Terminator 2: Judgment Day
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Revealing mistake: In the beginning of the film, when the biker is thrown onto the stove you can clearly see the valves where the steam is coming from - it's NOT from his hands. (00:08:00)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Continuity mistake: During the chase scene after the T-1000 commandeers the tow truck, the shadows are inconsistent from shot to shot. Understandable, as each shot was made at different times during the day, but still noticeable. (00:32:00)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Revealing mistake: In the bar fight scene the Terminator gets stabbed by one of the bikers - if you watch carefully you see the rubber knife bend in one shot. This has been digitally fixed in the 2017 Blu-ray/4K release. (00:08:10)

Continuity mistake: The T-1000 arrives at the steel mill and grabs a striped coloured handlebar. The place he places his hand differs between the wide and close-up angles.

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Other mistake: Repeated footage of a car crashing is used during the chopper/SWAT van chase. The clip is first seen just before the onset of the shootout between Sarah and the T-1000. The same clip is shown a second time as the two vehicles are about to pass up the nitrogen truck just before the chopper flies over a pedestrian bridge.

Factual error: When the T-1000 is scanning the parking lot in the bar near the beginning of the movie, he scans the lone car parked outside and his display reads "Plymouth sedan." The vehicle he scanned was a Ford LTD Crown Victoria. (00:06:50)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Revealing mistake: When the two Terminators first fight in the steel mill, in close - up shots the T-1000 is played by Robert Patrick, but in medium shots it's a stunt double who looks nothing like Robert Patrick. (02:13:55)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When John Connor holds the Terminator's jacket up to the light in the shed in Mexico it's full of holes. You see the back of it when they leave (to chase Sarah) and there are no holes. (01:30:25)

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Visible crew/equipment: In the escape from the hospital where the car is driving fast in reverse, the stunt driver's head is visible sticking up from inside the trunk driving the car from the back. It's too far back to be John Connor's head. (01:02:05)

Continuity mistake: The Winchester 1887 lever action rifle is shown with different levers as the Terminator needs them. When on foot, the lever is of a standard narrow type and when on the bike, it has a large lever loop that also has a metal hand plate attached to it, making it easier for Arnold to flip-cock the gun when reloading. (00:32:20 - 00:36:35)


Continuity mistake: This is during the Special Edition's chip removal scene. There is a point where the shot is of the Terminator's POV. In the foreground a pair of pliers moves vertically through the frame. However, in the "reflection," Sarah Conner is already tinkering with the Terminator's head. Apparently Linda Hamilton (who played Sarah) and her twin sister were out of synch for that shot. (01:11:00)

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Revealing mistake: When Arnold begins to beat up and throw around the workers of the hospital, the African American worker is thrown into a window. If you look carefully you can see that the window he is thrown into is a different kind of glass than the other windows that surround it, indicating that this is not real glass. You can also see that none of the other window frames of glass on the inside of the corridor. There is just the metal frames covering the windows. In some shots later in the scene when the T-1000 is chasing them down the corridor you can see the bits of glass that were left over from before have disappeared. (01:01:05)

Continuity mistake: As the Terminator and the rest are escaping from Cyberdyne Systems in the police van, the helicopter explodes about five feet before it hits the van. (01:59:00)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Continuity mistake: As the T-800 is weaving around the back of the semi-truck just before the end of the aqueduct chase, there is a panel of some sort dangling around the back along with the licence plate. From the far shots the licence plate is gone, and the panel is bolted on on. This changes about two times. (00:37:20)

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Revealing mistake: Obvious stunt double for John Connor when he takes a wide berth from the street into the aqueduct. His hair, for example, is no longer across his forehead. (00:34:45)


Visible crew/equipment: In the scene immediately after the Truck vs Harley vs Dirtbike chase where John Connor demands that the T-800 pull over for a "time out", as they pull to a stop and start to have a conversation the boom mike is visible reflected in the shiny black mudguard of the Harley's front wheel moving back and forth between the actors as they say their lines. (00:39:10)

Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: In the Cyberdyne lobby when the Terminator walks towards the SWAT team, you can see unexploded squibs (pyrotechnics) in the wall behind him to his left (before the shooting starts). (01:58:40)

Continuity mistake: Throughout the aqueduct chase, the crane on the back of the semi goes from swinging back and forth in an upright position to being bolted down about four times. (00:36:00)

Continuity mistake: When Sarah runs into the corridor to smack the guy with a broom handle, we see a close-up of him having just emerged from a store-room and turned round, standing right next to the door. There's then a very brief shot of Sarah swinging towards him, then a white flash. When we cut out to a wider shot, he's suddenly in the middle of the corridor, with no time to have moved there. (00:52:40)

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Terminator 2: Judgment Day mistake picture

Visible crew/equipment: When the T-1000 is chasing John on his motorbike aboard the truck, as it is going to hit two cars in the traffic you can see in the shot from the truck's side the camera car used for the frontal shot on the background, and simultaneously, as the camera changes angle, you can see a camera protected in the box attached on the side of the truck used for the previous shot.

Dr. Silberman: You broke my arm!
Sarah Connor: There's 215 bones in the human body. That's one.

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Suggested correction: In one of the special features on the Blu-ray version, director James Cameron can be seen holding and shooting the minigun, while saying: "Arnold's gonna love this."

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Question: One of the taglines for this film is "It's nothing personal". I have no idea what that has to do with the film and was hoping someone could explain it.

Gavin Jackson

It's also a sly nod to another famous tagline, Jaws: The Revenge. "This time it's personal."


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