Toy Story 2

Question: When Woody is trying to explain to Jesse, Stinky Pete and Bullseye why he was at the yard sale before Al finds him, Stinky Pete interrupts him. Why?

Answer: As we learn later, Stinky Pete has his own agenda. He's seizing on the fact that Woody was being sold as a way to convince Woody to go to the museum.

Question: During the elevator fight scene, why was Rex scared of Zurg and his ion blaster? He must have known that Zurg was just a toy, and that he couldn't really hurt Utility Belt Buzz.


Chosen answer: Rex has played so much of the Buzz Lightyear video game that his concept of what is real and what is fake is a little skewed. Having a alternate Buzz with them, that does not believe he is a toy, does not help matters.

Question: Given that the remote was right in front of her, how is it possible that Jessie could miss seeing who turned on the TV?


Answer: She simply didn't notice that the remote wasn't in front of her, and Pete must have been extra sneaky.

Answer: She was "asleep" so it's possible that the angle her head was at she couldn't see.

Question: During the introduction to Woody's Roundup, as Woody watches himself come through the swinging saloon doors, the area around his holster appears blurry. Was this in keeping with the degraded quality of the tape footage, or is this censorship of a gun?

Answer: It isn't Woody's holster that's blurred, it's his hand. And yes, the blurred effect is due to the video tape's degeneration.

Question: When Al is talking to the Japanese man on the phone, he ends the phone call with "Don't touch my mustache." What does he mean by this? Is this a Japanese term that sounds like don't touch my mustache? (Similar to when everybody yells "have a paper bag!" at Harryhausen's in Monster's Inc?)

Answer: "Douitashimashite" is the Japanese word for You're welcome. Phonetically, it sounds like "Don't touch my mustache." It's how we were taught to say it while living in Japan in the military. If you say it fast enough, you can sound like you are pronouncing the word decently enough (although clearly not THAT accurately.)

Shannon Jackson

Question: When the main body of the toys and the "false" Buzz, and then also the "real" Buzz are climbing up the elevator shaft to rescue Woody, how do any of them know which specific floor/vent intake to get off at?


Answer: The new store Buzz watched as the elevator stopped at floor 23, the penthouse. When they were all in the elevator shaft there was one vent opening under the number 23 printed on the wall, so that's where they entered, then they walked until they heard the sound of Woody's voice.

Super Grover

Question: What age is Andy in this movie?

Answer: In Toy Story, Andy's birthday is in the summer (Sid was at camp and "must've been kicked out early"), with Andy presumably turning 6 years old and Molly approx 10-12 months old (she's not more than a 1 year old), then at the end of Toy Story it's Christmas, which is at least 4 months later. In Toy Story 2, it's August when Andy goes to cowboy camp, then at the end of the movie Andy's mom encourages Molly as the toddler walks toward her. So it seems Toy Story 2 takes place the following summer after the family's move, which is 1 year after the start of Toy Story, with Andy having just turned 7 and Molly being about 2 years old. If, however, Toy Story 2 takes place 2 years after the start of Toy Story, that would mean Andy just turned 8 and Molly would be about 3 and delayed at walking on her own.

Super Grover

Answer: Not all toys are alive. I believe Andy has some Lincoln Logs that we never see moving around. It's probably down to having vaguely human or animal characteristics that gives them life.

Captain Defenestrator

Question: When the toys are trying to get into the big building, Rex comments that they can use balloons to float to the 23rd floor. Could this have possibly been a reference to Up, or just a coincidence? The teaser trailer for Wall-e shows that they had the idea for Wall-e almost 15 years before it being made, so was the idea of Up being developed around the time of Toy Story 2?

Answer: It's pretty safe to say that this is purely a coincidence; most sources suggest that the idea for Up was developed in the very early 2000's, at least a couple of years after Toy Story 2 was released. It's possible that the seeds of the idea were in place prior to that, but, regardless, it's highly unlikely that Pixar would put in an intentional reference to a film that would not be released for another decade and would certainly not have been greenlit at the time.


Question: Near the beginning, Buzz says something about drinking hot smores. What are smores?

Answer: Buzz tries to reassure Woody by telling him that soon he and Andy will be sitting at a campfire "making delicious hot shmoes," then Woody corrects him and says, "They're called s'mores." Well, these campfire s'mores are made of marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker. Toast marshmallow over campfire flame, place it with chocolate sandwiched between graham crackers, so the hot gooey marshmallow heats the chocolate. It's said to have originated in the 1920s by the Girl Scouts, and received its name when kids asked for "Some more!"

Super Grover

Question: When the toys run into Zurg at the elevator, why is Zurg targeting only the belted Buzz instead of Andy's Buzz, too?

Answer: Having only one blaster, it would be hard to target both Buzzes at the same time. Since the anti-gravity belt Buzz was in front, he targets him. It's reasonable to think he may go after the second Buzz after he defeats the first.

Answer: Pixar movies typically carry trivia about their next project and "A Bug's Life" was supposed to be released after Toy Story 2. As it turns out, "A Bug's Life" was released in 1998, Toy Story 2 in 1999.


Question: During an outtake with the 3 aliens hanging from the roof of the car, one of them asks another if he made it into the first Toy Story movie. The other alien says, "On the letterbox (widescreen) copy." Is this true?

Answer: Um, this is a joke. Pixar reframe their films for full-screen releases, so as not to lose any of the action, so, in terms of aliens appearing, there shouldn't be any difference between the widescreen and full-screen versions.


Answer: As a threat that he would tear him apart unless he goes back in the box.


Question: What city and state do the movies take place in?

Answer: A fictional location in the San Francisco Bay Area referred to as "Tri-County Area." - says google.

Question: After seeing Woody with Buzz's arm unattached, why did Slinky leave Woody with everyone else at the window when earlier he believed everything Woody did was by accident?

Answer: This is a scene from Toy Stoy 1, but the severed arm proves to them he has hurt Buzz, something Slinky and some others didn't believe yet. They just think that confirms it.


But didn't he think he accidentally knocked him out of the window and unintentionally hurt him at the time?

Yes, he along with Rex and others thought he didn't do it on purpose despite what Mr. Potatohead said. Until they saw him with the severed arm. Then Slinky went along with the group.


But how would seeing Buzz's arm detached change thinking it was an accident?

Slinky likely thought, quite reasonably, that Woody wouldn't be using the arm as a prop if it had been an accident.

Woody using the arm as a prop was enough to convince Slinky it wasn't an accident.

Answer: Slinky finally believed that Woody really had gone mad with jealousy about Buzz being Andy's new favorite toy and gave up on him.

Question: In the questions it mentions that Andy's mom would assume that he had removed him, but didn't the yard sale take place after Andy had gone to cowboy camp?

Answer: After some recent thinking, almost a couple years later, I'd say a better and most logical answer is that perhaps when his mom may have thought she might've accidentally grabbed him off the shelf (where she had put him) when she was taking stuff off for the yard sell, grabbing him by mistake.

Answer: That may not be the case. Maybe she assumed it somehow fell off the shelf, and Buster the dog could've dragged it outside.

Toy Story 2 mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end of the movie when the 'false' Buzz Light Year is running along the air conditioning ducts his 'New Utility Belt' disappears then reappears again. (01:01:55)

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Hamm: Where did you get the cool belt, Buzz?
Buzz Lightyear #2: Well, slotted pig, these are standard issue.

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Trivia: If you pause the film when we first meet Mrs. Potato Head, you can see that she's reading "A Bug's Life". (00:05:45)

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