Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Visible crew/equipment: When the T-1000 is chasing John on his motorbike, a wide shot reveals a camera in a protective box on the side of the truck.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the aqueduct chase, the crane on the back of the semi goes from swinging back and forth in an upright position to being bolted down about four times. (00:36:00)

Visible crew/equipment: When Arnie is airborne on his cycle in the canal scene, you can faintly see the wires holding up his bike - from just around his shoulders right before he lands to until it switches scenes. (00:37:15)

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Revealing mistake: When the T-1000 is firing out of the hole in the windshield of the chopper, a close up shot shows that there is clear tape around parts of the window keeping all the little bits of glass together. (02:03:15)

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Continuity mistake: In the car chase just before the final encounter in the foundry, the T-800 slams on the SWAT van's brakes and the helicopter slams into it, crushing the choppers front. A second later it is in reasonably good shape. (02:04:00)

Revealing mistake: Just when Arnie lifts John onto his bike for the first time, you can see Robert Patrick has been replaced by a stunt driver when he crashes into the wall. (00:37:35)

Continuity mistake: In the bar scene after the biker burns the Terminator's chest with the cigar, it leaves a burn mark. Another biker comes behind him and hits him with a pool cue-the burn mark has disappeared, and then re-appeared in the next frame when he grabs that biker. (00:08:20)

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Continuity mistake: When the SWAT van crashes through Cyberdyne's front doors into the lobby, it comes to rest with the rear doors closed. When Sarah and John Connor enter it, it's in a different position and the rear doors are fully open. (02:00:35)

Revealing mistake: Right after the T-1000 has been terminated and the T-800 is "saying goodbye" you can see the face make-up where you can see his metal endoskeleton bending with facial movement as he speaks. (02:25:00)

Continuity mistake: When Sarah is escaping from the hospital there is a scene where the T-1000 walks straight through a metal-barred door. If you look where the doctor is standing you will notice that the T-1000 clearly walks past him after he walks through the door. However, in the next sequence when the T-1000 is shooting his gun, he is way behind him. (00:59:30)

Revealing mistake: When the T800 is driving the police car from the hospital, the outside is a clear projection. (01:06:20)

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Continuity mistake: During the aqueduct chase the amount of damage to the semi-trailer truck changes repeatedly. Damage to the semi's grille is severe, then is not. This happens about three times. (00:35:20)

Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 is chasing Sarah, John, and the Terminator in the nitrogen truck, just before Arnie fires the first grenade, a blue car comes between them forming a diagonal line across the road (the Terminator, blue car, truck). After a brief close-up on the Terminator shooting, we cut back to a wide shot, the blue car's disappeared, and the truck's now directly behind him, Sarah, and John; not enough time for them to move like that. (02:01:40)

Audio problem: When Arnold Schwarzenegger is being chased by the truck and and pulls John out of his bike,you can hear John scream but if you look closely he doesn't move his mouth. (00:37:35)

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Continuity mistake: During the chase in the beginning, Arnie shoots out the left front tire of the truck causing it to come mostly off the rim; yet when it runs into the divide and explodes, the tire is completely inflated again. (00:37:45)


Continuity mistake: When the T-1000 has stolen a police-motorbike, you can see this is a highway-bike when approaching the building, but becomes a cross bike when going up the stairs. Easiest way to tell is the engine note and the tread on the front tyre. (01:54:45)

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Revealing mistake: When the T-800 is being attacked by the SWAT team in the Cyberdyne building, notice that in most of the shots (i.e. when he is being shot in the face, and also when the camera is behind him) Arnie has been replaced by a dummy. When the T-800 pulls out his gun and starts shooting the SWAT team, it's now back to the real Arnie, and notice how none of their bullets are now hitting his face and body, even though shots are still being fired. (02:00:20)


Factual error: When the T-1000 is scanning the parking lot in the bar near the beginning of the movie, he scans the lone car parked outside and his display reads "Plymouth sedan." The vehicle he scanned was a Ford LTD Crown Victoria. (00:06:50)

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Continuity mistake: When Sarah carves "No Fate" into the desk, the tip of the knife curves toward her, then you see it facing away, then when John grabs it from the desk its tip is back toward him. (01:32:45)

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Revealing mistake: In the scene where John is helping Arnie up after the T-1000 has been exploded and sent to his doom in the fiery pit of molten steel (Arnie is saying "I need a vacation"), you can see how the effects crew haphazardly put on a fake busted mechanical arm underneath Arnie's coat and how it bulges out from his shoulder. You can almost see how they just tied Arnie's arm back behind his back and put a fake arm over him. (02:23:35)

The Terminator: I need your clothes, boots and your motorcycle.
Cigar Biker: You forgot to say please.

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Trivia: The minigun that the Terminator (Arnie) uses in the Cyberdyne scene was so heavy that Arnold Schwarzenegger was the only person on set strong enough to lift it.

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