Toy Story 2

Trivia: When Buzz first sees Zurg's Power source at the start of the movie, the sound effect used is the same as the black spherical droid in Star Wars that goes to interrogate Princess Leia. (00:03:25)


Trivia: The voice of the Evil Emperor Zurg is Pixar director/screen-writer Andrew Stanton, who frequently voices minor characters in Pixar's films.

Trivia: If you pause the film when we first meet Mrs. Potato Head, you can see that she's reading "A Bug's Life". (00:05:45)

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Trivia: When Hamm is flicking through TV channels, the Pixar short 'Tin Toy' is showing on one of the channels.

Trivia: When Jesse sings the song "When somebody loved me", she and Emily are shown swinging in a tree. This is the same tree as in "A Bug's Life". (00:49:20)

Trivia: For the scene where Woody looks at the merchandise from Woody's Roundup, mock-ups of the toys were shown to Tom Hanks in the recording booth. Hanks' spontaneous reactions to the toys were recorded and used for Woody's dialogue.

Trivia: Tour Guide Barbie's comment about short sighted toy retailers not producing enough Buzz Lightyears in 1995 is a dig at real life toy producers who underestimated the popularity of the first movie. (00:46:05)

Trivia: When you see the stars in the opening sequence you can make out a group of stars in the shape of the Pixar lamp.

Trivia: The toy cleaner who comes to repair Woody is the chess player in the preview show on A Bug's Life - in this film he opens a drawer containing chess pieces. (00:38:55)

Trivia: At the beginning of the film, when Buzz is battling his way into Zurg's fortress, he has to jump onto several floating discs to get to the (battery) power source. He jumps onto five discs before they collapse under him; each plays a note, the first five notes of the theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey". (00:03:35)

Trivia: On the original version, when Buzz says "We have a friend in need", the American flag is shown in the background. But due to the world situation, it was changed to a spinning globe when shown overseas. (00:29:40)

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Trivia: On the Al's Toy Barn TV ad, when all the specials are shown from out of the egg, you see the ball from the Luxo Jr short.

Trivia: On the ground of the planted area the toys walk through before they cross the highway is a rusty tin can. This can was the bug bar in A Bug's Life. (00:36:50)

Trivia: The exact same "EGGMAN MOVERS" truck used at the end of the first movie can be seen on the road the toys try to cross. (00:31:22)

Trivia: Along with the bouncing ball from Tin Lamp short, The Al's Toy Barn ad also features the grey teddy bear from the original Toy Story (in the beginning when Woody is doing a sound check, there is a shot where the bear is waving high on a shelf). (00:06:45)

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Trivia: In the scene where Potato Head is driving the toy car down the aisles of the Toy Barn (after Buzz and the gang split up) and Rex suddenly places the Buzz Lightyear strategy guide in front of his face, if you pause you can see the price for the guide: $4.95 U.S., $50.00 CAN. A little joke on the money exchange between the two countries. (00:45:15)

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Trivia: Just after Buzz, Potato Head, and the others enter Al's Toy Barn (before they get hold of a car or split up), if you look in the background, you can see a rack of toys from "A Bug's Life". (00:38:40)

Trivia: The dust in the scene where Woody meets Wheezy set a record for number of particles animated for a movie by computer. (00:11:40)

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Trivia: When Hamm is flipping through the channels, you can see a portion of 'Luxo Jr', a short film from Pixar, featuring the Pixar Lamp. (00:22:50)

Trivia: More tributes and references to Star Wars: at the beginning of the movie the sound of the laser gun in Buzz's arm is the sound of a Star Wars blaster. (00:02:40)

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Continuity mistake: When Woody is in Al's apartment thinking about leaving with the gang, he rubs the brown paint off his boot and looks at the name "Andy" written on it. The direction of the name is written differently, than when the cleaner first painted over it. (00:42:00 - 01:07:00)

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Rex: I can't look. Could somebody please cover my eyes?

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Question: When Al is talking to the Japanese man on the phone, he ends the phone call with "Don't touch my mustache." What does he mean by this? Is this a Japanese term that sounds like don't touch my mustache? (Similar to when everybody yells "have a paper bag!" at Harryhausen's in Monster's Inc?)

Answer: "Douitashimashite" is the Japanese word for You're welcome. Phonetically, it sounds like "Don't touch my mustache." It's how we were taught to say it while living in Japan in the military. If you say it fast enough, you can sound like you are pronouncing the word decently enough (although clearly not THAT accurately.)

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