Phantasm (1979)

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Continuity mistake: When the Tall Man is chasing Mike, Mike treads in a pool of mud, and then his trouser legs get covered in mud. Moments later, as he continues running, his trousers are clean. (01:17:30)

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Continuity mistake: When Mike pulls the gear stick of his car in a close-up, he has blue trousers on. When he gets out to check the car, he has brown trousers on. (00:10:10)

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Continuity mistake: As Mike is working under his car, a ratchet wheel next to his hammer appears and then vanishes from shot to shot. (00:26:25)

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Revealing mistake: When Mike is locked in his room, you can see a hole in the door from a kick in a previous take. (00:58:45)

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Revealing mistake: When Tall Man picks up the casket and shoves it in the hearse, you can see that the backside is flat and has no handle. You can also see the ties holding the flowers onto the casket. (00:07:50)

Revealing mistake: When that big fly jumps out of the shredder, the white string that pulls it can be seen. (00:42:55)

Factual error: Mike attaches a shotgun shell to a hammer to blow a hole in a door. This would be quite likely to kill him - in a shotgun blast, the explosive force, and hence the buckshot, is channelled along the gun barrel. Without a barrel to channel the force, the blast would send buckshot in all directions. (01:00:40)

Revealing mistake: Reggie runs out of Morningside, and then as he runs down the stairs you can see the shadows of two crewmembers cast on the steps beside Reggie's shadow. (01:12:20)

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Continuity mistake: When the sphere hits the man in the head it drains his blood. But when we see him lying on the ground there is no sign of the blood. (00:35:00)

Continuity mistake: When Mike smashes the window at Morningside, the glass shards around the window frame appear / disappear from shot to shot. (00:30:30)

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Continuity mistake: A 1977 Oregon license plate is on the 1971 black Barracuda - 9GR 635, later that same plate is on a VW, when Mike flies out the back window.

The Tall Man: You think when you die, you go to heaven. You come to us.

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Trivia: The film was inspired by a dream writer/director Don Coscarelli had, in which he was being chased down an endless corridor by a floating metallic ball with a needle sticking out of it.


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