying backwards. As he hit's the floor, you can see a thick white rope attached to his left foot. (01:11:10)

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Audio problem: When Mike is outside, in the strong winds, yelling "Jody," his mouth doesn't match up with the audio, and sometimes his mouth doesn't move at all. (01:12:00)

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Other mistake: When Jody finds the dwarf in the car and recognizes it to be his deceased friend Tommy, he has a quick flashback to Tommy in the coffin and the exact moment Tommy was murdered. But the second flashback makes no sense, Jody never saw Tommy being killed and was told by Reggie that he committed suicide.

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Continuity mistake: When Mike hides in a casket, as he gets out, the lighter jumps from lying on the side of the casket, to in his right hand. (00:33:00)

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Revealing mistake: When the silver sphere flies into the guy's head, if you look closely, the wire attached to it is visible. This was shot with the ball being pulled away then the footage was reversed.

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Continuity mistake: As Mike escapes from Morningside, two dwarves steal one of his trainers. He has it back on in all later scenes though. (00:36:55)

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Continuity mistake: Mike has a shotgun as he is trapped in the hearse. He then blows the window to pieces and jumps out, and the shotgun is not in his hands. Then when he hits the ground, the shotgun is back. (01:02:40)

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Continuity mistake: At the beginning of the movie, when the girl is having sex with a guy, her legs are parallel to his, then it cuts to her sitting up on him. It's not physically possible for legs be flat on the ground whilst sitting up like that.

Continuity mistake: When Mike returns home, after the dwarves attacked him and the girls, he sits down with Jody. On the table next to them is a bottle of beer. But when Jody picks up Mike to take him upstairs, the beer has gone. (00:57:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Mike is working under the car he is lying on his back. After it falls off the jack he is on his stomach, but there is no room for him to have turned. (00:27:25)

Continuity mistake: After the car falls off the jack Mike manages to squeeze himself out from under it. When he stands up the car is raised on the jack again. (00:27:20)

Continuity mistake: After getting attacked by the dwarf, Jody runs to the window to escape, with nothing in his hands. In the next shot as he climbs out, he has his flashlight in his hand. (00:44:55)

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Continuity mistake: When the door slams on The Tall Man's fingers, you can clearly tell that no fingers are really sticking out of the door when the door actually shuts. (00:36:10)

Continuity mistake: As Mike opens the box, just before the big fly jumps out, the box is sitting on a small mat on the table. But in the close-up of the fly popping out of the box, the small mat isn't under the box. (00:39:25)

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Continuity mistake: Mike and the girls stop because they see Reggie's ice cream van turned over in the road. But after the dwarves attack, and the girls drive off, the ice cream van has vanished. (00:54:45 - 00:56:55)

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Revealing mistake: When the Tall Man falls into the mine shaft, but grabs onto the ground around it, the whole ground around him wobbles badly. (01:18:40)

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Mike: I know you're not going to believe this, but these things were here, right in the garage, and they were going to get me.
Jody: Aww, give me a break, would you?
Mike: They were jumping on the car and making these weird sounds.
Jody: You're sure it wasn't that retarded kid, Timmy, up the street?
Mike: No, it was the same thing that chased me last night.

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Trivia: Angus Scrim, who played the villainous "Tall Man," really was quite tall in real life, coming in at 6'4." However, the director had him wear platform shoes to make him even taller. As seen in the film, he's about 6'7", or a full ten inches taller than the average man.


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